TMN: PairGain Partners With NETMANSYS to Develop TMN-Compliant Network Management Products – PairGain Technologies

TMN: PairGain Partners With NETMANSYS to Develop TMN-Compliant Network Management Products – PairGain Technologies – Company Business and Marketing

PairGain Technologies, Inc. Tuesday announced a joint development partnership with NETMANSYS, Inc. to accelerate PairGain’s development of high-performance and reliable TMN-based management applications and mediation devices to meet the requirements of its customer’s Operational Support Systems (OSS). The partnership with NETMANSYS is an important step towards allowing PairGain to provide TMN-based network management solutions to its customers. PairGain’s Avidia System, Wideband System 3190 and Small Digital Loop Carrier Systems will all be optioned with the new feature for customer networks that employ TMN as their intelligent network direction. The rapid changes in the global telecommunications environment that involve regulatory and technological innovation, convergence among service and network providers and the evolution of open standards have resulted in the immediate and critical requirement to install new access equipment in the network. Increasing intelligence and capability in the access network requires integration of the new equipment with the installed base, as well as providing open and standard interfaces to legacy OSS. The recent introduction of PairGain’s Avidia System integrated access concentrator family has brought about the need to quickly develop SNMP, TL-1 and TMN-based management applications and mediation devices to meet these challenges. The Avidia System is a next-generation ATM access concentration platform for DSL, T1/E1 and other access technologies which functions as a multiplexer, switch or broadband access server, depending on its software configuration. “Comprehensive management tools are a key ingredient for PairGain customers who are expanding into new markets and integrating more and more services,” said Howard Flagg, executive vice president of business development at PairGain. “Our partnership with NETMANSYS will enable PairGain to deliver the management tools our customers need for the complex installations of the new access network.” “NETMANSYS is excited in providing the TMN suite of products to enhance PairGain’s product line for the delivery of this critical set of TMN products to the Operational Support Systems network,” said Larry Asten, president and chief executive officer of NETMANSYS. The partnership is expected to result in a range of TMN-based products from mediators which perform filtering, polling, forwarding and processing between element management protocols such as SNMP, TL-1, ASCII and CMIP, all the way up to comprehensive CMIP-based management applications. The first of these products will be an SNMP-Q3 Mediator for the Avidia 8000 System, available during the third quarter of this year. Future products will provide TMN capability to PairGain’s other product lines, including the Wideband System 3190 and other Avidia components. PairGain is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) networking systems. Service providers and private network operators worldwide use PairGain’s products to deploy DSL-based services such as high-speed Internet, remote LAN access and enterprise LAN extension. For more than 10 years, PairGain has been recognized as the technological leader and industry innovator of telecommunications equipment. The Company offers the widest range of HDSL, ADSL and SDSL-based systems available. Well over 1,000,000 PairGain DSL nodes are installed in over 70 countries. Additional information about the Company is available on the Internet at NETMANSYS is a leading Telecommunications Management Network systems software supplier that produces a complete suite of Object-Oriented software tools, applications, and implementation services for the telecommunication industry. NETMANSYS FastBench Open Mediation Solutions help customers to rapidly build scalable, high performance and flexible Mediation Applications offering open management interfaces on top of various legacy protocols. The Mediation Development Environment (MDE) provides a powerful, easy to use, object-oriented toolkit to build open interfaces such as CORBA, Q3, TL1/ASCII-based and any other user defined interface to access managed resources using protocol such as SNMP, TL-1/MML, CMIS/CMIP, BitStream. For more information contact NETMANSYS: (972) 355-6333; Web site:

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