SingleTap selected for HP iPAQ Pocket PC software delivery

SingleTap selected for HP iPAQ Pocket PC software delivery

SingleTap has announced a new mobile catalog that allows users of the new HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 series to easily find, download, and purchase Pocket PC software directly from their iPAQ device.

SingleTap’s Mobile Catalog software and service dramatically simplifies today’s cumbersome process of handheld software selection and installation. Featured on the Companion CD shipped with the new iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 series, the SingleTap Mobile Catalog maintains listings of the most popular software available. iPAQ Pocket PC users can simply tap on an item and new software will be instantly downloaded and installed on their iPAQ device using its integrated 802.11b wireless LAN capability.

The SingleTap Mobile Catalog was designed from the ground up to address the inherent difficulties in software selection, delivery, and purchase for handheld devices. Today, users must find new software using their desktop PC, download it to the PC, and then perform any number of steps to uncompress files and locate the appropriate files to be installed on the Pocket PC.

The number of steps and difficulty in the process make it one of the largest barriers to adoption of third-party Pocket PC software. SingleTap’s Mobile Catalog not only reduces the process to a single tap, but more importantly allows the user to find software directly from their Pocket PC rather than their desktop PC.

“We constantly hear from handheld device users, developers and manufacturers that it is simply too hard to install new software on these devices,” said Jay Wright, CEO of SingleTap. “We have worked for the past two years to solve this problem. Through our relationship with HP, we believe we can extend this benefit to the growing number of Pocket PC owners.”

“We are pleased to feature SingleTap’s Mobile Catalog on the HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 series because it addresses a significant issue for our customers,” said Cindy Box, director of marketing, HP Smart Handhelds. “With the SingleTap solution, iPAQ customers will now be able to find, install, and purchase software quickly and easily while on the go rather than doing so only when tethered to a PC.”

The SingleTap Mobile Catalog is immediately available and can be downloaded from SingleTap’s Web site at SingleTap will work directly with individual Pocket PC software developers to include products for sale within the SingleTap Catalog.

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