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Cognos E-Business Solution Supports Financial Reporting On Nasdaq.Com, Amex.Com

Cognos E-Business Solution Supports Financial Reporting On Nasdaq.Com, Amex.Com – Company Business and Marketing

Top-Rated Financial Web Sites Add New Capabilities For Stock Analysis

Cognos of Burlington, Mass., is rolling out a new financial charting solution to support and In an effort to provide a company performance charting solution for Web users, the Nasdaq-Amex Market Group turned to Cognos, a vendor of enterprise business intelligence solutions. Visitors to and will be able to use the new charting solution to analyze the corporate performance of Nasdaq, Amex, and NYSE companies. The financial data for the solution is being provided by Primark Corp., a leading provider of financial and business research information.

The Cognos solution will provide charts that cover key financials, such as revenue, return on equity, and profit margins for Nasdaq, Amex and NYSE listed companies. Users will also be able to see how a selected company compares along key financial measures relative to the appropriate Nasdaq Index, to averages for its overall sector, and to companies of a similar size in their sector. The entire solution is powered by Cognos’ business intelligence technology for e-business.

“An explosion of Internet and online trading has revolutionized the world of investing,” says Donald Bosic, senior vice president for worldwide marketing at the Nasdaq-Amex Market Group. “Cognos is providing unique ways for investors to analyze companies’ performances compared to an index, their sector, and size within their sector.”

“The Cognos solution delivers information from Primark’s comprehensive Disclosure database to a mass Web-based audience in a way that is highly useful to investors,” adds Bill O’Conor, executive vice president at Primark’s Financial Information Div. “This application is distinguished by the clarity of information it brings to so many users. [It] builds on our vision to provide quality financial information directly to the desktops of financial, corporate and research professionals, allowing them to make better informed decisions about their investments.”

Free access to the service is available through and Users who want to perform more sophisticated analysis on their desktop will be able to download a free version of Cognos PowerPlay along with a data cube which includes detailed financials from Nasdaq-Amex listed companies from the Cognos Web site:

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