Toshiba Announces World’s First Single-Channel Interface Driver Ics

Toshiba Announces World’s First Single-Channel Interface Driver Ics – Company Business and Marketing

Toshiba Corporation has announced the world’s first one-channel interface driver (IFD) ICs, the latest addition to its transistor-array lineup. The one-channel interface driver has a very simple construction of resistors, diodes and Darlington transistors and will replace discrete transistors in interface circuits. The one-channel interface driver offers significant advantages in reducing component counts and achieving smaller printed circuit boards.

IFD connects the main CPU to sub-systems in home appliances, automobiles and office equipment applications. Then IFD receive 3V to 5V signals from the CPU and amplify them to the voltage level required by such subsystems as switch relays, stepping motors, thermal heads and LED. However, the large number of outputs in IFD ICs make them heat sources when multiple subsystems operate simultaneously. This heat problem can be a factor in reducing the operating output current.

Toshiba’s one channel IFD is able to realize lower component counts, reduce the chip mounting area and disperse heat from complex circuits. One-channel IFD also has the advantage of shorter wiring for the power line and reduced inductive noise, as they are is positioned on the near side of each load.

Samples of the new ICs will become available at the middle of February 2001 at a unit price of 35 to 55 yen. Mass production is slated to start at the end of March 2001 and will achieve a level of 1 million pieces per month in 2002.

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