Cicada Semiconductor Intros Lowest Power, Single Port Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver

Cicada Semiconductor Intros Lowest Power, Single Port Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver – Product Announcement

Leading broadband communications developer Cicada Semiconductor Corporation has unveiled a single port, triple speed Gigabit-over-copper transceiver at NetWorld+Interop 2001 Atlanta. The CIS8201 is the newest member of SimpliPHY Series — the industry’s lowest power, highest performance, easiest to integrate, 10/100/1000BASE-T transceiver family.

Cicada’s SimpliPHY Series of Gigabit Ethernet transceivers, first introduced in May at the NetWorld+Interop trade show in Las Vegas, also includes the CIS8204 — the industry’s most advanced, quad port Gigabit Ethernet over copper physical layer (PHY) device. Ideal for high port density network infrastructure systems such as switches and routers, the CIS8204’s extremely low power dissipation of less than 1 Watt per port enables pervasive, low cost deployment of Gigabit Ethernet-to-desktop PCs, throughout data centers, and in Ethernet-based Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN).

“Capitalizing on the huge installed base of copper-based Ethernet networks, our single port CIS8201 transceiver enables gigabit bandwidth to be easily designed-in to a wide range of cost sensitive networking products, such as desktop and mobile PC network interface cards (NICs), as well as in Gigabit Ethernet storage equipment based on the new iSCSI standard,” said Nick van Bavel, President and CEO of Cicada Semiconductor. “Due to the high design quality of our quad port CIS8204 and our proprietary DSP and mixed signal development methodologies, we were able to rapidly develop, optimize and begin sampling the CIS8201 to our early access partners. We are looking forward to delivering breakthrough Gigabit Ethernet products.”

To simplify systems design, lower costs and decrease time-to-market, the CIS8201 features a number of innovative features.

At an industry-leading power consumption of less than 1 Watt, the CIS8201 features a space-saving footprint of 14 x 20mm in a low cost, 128-pin plastic package, available in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges. The device’s power management capabilities are fully compliant with Wake-on-LAN (WoL) and Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specifications.

An on-chip regulator allows the device to be powered from a single 3.3v power supply, eliminating external regulators and reducing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout area.

To save the systems designer design effort and time, the device’s SimpliPin I/O technology integrates adaptive terminations and timing compensation on the system side interfaces to the Media Access Controller (MAC). These circuits eliminate more than a dozen external components, reduce EMI, and lead to lower system costs by increasing design margins. With MAC interface support for the Gigabit Media Independent Interface (GMII), the legacy Ten-Bit-Interface (TBI), and the new Reduced GMII (RGMII), the CIS8201 connects to virtually any switch or systems controller with fewer components than competing transceivers. Unique on-chip timing compensation circuits eliminate external PCB timing challenges for the system designer, leading to higher system quality and lower cost.

To deliver trouble-free Gigabit Ethernet deployment in today’s widely installed and inexpensive copper cable plants, the CIS8201 features a unique, fully adaptive equalizer. Although competing devices automatically compensate for inter-symbol-interference (ISI) arising from the limited bandwidth of the copper cabling, the CIS8201 also simultaneously eliminates ISI and noise from external noise sources, such as AM radio. This benefit translates into deployment of Gigabit Ethernet in cables longer than — and of significantly poorer quality — than that specified in the gigabit Ethernet standard.

In addition, the device’s equalizer adapts to temperature variations in the cables, resulting in error free performance in harsh commercial and industrial network operating environments. The key to SimpliPHY’s unmatched performance is a proprietary DSP engine and low power, mixed signal front-end.

Unlike competitive devices, the CIS8201 is manufactured in a mainstream, low cost, digital CMOS process that does not require expensive analog process modules that limit the ability to manufacture the device in the most cost effective CMOS processes. Furthermore, for customers desiring high volume custom solutions, this “all digital” design approach enables rapid integration with other network logic.

The CIS8201 includes extensive innovative built-in-self-test (BIST) features to minimize manufacturing costs by eliminating reliance on expensive analog test equipment (ATE). The BIST features also offer the systems designer an innovative way to differentiate their products with advanced diagnostic capabilities, such as in-system bit-error-rate (BER) testing.

To assist customers in rapid integration of the CIS8201 into their systems, Cicada’s complete solution includes an evaluation board (CIS8201EVB), including the new VeriPHY Link Management Software Suite. VeriPHY offers SimpliPHY customers a suite of powerful network management tools, diagnostic utilities, and a graphical user interface (GUI) to ease the installation and management of Gigabit Ethernet equipment. With the ability to quickly measure and monitor more than two dozen cable parameters such as cable length, cable quality, and bit-error-rate, network equipment enabled with VeriPHY benefit by being able to quickly pinpoint potential problems in the cable plant. VeriPHY helps eliminate needless and expensive equipment replacements and field returns by integrating the power and simplicity of a sophisticated hand-held cable tester in the PHY — at no cost to the systems designer.

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