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Syntrillium Software Releases New Cool Edit Pro

Syntrillium Software Corporation has announced the release of Cool Edit Pro Version 1.2. Cool Edit Pro is a digital audio editing, recording, and mixing application for Windows 95, 98, and NT. The program offers 64-track mixing capability with record, solo, and mute controls, as well as crossfade, splice, loop, and time stretch/compress features. Version 1.2 now offers full reverb, hard limiter, and pitch bender effects, as well as RealMedia G2 support, real-time preview, auto silence detection, and enhanced quality for many of the effects. Cool Edit Pro works with many audio tools as part of a complete studio environment. It supports DirectX software plug-ins so users can access DSP modules like Waves and Qsound. Cool Edit Pro has a suggested retail price of $399.

(Syntrillium Software Corporation, 6210 East Thomas Road, Suite 104, Phoenix, AZ 85251; 602/941/4327; Fax 602/941-8170;

Adaptec Offers Deluxe Toast

Adaptec has announced the release of Toast 4.0 Deluxe, which now offers analog-to-digital conversion and cleanup via CD Spin Doctor, as well as MP3 support. Users will have access to CDDB online Disc Recognition Service, where artist, album, and song information is available so users don’t need to key in this information manually. With the new Liquid Audio Music player, Toast users will be able to download and burn encrypted Liquid Audio music files. Other new features in 4.0 are Photo Relay, a cataloging application, and support of USB and ATAPI CD-R/RW drives. Toast Deluxe 4.0 has a suggested retail price of $99.

(Adaptec, Inc., 691 South Milpitas Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035; 800/442-7274, 408/945-8600; Fax 408/262-2533;

HEURIS Introduces MPEG Export; Engine for Mac Users

HEURIS has announced a new version of the HEURIS MPEG Export Engine designed specifically for users of Avid Cinema for Macintosh with USB. The HEURIS MPEG Export Engine is a QuickTime plug-in that converts QuickTime files directly from Avid Cinema to MPEG-1 streams. The HEURIS MPEG Export Engine allows Avid Cinema users to create MPEG streams by selecting the HEURIS MPEG option within the Avid Cinema product, and then using the built-in templates to create fully compliant MPEG-1 streams for use in multimedia applications. The HEURIS MPEG Export Engine for Avid Cinema for Macintosh with USB is available for download at the HEURIS Web site for $99. (HEURIS, 2675 Scott Avenue, Suite G, St. Louis, MO 63103; 314/534-1514; Fax 314/534-4351;

Terran Announces Improved Cross-platform Media Cleaner Pro

Terran Interactive has announced the cross-platform release of Media Cleaner Pro 4.0. Media Cleaner Pro now offers support for Apple Computer’s QuickTime 4, Microsoft’s Windows Media Technologies, RealNetworks’ RealG2, MP3, MPEG, AVI, and others. Media Cleaner Pro is a tool designed to optimize and compress audio, video, and still images for delivery on CD-ROM, DVD, kiosk, PowerPoint presentations, broadband networks, and the Web. Media Cleaner includes the HEURIS MPEG Export Engine to produce MPEG-1 video and supports an optional upgrade to MPEG-2, including variable bit-rate. Media Cleaner also includes Fraunhofer’s MP3 encoder, plus improved resampling, as well as cleanup filters including: Noise Removal, Noise Gate, and High/Low Pass. Media Cleaner’s audio is based on audio technologies from QDesign and provides support for version 1.0 and 2.0 of the QDesign and Sorenson codecs.

Media Cleaner Pro enables users to convert losslessly between certain formats without recompression. With Version 4.0, Terran has enhanced Media Cleaner’s QuickTime support to offer automated production of QuickTime 4 streaming movies, enhanced movie alternates, automated poster frames, variable display resolutions, and tight integration of the latest codecs. Media Cleaner Pro integrates with video editing products including Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Media 100, Avid Media Composer, and EditDV. Cleaner also offers batch processing, which allows users to batch process up to 2,000 different files. Users can also compress a single piece of media in many different ways, which means multiple formats of a file can be developed simultaneously.

Media Cleaner Pro 4.0 has a street price of $499. Mac and Windows versions are sold separately, but owners of the Mac version can purchase the Windows version for $249. Registered 3.x users can upgrade to 4.0 for $159.

(Terran Interactive Inc., 15951 Las Gatos Boulevard, Suite 6, Los Gatos, CA 95032; 800/577-3443; Fax 408/356-9373;

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