HP Introduces SureStore DLT80

HP has introduced the DLT80, the newest addition to its family of DLT products, targeted at large network companies using database applications. The DLT80 offers a MTBF of 250,000 hours, 40GB native and 80GB compressed storage capacity, backward-compatibility with DLT 30/40/70 products, and connectivity with all leading backup software. The DLT80 ships with one HP DLTtape IV data cartridge, one HP DLTtape cleaning cartridge, and Replica Backup for HP SureStore Tape, which supports Windows NT Server and NetWare. The DLT80 line is expected to begin shipping in September.

(Hewlett-Packard Company, 800 South Taft Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537; 970/635-6862; Fax 970/635-6610; http://www.hp.com)

IMT Announces CD Production System

IMT has introduced an automated, network-attachable CD production system, DUO CD, that incorporates a CD duplicating autoloader and printer with DuplixCD Net management software. The duplication module of DUO CD is based on the IMT CD-R 501 autoloader and is comprised of a central unit that can be connected to a screen and keyboard, a duplicating unit that includes an 8X CD-R drive, a 50-CD-R spindle, and a mechanical arm to transport discs into the writer and then on to the printer rail. DUO CD’s printing module allows disc customization using an inkjet printing head to print directly onto the discs. Based on an Epson engine, the printing module is equipped with a CD-loading mechanism developed by IMT and offers 1440 x 720dpi resolution and CD positioning of approximately 1/10th millimeter. The DUO CD also includes a stacker that has been designed to avoid disc-to-disc contact, maintaining a 5mm space between discs to allow usage of a variety of media with different drying time characteristics.

The duplication station of DUO CD can be connected to the network and managed from any station via DuplixCD Net software. This software allows access to the duplicating and printing units by multiple users. DuplixCD features three software modules: the Duplix station module offers recording and printing functions; the Duplix server module, offering supervisor functions; and the Duplix users module, which allows users to define, organize, and launch processing. DUO CD is available in limited quantities in the U.S.; contact IMT for details.

(IMT, 53 Rue Casimir Perier, BP.4 95871 Bezons Cedex, France; +33 1 3434 3777; Fax +33 1 3434 3770; http://www.francexport.com/imedia-technologies)

QPS, Mediatectechnincs, Verity, Release New CD-R Duplicators

QPS, Inc. has introduced two new Mac- and PC-compatible duplicators–the QPS CD-Dupe III and CD-Dupe III/HDD. The QPS CD-Dupe III provides one 32 SCSI CD-ROM and one 4X write CD-R drive. Premastering software and five CD-R discs are included with the CD-Dupe III, which has a suggested retail price of $999. The CD-Dupe III/HDD version comes bundled with a 2.1GB hard drive, offers audio track extraction and has a suggested retail price of $1,199.

Verity Systems, Inc. has also announced two new CD-R duplicators–the VS6000 and VS7000. The VS6000 is a fully automatic duplicator that allows the duplication of four CDs at once from four 6X drives. The duplicator writes to blank CD-Rs that are fed from a 100-CD input spindle, which enables the VS6000 to be pre-loaded. The VS7000 is a seven-writer tower system that copies up to 21 CD-Rs per hour. The VS7000 supports all CD formats, including PQ sub-codes, and is Red Book-Compliant. The duplicator offers auto-format recognition, 4.3GB of hard disk space, and a suite of image-management software. With 8X drives, the VS6000 sells for $8973; with 4X drives, the VS7000 sells for $4211.

Mediatechnics Systems Inc. has released IMPACT!, a new series of CD-R duplicators. The IMPACT! family of products includes fully automated CD-R duplication and printing systems. The IMPACT! CD-R duplicator can be configured with up to eight 4X, 6X, or 8X TEAC recorders. CD-R printing can be set up using either ink-jet or thermal-transfer technology and runs as either an automated print-only solution or as a fully automated dupe-print process system. The IMPACT! duplicators offer features that include instant boot-up, auto format recognition, printer port, audio compilation, password protection, and 5GB of storage. Mediatechnics expects to ship the flagship product of the IMPACT! duplication system family mid-month offering eight 8X writers and a 1000-disc capacity for $13,495.

