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Abilizer Launches Next Gen Info Delivery Infrastructure – Abilizer 6.0

Abilizer Launches Next Gen Info Delivery Infrastructure – Abilizer 6.0 – Product Announcement

Abilizer Solutions, Inc., a provider of Web services and information delivery solutions, has unveiled Abilizer Release 6.0. Building upon Abilizer’s existing platform, the new release provides a unified presentation layer that gives end-users a single point of access into disparate Web and legacy enterprise applications and data repositories. Abilizer Release 6.0 extends the ease with which an Abilizer solution can seamlessly integrate with an enterprise’s existing application infrastructure by introducing additional dimensions of rules-based information targeting and a new file-based XML meta-data repository. It also introduces site administration toolsets that are specialized for “power users” and business administrators.

“Organizations like Abilizer Solutions are taking a proactive role in establishing new specialization categories for the portal market, specifically targeting the emerging enterprise portal management software market space,” said William Peterson, director, portals and content management, Hurwitz Group.

“There is increasing demand for best-in-class, vendor-agnostic presentation infrastructures capable of aggregating and delivering composite information components to different stakeholders,” said Rishabh Mehrotra, CEO and co-founder, Abilizer. “A single presentation layer that facilitates integration at the data and application layers and provides viewers a targeted, single point-of-access can give a business a powerful competitive advantage.”

Abilizer challenges the perceptions that presentation layer solutions such as portals have to be excessively complex applications that are slow and costly to implement and manage, or are difficult to adapt to a company’s changing business processes. With its small footprint, Abilizer 6.0 uses industry standards to draw information from various silos of information and deliver it in the manner most relevant to each end-user’s responsibilities and tasks. Release 6.0 extends Abilizer’s leadership in targeted information delivery by introducing the additional ability to create logical, Java-script-based delivery rules reflecting virtually any attribute. This promotes relevant, personalized, real-time information delivery with less administrative effort and more flexibility than role-based solutions found in competitive offerings.

Release 6.0 also offers two versions of Abilizer’s site configuration toolset: The Abilizer Configurator, a robust, Java-swing-application for “power users,” and The Abilizer Manager, a simpler browser-based interface for business administrators.

“Focusing on the power user closes a gap in the web site development process which will help our customers better leverage their development resources,” continued Mehrotra. “The Abilizer Configurator allows developers to delegate typical development tasks to power users, who can, in turn, delegate typical management tasks to business administrators. This functionality results in a more efficient use of developer time; it frees up developers for other projects and it greatly improves the ROI on business web sites. It also results in more flexible and responsive web sites, since business administrators can make many site changes on their own, without coding.”

Abilizer Release 6.0 introduces an XML-based meta-data file repository for site layout and site components, which greatly simplifies the addition of Abilizer into existing enterprise development and deployment processes and environments. This feature facilitates the exchange of meta-data with applications such as content management systems, source control and integrated development environments.

“Abilizer’s, front-end information delivery solutions complete the enterprise application integration solutions offered by our technology and implementation partners,” said Mehrotra. “Business and technology development is at an inflection point, and Abilizer 6.0, combined with our partners’ integration technologies, will help our customers leverage their legacy systems, applications, and information more quickly and cost effectively.”

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