Hardware – Buyers Guide

hardware – Buyers Guide

TDK & HP Set New Speed Standard for CD-RW with 8x4x32 Drives

TDK Electronics Corporation has announced that it is expanding its presence in the CD-Recordable technology market with the media giant’s new internal ATAPI/IDE 8x4x32 CD-RW drive called the veloCD ReWriter. The first drive offering from TDK, the veloCD promises 24X bit-perfect extraction speed, allowing it to convert a 3-minute CD track into a WAV file in about nine seconds. The drive will ship with the TDK CD Blender Suite, which includes TDK’s PureDupe, Digital MixMaster, and AudioMatic. The bundle also includes Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator and DirectCD as well as MusicMatch Jukebox, Microsoft’s MediaPlayer, and one each of TDK’s CD-R and CD-RW media. The TDK veloCD will be available by the end of the year at a suggested retail price of $349.

Hewlett-Packard company has introduced two new CD-RW drives with SCSI and USB interfaces–the HP CD-Writer Plus 9200i series, and the HP CD-Writer Plus 8200e series. The HP CO-Writer Plus 9200i is pound for pound, the fastest read-write drive released to date. The SCSI drive writes CD-R up to 8X, writes and rewrites CDRW at 4X, and reads all CD formats at up to 32X. HP’s other new offering, the plug-and-play HP CD-Writer Plus 8200e, has a USB connection, writes data at up to 4X, and reads at up to 6X.

Available software packages include Adaptec’s Direct CD and Easy CD Creator, NEATO CD Labeler, eFax Filing Central, Broderbund Print Shop Multimedia Organizer Deluxe or Professional, Corel Print Office, Sonic Foundry’s ACID, and HP Disaster Recovery. The estimated street price for the CD-Writer Plus 8200e is $349; the HP CD-Writer 9200i is $399.

(TDK Electronics Corporation, 12 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050; 516/625-0100; Fax 516/625-0100; http://www.tdk.com Hewlett-Packard Company, 800 South Taft Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537; 800/752-0900; Fax 970/635-1610; http://www.hp.com)

MicroBoards Announces Professional CD Factory 2000

MicroBoards Technology has announced its second-generation audio CD-recording package for the PC, Professional CD Factory 2000. The new package includes a MicroBoards-branded Plextor 8X CD-R drive and two pieces of MicroBoards CD-R media. The Professional CD Factory 200 bundles with Sonic Foundry’s CO Architect and Sound Forge XP, PlayWrite MP3, and MicroBoards’ HotBurn software. The Professional CO Factory is expected out in mid-September at a street price of $749.

(MicroBoards Technology, Inc., 1480 Park Road, Suite B, P.O. Box 856, Chanhassen, MN 55317; 612/470-1848; Fax 612/470-1805; http://www.microboards.com)

La Cie Unveils 4X CD-RW Drive

Following its USB CDRW-226 drive, LaCie has introduced the USB CDRW-428. The new LaCie drive is hot-pluggable and will work in Windows 98 or MacOS environments, provided the computer has a USB port. The USB CDRW-428 is shipped with the LaCie Recording Utilities, which includes Toast 3.8 for Mac, EZ-CD Creator, and Direct CD for Windows 98. The USB CD-RW-428 sells for an approximate street price of $380.

(LaCie, 22985 Northwest Evergreen Parkway, Hillsboro, OR 97124; 503/844-4500; Fax 503/844-4501; http://www.lacie.com)

Trogon Unveils Notebook Computers with Internal CD-RW Drives

Trogon Computer Corporation has announced the availability of internal CD-RW drives as an option with its Qualitas and Excellens series notebook computers. The internal Matsushita CD-RW drives offer a 2MB buffer, write and rewrite at up to 4X, and read at up to 20X. The system ships with Adaptec Direct CD and Easy CD Creator software. The drive add-on option has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $499.

(Trogon Computer Corp., 16624 Edwards Road, Cerritos, CA 90703; 888/487-6466, 562/802-8702; Fax 562/802-2879; http://www.trogoncomputer.com)

NSS Unveils NAS Solution

Network Storage Solutions, Inc. has announced the SPANStor-LX networked storage device. SPANStor-LX supports up to 9OGB of internal RAID or JBOD storage, with up to five hot-swappable Ultra2 LVD SCSI disk drives. The thin-server SPANStor-LX data-access appliances offer up to 2GB of internal cache and function as network-attached storage devices. The devices support simultaneous Windows and UNIX clients. The SPANStor-LX is currently available for under $9,000.