(Mediatechnics Systems, Inc., 2737 E. Greenway Road, suite 9; Phoenix, AZ 85032; 602/485-1068; Fax 602/485-1069; http://www.mediatechnics. com. QPS, Inc., 23671 Via Del Rio, Yorba Linda, CA 92887; 800/559-4777, 714/692-3588; Fax 714/692-5516; http://www.qps-inc.com. Verity Systems, Inc., 6246 Main Street, El Dorado, CA 95623; 800/642-5151, 530/626-9363; Fax 530/626-9395; http://www.veritysystems.com)

Philips Broadens CD-RW Offering

Philips Electronics has added three new CD-RW drives that feature 4X write/rewrite speeds and a 2MB buffer. The QDRW400 series now includes two new external drives: a USB-compatible drive, the PCRW 464K; a PCMCIA-compatible drive, the PCRW 463K; and an internal drive, the PCRW404K. The PCRW 464K USB drive is plug-and-play and offers up to 6X CD-ROM read speed. The PCRW 463K is specifically designed for use with laptops and offers a 16X max read speed. The PCRW 404K ATAPI drive reads at 32X max. Each of the CD-RW drives ships with Philips’ Write2CD recording software, which is powered by a CeQuadrat recording engine. Write2CD offers a 15-second fast-format option and a data compression feature that allows storage of more than 1GB on a single CD. The drives are expected to have a suggested retail price of $399.

(Philips Electronics, 3200 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95134; 408/570-5644; Fax 408/570-5757; http://www.philips.com)

Jukebox Information Systems Introduces Controller

Jukebox Information Systems (JIS) has announced the HPC2000, a self-contained single-board computer with an embedded 486 microprocessor, EEPROM, and DRAM. The HPC2000 offers EDO or fast-page mode memory of up to 32MB; up to three SCSI interfaces; a 32-bit, +5V PCI expansion slot; and optional VGA support. JIS designed the HPC2000 for storage subsystems such as CD duplicators, networked storage servers, and disk array controllers.

(Jukebox Information Systems, 31119 San Benito Street, Hayward, CA 94544; 510/441-2211; 510/441-2214; http://www.jbis.com)

Media Morphics Announces ACE CD Encoder

Media Morphics has announced the ACE (Advanced CD Encoder), which supports all CD formats, including CD-Text and Enhanced Audio CD. The encoder also supports Super Audio CD (SACD), which incorporates a variety of copy protection mechanisms. Mastering is performed from all accepted input sources, including U-Matic, SCSi tape, CD, and CD-R, and provides; up to 6X read speeds, depending on LBR and input medium performance. The ACE offers EFM encoding; subcode (R~W, P, Q) generation; scrambling; addition of EDC, ECC, sync, and header when required; uncorrectable (E32) detection for mastering from CD; optional correction for lead-in/out mode, and addition of post gap.

(Media Morphics, P.O. Box 935, 5600 AX Eindhoven, The Netherlands; +31 40 250 9809′. Fax +31 40 250 9759; http://www.toolex.com)

Medea Offers VideoRaid RT for Non-linear Video Editing

Medea Corporation has announced VideoRaid RT, a six-drive version of its VideoRaid SCSI, targeted for use in high-end video editing systems. VideoRaid RT disk arrays offer up to 150GB of storage per module and provide a minimum sustained data transfer rate of 55MB/sec, supporting a single stream of uncompressed video or dual-stream, real-time effects systems at resolutions up to 500KB/frame. VideoRaid RT subsystems attach to any SCSI-equipped Mac, SGI, or PC computer and, by daisychaining modules together, users can configure over 2TB of video storage on a single host adapter. VideoRaid RT supports video editing systems from companies including Avid, DPS, DVS FAST, Matrox, Media 100, NewTek, Pinnacle Systems, and SGI. VideoRaid RT subsystems are available in 38GB, 76GB, and 150GB capacities and list for $2,499, $3,499, and $5,499, respectively.

