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Plextor Announces 10X CD-RW Drive

Plextor Corp. has announced the availability of the PlexWriter 12/10/32A CD-R/RW drive. The internal drive features 12X write, 10X rewrite, and 32X max read speeds. The 10X rewrite speed allows users to write an entire CD-RW disc in seven minutes. The PlexWriter 12/10/32A is also the first Plextor CD-R/RW drive to feature “BURN Proof” technology, which helps to prevent buffer underruns while writing to a disc. The drive includes a data buffer capacity of 2MB, and is available in a half-height internal 5.25-inch ATAPI interface. The drive also ships with the Plextor Manager 2000 software suite, which includes Music Video Producer 2000, DiscDupe 2000, AudioFS, and CD-ResQ. Plextor’s PlexWriter 12/10/32A is available at an estimated retail price of $349.00.

(Plextor Corporation, 4255 Burton Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054; 800/886-3935, 408/980-1838; Fax 408/986-1010; http://www.plextor.com)

CD CyClone Unveils CDRevo CD-RW Drive

CD CyClone Duplication, LLC has announced its new external CD-RW drive, the CDRevo. The CDRevo is available in FireWire and USB versions. The FireWire drive features 12X write, 4X rewrite, and 32X max read speeds, while the USB drive features 4X write, 4X rewrite, and 32X max read speeds. CD CyClone’s CD-RW kit comes bundled with CD mastering software, cables, CD-R and CD-RW media, and other accessories. The 12x4x32 FireWire CD-RW drive is available at an estimated retail price of $395, while the 4x4x32 USB CD-RW drive is available at an MSRP of $295.

(CD CyClone Duplication, LLC, 20472 Crescent Bay Dr., Unit 108, Lake Forest, CA 92630; 949/470-4795; Fax 949/470-4796; http://www.cdcyclone.com)

Trace Digital Now Shipping 12X PowerWriter Systems

Trace Digital LLC is now shipping its new PowerWriter PC-W and Pro II Series 12X automated duplicators. The PowerWriter PC-W system is a 2-drive CD-R duplicator, while the PowerWriter Pro II is available in an 8-drive configuration (model 812), as well as a 12-drive configuration (model 1212). The PowerWriter PC-W has a 50-disc input capacity hopper, while the PowerWriter Pro II has a 300-disc input spindle. The devices incorporate Trace Digital’s autoloader and disc picker mechanisms.

(Trace Digital LLC, 151 East Brokaw Road, San Jose, CA 95112-4204; 408/441-8040; Fax 408/441-7259; http://www.tracedigital.com)

Pinnacle Micro Unveils FireWire and USB CD-RW Drives

Pinnacle Micro, Inc. has announced its new CD-R/RW drives that are compatible with FireWire (IEEE 1394) and Universal Serial Bus (USB)interfaces. Pinnacle’s RW4432F external FireWire drive features 4X write, 4X rewrite, and 32X max read speeds. The RW448U external USB drive features 4X write, 4X rewrite, and 8X read speeds. Both drives are shipped as complete systems, including interface cables, CD premastering software, and blank discs.

(Pinnacle Micro, Inc., 30191 Avenida de Las Banderas, Ste. A, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688; 800/553-7070, 949/635-3000; Fax 949/635-3020; http://www.pinnaclemicro.com)

QPS Now Including FireWire Card with 8x4x32 FireWire CD-RW Drive

QPS, Inc. has announced that it is shipping its 8x4x32 Que! Fire CD-RW drives with a FireWire (IEEE 1394) controller card for all PC and Macintosh desktop computers. The FireWire controller card makes three hot-swappable FireWire ports available. The drive features 8X write, 4X rewrite, and 32X max read speeds, and includes 2MB of buffer RAM. The unit comes with CD mastering software, CD-RW media, a FireWire cable, a protective carrying bag, and other accessories. The QPS Que! Fire drive with FireWire controller card is available at an estimated retail price of $479.

(QPS, Inc., 23671 Via Del Rio, Yorba Linda, CA 92887; 800/559-4777, 714/692-3588; Fax 714/692-5516; http://www.qps-inc.com)

LaCie Announces the Dupli-123 Duplicator

LaCie, Ltd. has announced the availability of its new Dupli-123 CD duplicator. The duplicator is equipped with one CD-ROM drive and three CD-R drives that feature 8X write and 20X max read speeds. The Dupli-123 includes the same interface as the Dupli-121, with the addition of an error-reducing smart controller, which automatically detects and recognizes the type of CD inserted. Duplication can be started without the need for recording software, and progress is indicated by three LEDs on the front of the unit. A test mode is also available to check the integrity of the master CD before duplication begins. The duplicator can operate connected to a computer, or standalone in Autonomous mode. The unit ships with the LaCie Recording Utilities CD package, which includes Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator and Toast. LaCie’s Dupli-123 is available at an estimated street price of $3,899.

(LaCie, Ltd., 22985 N.W. Evergreen Parkway, Hillsboro, OR 97124; 503/844-4500; Fax 503/844-4593; http://www.lacie.com)

Ricoh Introduces 10X CD-RW Discs & Drives

Ricoh DMS-C has announced the technological development of “Ricoh CD-RW 74-minute 10X media.” The new disc supports speeds of 4X to 10X to conform with the Orange Book Part III, Volume 2, Ver. 1.0 CD-RW standard. Ricoh has also announced that it has developed a drive that can record CD-RW at 10X. Both the drives and media feature high-speed packet-writing capabilities, allowing direct writing/rewriting of CD-RW media in constant angular velocity (CAV) mode, as well as writing CD-R media in constant linear velocity (CLV) mode. The 10X CD-RW media will be available at an estimated retail price of $4 per disc.

(Ricoh DMS-C, 1231 Warner Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780; 714/259-1310; Fax 714/566-3655; http://www.ricohdms.com)

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