(Network Storage Solutions, 5180 Parkstone Drive, Suite 150, Chantilly, VA 20151; 800/532-2224; http://www.nssoutions.com)

Smart and Friendly Announces the Pocket CD-RW and an ATAPI 12X CD-R/RW Drive

Smart and Friendly has introduced the CD Pocket RW, a portable CD-RW solution. The palm-sized 4x4x20 CD-RW can be switched from AC power to its rechargeable battery, which allows users to create up to six CDs on a single charge. The CD Pocket RW includes Adaptec’s UDF-compliant packet-writing technology, allowing users to drag and drop, rename, move, or delete files on-the-fly. The CD Pocket RW sells for an estimated street price of $599.

Smart and Friendly has also announced an internal ATAPI version of its recently introduced CD Rocket Mach 12 CD-RW drive. The 12x4x32 CD Rocket Math 12a is expected to be out by the end of the year at an estimated street price of $299, $100 less than the Mach 12. The Pocket RW and Mach 12a offer software bundles that include Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator 4 Standard Edition, PowerQuest Drive Image, Sonic Foundry’s CD Architect and Sound Forge XP, Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools 32, MediaPath CD-Quickshare ECl Disc Inspector Pro, and Smart and Friendly CD Consultant. The Pocket RW also ships with Adaptec Direct CD.

(Smart and Friendly Inc., 20520 Nordhoff Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311; 800/959-7001 or 818/772-8001; Fax 818/772-2888; http://www.smartandfriendly.com)

Memorex Launches Duo BBQ CD-RW Drive

Memorex has announced the launch of its Mac and PC-compatible Duo BBQ 100 CD-RW drive. The BBQ writes and rewrites at 4X and reads at 20X. Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator, Direct CD, and Take Two are bundled with BBQ. It also ships with Memorex 4X CD-RW media, and Adaptec’s Toast 3.8 with a free upgrade to 4.0 available to BBQ users. The Duo BBQ CD-RW drive will sell for approximately $249.

(Memtek Products Inc., 10100 Pioneer Boulevard, Suite 110, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670; 562/906-2800; Fax 562/906-2848; http://www.memorex.com)

Champion Announces Orbit Duplicator

Champion Duplicators, Inc. has announced the Orbit duplicator. The standalone system supports 8X-speed recording, has a 50-disc input/output hopper, and offers copy, copy/compare, and compare features. The Orbit has an MTBF of more than 10,000 hours and supports a variety of disc formats including mixed-mode, Photo CD, CD-Plus, Hybrid, and multisession. The Orbit is currently shipping for $2,600.

(Champion Duplicators, Inc., 2305 South Vasco Road, Livermore, CA 94550; 889/723-3475, 925/373-6060; Fax 925/373-8160; http://www.championsms.com)

Young Minds Brings CD-R to UNIX Networks

Young Minds, Inc. has announced the release of the Mass Production System 4 (MRS4), which uses Young Minds’ DAT emulation technology to allow users to create an exact copy of any data image on a UNIX workstation. The MPS4 is a fully networkable enterprise-wide CD recording system. The MPS4 combines premastering software, SCSI controllers, up to four 8x writers, a thermal printer, and robotic technology. MPS4 uses MakeDisc premastering software, which allows for the creation of Rock Ridge and Joliet discs. The fully configured MPS4 has four modular controllers (a controller can be removed without affecting the functionality of other controllers) and one robotics arbiter mounted in a multi-rack case.

(Young Minds, Inc., 1906 Orange Tree Lane, Suite 220, P.O. Box 6910, Redlands, CA 92375; 909/335-1350; Fax 909/796-0488; http://www.ymi.com)

Creative Expands Line of Multimedia Storage Solutions

Creative Labs, Inc. has announced the latest additions to its family of multimedia storage solutions, the Blaster CD-RW 6424 and PC-DVD RAM 5.2GB. The Blaster CD-RW 6424 writes CD-Rs at 6X, and writes and rewrites CD-RW at 4X. Creative’s PC-DVDRAM ships with one DVD-RAM cartridge and connects to a PC via a SCSI interface. The Blaster CD-RW carries an estimated street price of $249.99; the PC-DVD RAM sells for $599.99.