(Medea Corporation, 31826 Village Center Road, Suite C, Westlake Village, CA 91361; 888/296-3332, 818/597-7645; Fax 818/597-7643; http://www.medeacorp.com)

TEAC Ships New CD-R and CD-RW Drives

TEAC has announced the release of its 8X24 CD-R and 4X4X32 CD-RW drives. The TEAC CD-R drive allows users to record at 8X max and extract at up to 12X, delivers 150ms average access times, and reads data at 3.6MB/sec. The company is offering an internal plug-and-play model and an external version of the 8X24 drive; both models are part of a complete kit that includes an Adaptec bus master and software bundle. The bundle includes Adaptec DirectCD, Easy CD Creator, CD Copier, and MGI PhotoSuite software for Windows. The internal CD-R drive has a suggested retail price of $449; the external drive is $549.

TEAC has also announced its first CD-RW drive, the CD-W54E, that both writes and rewrites at 4X and reads at 32X max. The CD-W54E offers a 2MB buffer. The ATAPI CD-W54E will be available in September as a complete Windows 95/98/NT-compatible kit; pricing is not yet available.

(TEAC America, Data Storage Division Headquarters, 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, CA 90640; 323/7260303; Fax 323/727-7672; http://www.teac.com)

Ricoh and Smart and Friendly Announce 6X4X24 CD-RW Drives

Ricoh Disc Media and Smart and Friendly have both announced CD-RW drives offering 2MB buffers and maximum speeds of 6X write, 4X CD-ReWrite, and 24X read speeds.

The Ricoh MediaMaster MP7060A (ATAPI) and MP7060S (SCSI)internal drives offer an improved tracking/ focusing servo system and write strategy from previous models. Both Ricoh drives bundle with one Ricoh Platinum CD-R disc; one Ricoh Multi-Speed CD-RW disc; one Ricoh CeQuadrat PacketCD-formatted CD-RW disc; Seagate’s BackupExec; and the following CeQuadrat software: PacketCD, WinOnCD 3.6 premastering software, and just!audio. The MP7060A sells for $349; the MP7060S sells for $339.

Smart and Friendly has introduced the TurboWriter RW. The internal version features an ATAPI connection and the external offers a plug-and-play SCSi adapter with external connectors for as many as seven SCSI devices. The TurboWriter RW is bundled with Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator (PC) and Toast (Mac); PowerQuest Drive image backup software; Sonic Foundry CD Architect and Sound Forge XP; Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools 32; MediaPath MediaAgent; ECI Disc inspector Pro; and Smart and Friendly CD Consultant. The internal CD TurboWriter RW has an estimated street price of $349; the external drive will sell for about $449.

(Ricoh Corporation Disc Media Systems, One Ricoh Square, 1100 Valencia Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780; 714/566-3235; Fax 714/566-2683; http://www.ricohdms.com. Smart and Friendly, Inc., 20520 Nordhoff Street, Chastworth, CA 91311; 800/959-7001, 818/772-8001; Fax 818/772-2888; http://www.smartandfriendly.com)

Plextor and Imation Introduce new 8X2X20 CO-RW Drives

Plextor and Imation have both introduced new drives that record at 8X, rewrite at 2X, and play back both CD-ROM and CD-R at 20X max.

The second in Plextor’s series of CD-RW drives, the PlexWriter 8/2/20, offers burst rates of 10MB/sec for record and read functions and an average access time of 170ms. The PlexWriter 8/2/20 features a 4MB buffer, built-in cooling, improved dust protection, and a new suspension for the spindle motor. The drive boasts media recognition circuitry that adjusts for each type of media. Plextor currently supports over ten different types of 8X-certified CD-R and CD-RW media.

