Controller has 32bit microprocessor

Controller has 32bit microprocessor

Based on a 32bit risc microprocessor core and CAN bus macro, the MB91360 Series integrated CAN bus microcontroller, from Fujitsu Microelectronics, has been designed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s CAN- based embedded automotive and industrial applications.

Triple CAN bus interfaces are combined with on-board single voltage flash or rom memory and the CPU clocks at 64MHz internally. There is 1kbyte of instruction cache and 16kbyte of ram, and every device features stepper motor controllers, a real time watch timer, sound generation, high current LED drivers and PPGs for light dimmers.

Housed in a low profile QFP208 package, this microcontroller has a wealth of peripheral blocks including 16 channels of 10bit A/D and two channels of 10bit D/A, four channels each of input capture and output compare, six reload timers and eight external interrupts. Serial comms is provided via three UARTs, two synchronous serial ports and a I2C bus controller, while power-down management facilities include a reset if the supply voltage falls below a pre-set threshold and an over/under voltage detection interrupt.

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