(Creative Labs, Inc,, 1901 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035; 408/426-6600; Fax 408/432-6706; http://www.soundblaster.com)

Maxoptix Ups Performance with New Jukeboxes

Maxoptix Corporation has announced the addition of a new series of multifunction MO jukeboxes, the Star series MX620, MX640, MX6126, MX6202, and MX6278. The MX6 Star line offers solutions ranging from 52GB to over 1.45TB. The new 20- to 278-slot jukeboxes feature dual-disk transport, offer up to four-generation ISO-standard media compatibility, and provide data transfer rates of up to 20MB/sec synchronous. The MX6 Star Series can be configured with a choice of either 5.2GB T6-5200 drives with 8MB cache, or 2.6GB T5-2600 drives with 4MB cache. The Star Series MX620 and MX640 jukeboxes, with 20 and 40 slots respectively, offer single-picker mechanism, and one or two MO drives to provide up to 208GB of storage. Other configurations of the Star Series offer from two to six drives.

(Maxaptix Corporation, 3342 Gateway Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538; 510/353-9700; Fax: 510/353-1845; http://www.maxoptix.com)

MicroNet Announces AIT-2 Tape Storage Devices

MicroNet Technology, Inc. has announced the addition of AIT-2 technology to its line of storage solutions. Sony Advanced Intelligent Tape Technology (AIT) drives provide capacities up to 100GB (compressed) and sustained data transfer rates of up to 12MB/sec. AIT-2 Technology is backward read and write compatible with AlT technology introduced in 1997. The new drives support Windows, Windows NT, MacOS, and SGI IRIX. The new AIT-2 products feature an enhanced ability to record to 8mm media using an MIG Head that reduces pressure and increases durability. The drives also offer a Tape Memory System to enhance data management and access by storing data on captive EEPROMs. The product is offered as a fixed drive and as a module for its DataDock family of products. Each AIT-2 drive ships with Mac or Windows backup software. The suggested retail price for the DataDock module is $5,835; the fixed device is $5,965.

(MicroNet Technology, Inc., 51 Discovery, Irvine, CA 92618; 949/453-6100; Fax 949/45-6101; http://www.micronet.com)

Essential Data Releases New’ Duplicators

Essential Data has announced the release of its EDI CD 1-1 “Karaoke” standalone duplicators. The EDI CD 1-1 duplicators can be configured with 4X or 8X CD-R or CD-RW drives, and is equipped with a Plextor 14/32 P-CAV CD-ROM drive. The duplicators use an embedded controller and automatically decode format type and configure discs into the appropriate format. The EDI CD 1-1 supports all major CD formats including multi session CDs and Video CDs. The SCSI duplicators allow users to create a master from a PC, Mac, or UNIX host system. Prices range from $795 to $1,095.

(Essential Data, Inc.; 9222 Marysville Road, Oregon House, CA 95962; 800/795-4756, 530/692-2459; Fax 530/692-1221; http://www.essential-data.com)

Plextor Delivers Power Performance Pack

Plextor Corp. has announced the Plextor Power Performance Pack, a new 8X CD-R bundle that boasts the unique inclusion of an UltraPleX 40max CD-ROM drive. The UItraPleX 40max drive spins at over 8000 RPM, supports Ultra SCSI burst transfer rates of 20MB/sec, and reads the latest generation of CD-RW media. The Pack is offered in two versions, one with a PlexWriter 8×20 CD-R drive and the other with an 8x2x20 CD-RW drive. Both versions of the Pack offer PlextorManager 2000, a suite of applications that includes CD Res-Q backup software, CD mastering, and packet writing software. The CD-R Plextor Power Performance Pack has a list price of $490; the CD-RW Pack sells for $530.

(Plextor Corporation, 4255 Burton Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054; 800/886-3935, 408/980-1838; Fax 408/986-1010; http://www.plextor.com)

APCON Announces New SCSI Switch

APCON, Inc. has announced the addition of the 4×2 SCSI Switch to its network hardware product line. The new low-voltage differential switch enables networks to share multiple servers with a single tape backup device for data storage. The SCSI switch enables six independent SCSI buses to be selected and connected in any combination via electronic switching circuits, allowing 28 SCSI peripherals to be accessed. The switch is equipped with APCON Control Software and offers redundant power supplies, dual RS-232 Serial port connections, and dual fans. An optional LAN port is available for TCP/IP network connectivity, which allows users to share peripherals such as RAID, DLTs, and CD-ROM towers between computer systems. The 4×2 SCSI Switch is priced at $2,995 and is rack-mountable.

(APCON, Inc., 17938 SW Upper Boones Ferry Road, Portland, Oregon 87224; 503/639-8700; Fax 503/639-6740: http://www.apcon.com)

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