AirDefense launches Bluetooth monitoring solution

AirDefense launches Bluetooth monitoring solution

AirDefense, a leader in 24×7 wireless LAN security monitoring, today announced AirDefense BlueWatch, the industry-first commercial-grade Bluetooth monitoring solution. AirDefense BlueWatch enables organizations to identify rogue and insecure Bluetooth devices in their air space.

More than 250 million Bluetooth devices are in operation worldwide and are expected to grow to more than one billion in the next two years, according to InStat/MicroDesign Resources. Though Bluetooth devices have security features built in, most devices ship with unsecured default configurations creating gaping security holes.

“Like wireless LAN devices, Bluetooth devices are being rapidly deployed with little or no security,” said Pete Lindstrom, research director for Spire Security. “However because of the pervasiveness of these unsecured devices left in default settings, they stand to be an attractive target for exploitation. Monitoring tools like AirDefense BlueWatch can play a critical role in providing visibility of unsanctioned or insecure Bluetooth devices and the security vulnerabilities they introduce.”

Survey results from AirDefense customers support that companies spend millions of dollars securing their networks. When a company’s network is left exposed by insecure devices such as Bluetooth devices, hackers can enter the organization and compromise the company’s corporate backbone, rendering investments in information technology security obsolete. The implications from a security breach can impact the company’s reputation, intellectual property and regulated information.

“Many of our new company-issued devices are Bluetooth enabled,” said Michael Ciarochi, senior security engineer for HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation. “Although this is a convenience for many of our associates, there is a risk that sensitive data may be compromised. AirDefense BlueWatch provides a monitoring solution that we can use to identify and track how and with whom these devices communicate.”

AirDefense BlueWatch runs on a standard Windows XP or Windows 2000 platform and monitors the airwaves to:

–Identify different types of Bluetooth devices, including laptops, PDAs, keyboards and cell phones

–Provide key attributes, including device class, manufacturer and signal strength

–Illustrate communication or connectivity among various devices

–Identify services available on each device, including networkaccess, fax and audio gateway.

“Having pioneered the wireless LAN monitoring segment, AirDefense is proud to extend our leadership in securing the wireless network by addressing Bluetooth. AirDefense BlueWatch, the industry’s first Bluetooth monitoring tool, will identify rogue and insecure Bluetooth devices and enable organizations to take proactive steps to mitigate the risk of security breaches,” said Jay Chaudhry executive chairman and founder of AirDefense.

AirDefense BlueWatch is part of the suite of AirDefense products that collectively enhance the security and reliability of wireless networks.

AirDefense is the thought leader and innovator of wireless LAN security and operational support solutions. Founded in 2001, AirDefense pioneered the concept of 24×7 monitoring of the airwaves and now provides the most advanced solutions for rogue WLAN detection, policy enforcement, intrusion protection and monitoring the health of wireless LANs. As a key element of wireless LAN security, AirDefense complements wireless VPNs, encryption and authentication. Based on a secure appliance and remote sensors, AirDefense solutions scale to support single offices, corporate campuses or hundreds of locations. Blue chip companies and government agencies rely upon AirDefense solutions to secure and manage wireless LANs around the globe.

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