Allen Telecom’s Radio-over-Fiber Technology Powers Mobile Communications at Sydney 2000 Olympics

Allen Telecom’s Radio-over-Fiber Technology Powers Mobile Communications at Sydney 2000 Olympics – Brief Article

Allen Telecom announced that the Tekmar Sistemi fiber optic-based mobile communications system, BriteCell, which was installed for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, has exceeded all expectations. Hundreds of thousands of mobile phone calls have been successfully connected since the opening ceremonies of the 2000 Olympic Games. The system was designed and installed by Allen Telecom’s Australian sales and turnkey service subsidiary.

According to press releases, on the opening day of the Olympics, over 500,000 wireless calls were made from Olympic Park venues. In the minutes leading up to the opening ceremony, over 175,000 were made by the 110,000 spectators in the sold out stadium. The volume of mobile phone calls connected inside the Olympic stadium demolished the previous Australian record. “At its peak; stadium traffic levels accounted for more than 75 percent of Sydney’s average central business district traffic,” according to the September 25, 2000 issue of Wireless Week.

The massive Olympic project required a multi-standard in-building and pico-cell wireless cellular infrastructure that was capable of handling millions of calls during the Olympic events. The solution involved the installation of multiple layers of wireless in-building and external pico-cell coverage systems that could handle both 900 MHz and 1800 MHz digital cellular networks. All three GSM operators in Australia can share the wireless system. More than 500 remote units were required to complete the project.

A unique feature of the BriteCell system is that radio frequency (RE) can be allocated when and where it is needed. Considering the number of Olympic visitors and the fact that they move from venue to venue, allocating capacity where it is required is essential for uninterrupted communications.

The system was designed so that all radio signals are provided from a concentrated base station site, and are distributed to the venues via fiber optic cables and then re-transmitted at low RE levels to provide tailored coverage where needed with minimal interference and high-capacity.

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