Telstra Selects Siemens’ InterXpress Solution For IP Telephony In Australia And Internationally

Internet Telephony: Telstra Selects Siemens’ InterXpress Solution For IP Telephony In Australia And Internationally

Telstra, the leading telecommunications company in Australia, has selected Siemens to supply the technology for its IP Telephony services, both within Australia and internationally.

Telstra shortly will begin a trial public service, allowing customers in Sydney to call London (England) over the Internet. The service is a phone-to-phone service customers will not have to use a computer. The solution is based on Siemens’ InterXpress voice-over-IP (VOIP) platform, including key components from 3Com and NetSpeak Corporation, and was developed by the Internet Solutions Business Unit of Siemens Telecom Networks, located in Boca Raton.

“Telstra has chosen Siemens as its strategic partner to supply the technologies for voice over the Internet services. IP Telephony is a key part of Telstra’s global marketing strategy,” said John Rolland, Telstra’s general manager of Internet Access Products. Telstra plans to play a leading role in all forms of telephony in Australia.

Siemens partners include NetSpeak Corp. (NASDAQ:NSPK) and 3Com Corporation. Both companies have OEM and joint development agreements with Siemens to provide solutions for VOIP applications.

NetSpeak has been actively involved in Telstra for some time, and the Siemens agreement leverages this longstanding commitment. The agreement between Siemens and NetSpeak allows their proven applications to run on the Siemens platform, to enhance the carrier-grade VOIP solution Siemens offers to its customers.

The 3Com Total Control Hub plays a key role in the solution as a carrier-scale gateway. The 3Com Total Control Hub brings scalability, reliability and redundancy to the Telstra Solution. The hub provides enhanced capabilities including integrated network interfaces and protocols, voice compression, and supports multiple services — all based on 3Com’s award winning, state-of-the-art scalable, distributed digital signal processing technology.

“The InterXpress IP telephony solution will enable customers such as Telstra to enhance existing services and to deliver new value-added IP based services such as voice, fax and video applications,” said Chuck Harris, vice president and general manager of the Internet Solutions Business Unit for Siemens. “We look forward to working in partnership on this trial and in future developments with Telstra who, like Siemens, is committed to advanced communications services.”

“Over the past three years, Telstra and Siemens have constructed the national high-speed network that forms the heart of Australia’s digital and Internet infrastructure. This partnership builds on that success,” said Paul Lazarou, business unit manager for Data and Broadband at Siemens Ltd. (Australia). “We bring to the table Siemens’ core competence in public telecommunications – SDH, data and IP/Internet. We are confident that Siemens know-how and our InterXpress IP Telephony platform will play an important role in Telstra’s success in these emerging markets.”

Siemens recently introduced the InterXpress family of solutions for IP Telephony, the most comprehensive suite of solutions available for carrier-grade IP telephony deployment. Siemens is the first equipment vendor to provide a complete global solution of true carrier-class IP telephony hardware and software for new and existing service providers. The InterXpress system delivers the high level of speech quality and meets the stringent, carrier-class requirements of telecom network operators for stability and expansion capability.

The Siemens InterXpress solution includes full PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone and phone-to-phone IP Telephony. The product range includes CPE-based software, interworking units (gateways and gatekeepers) that mediate traffic between the IP network and the public switched telephone network (PSTN), network services servers to authorize/authenticate, route and rate IP telephony calls, and management and customer care servers to provision, bill and operate the service.

The Internet Solutions Business Unit of Siemens Telecom Networks has worldwide responsibility for Internet products and applications for carriers providing public telecommunications services, bringing to bear the full strength of Siemens’ innovation and market know-how and offering a complete Internet package enabling existing and potential network operators to offer a full range of Internet services. This includes ISP solutions, carrier-grade voice-over-IP solutions, integration services, applications development and customer support services.

Siemens Telecom Networks, headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., is a subsidiary of Siemens AG, which has annual revenues of $63.7 billion (FY 96-97) and has operations in 193 countries. Internet Solutions Home Page: STN Home Page:

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