The PlexWriter 8/2/20 sells for about $569 for an internal drive and $649 for the external version. All retail packages contain CD mastering, packet writing, Plextor Manager 2000 audio software, and CD Res-Q hard drive disaster software. Plextor will have kits available with bootable bus-mastering PCI SCSI adapters that support plug-and-play. Plextor also has bulk-packaged drives available for system integrators and VARs.

Imation Corp. has introduced the CD-RW Super Recorder 8X2X20, the newest in Imation’s Super Recorder product family. The new drive uses a plug-and-play Adaptec AHA-2930C SCSI card and offers a 4MB buffer.

The drive supports all operating platforms and includes backup and archiving software as well as one blank Imation 8X Certified CD-R disc and CD-RW disc. The internal version sells for $549; the external version is $649.

(Imation Corporation, 1185 Willow Lake Boulevard, Vadnais Heights, MN 55110-5128; 888/466-3456; Fax 616/704-5008; http://www.imation.com. Plextor Corporation, 4255 Burton Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054; 800/886-3935, 408/980-1838; Fax 408/986-1010; http://www.plextor.com)

Microtech Introduces Entry-Level CD-R Production System

Microtech has added an entry-level CD-R production system, the ImageAutomater 150, to its offering. The ImageAutomater 150 features a new automated handler, up to four 4X or 8X write drives, and up to 400-disc capacity. It handles premastering, verifying, and in-line printing simultaneously and allows up to four jobs to be run at the same time. Options include ImageAligner–a combined hardware and software solution that aligns images on a silk-screened disc–and MyDisc job-ordering software. The ImageAutomater 150 has a base price of $8,395.

(Microtech Systems, 2 Davis Drive, Belmont, CA 94002-3002; 800/223-3693, 650/596-1900; Fax 650/596-1915; http://www.microtech.com)

Iomega Goes Optical with ZipCD Drive and Discs

Iomega Corporation, manufacturer of Zip, Jaz, and Ditto drives and media, has entered the optical storage market with its first CD-RW drive, ZipCD. The internal ATAPI 4X4X24 drive will be bundled with Adaptec’s DirectCD and CD Creator, as well as Avery Media labeling software, Iomega QuickSync backup software, and Adobe Photoshop. Iomega’s line of optical products will also include CD-RW and CD-R discs. ZipCD CD-RW Premium discs will be available in packs of three at an estimated price of $19.99; ZipCD Combo discs are expected to be packaged as one pre-formatted and two unformatted discs at a suggested retail price of $12.99. Pricing for the drives has not yet been announced.

(Iomega Corporation, 1821 West Iomega Way, Roy, UT 84067; 800/6974-8833, 435/778-1000; Fax 435/778-4117; http://www.iomega.com)

CD-Robotics Releases Convertible CD Transporters

CD-Robotics has introduced a CD Automatic Transporter (CAT) that will allow the automation of existing manual CD towers and printers. CATs can be used like off-the-shelf parts by VARs, integrators, OEMs, or distributors who want to build automated CD duplication systems. The CAT 400 can automate up to four CD drives or two drives and one printer, and has a capacity of 300 CDs. The CAT 700 can automatically service up to eight CD drives or five drives and one printer and has 8 capacity of 600 CDs. The CAT 1400 operates up to 16 drives or a combination of drives and printers and has an input/output capacity of 1,000 CDs. The CATs are offered with an optional electrically powered dome for dust protection and plastic molded input/output hoppers of 200 CDs each for a production environment. The CATs are available through T.S. Solutions, its exclusive representative.

(T.S. Solutions, 2133 Las Positas Court, Suite H, Livermore, CA 94550; 877-259-9511; Fax 877/371-4694; http://www.ts-solutions.com)

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