SDSL: Copper Mountain and Ramp Networks Announce SDSL Internet Access Device for Small Business

SDSL: Copper Mountain and Ramp Networks Announce SDSL Internet Access Device for Small Business – Product Information

Ramp Networks, Inc., a leading provider of easy-to-use, shared Internet access devices, and Copper Mountain Networks, a DSL networking equipment manufacturer, Monday announced that the WebRamp 500i has passed Copper Mountain compatibility testing and Copper Mountain has certified the WebRamp 500i as a CopperCompatible device under its CPE Interoperability program. The CopperCompatible certification assures telecommunications carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and their subscribers that the WebRamp is interoperable with Copper Mountain’s CopperEdge family of DSL concentrators and CopperView network management software suite widely deployed throughout the U.S. Copper Mountain is a leading DSL equipment manufacturer and the company is committed to accelerating DSL service roll out and driving down costs by promoting effective end-to-end DSL solutions. Copper Mountain spearheaded the nation’s first SDSL interoperability initiative to facilitate joint-development and testing of best-of-breed CPE with Copper Mountain’s products. The company maintains its own interoperability testing laboratory to accelerate market entry of new CPE variants and the maturity of DSL as a mainstream bandwidth mechanism. To be certified as CopperCompatible, Ramp’s SDSL router passed a rigorous series of interoperability tests at an architectural and functional level. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, the WebRamp 500i offers symmetric bandwidth at selectable speeds ranging from 128 kbps to 1.5 Mbps over ordinary twisted pair copper wiring, offering users a choice of bandwidth and budget options. Users enjoy “always on” connectivity, because DSL eliminates dialing required by analog modems. Like Ramp’s other award-winning products, the WebRamp 500i leverages the award-winning software features and functionality that make the WebRamp easy-to-use and cost efficient. “As a user of DSL technology, we were looking

for a solution that would provide Internet access for our home office and remote offices, as well as provide 24×7 support for our Internet-based customer services,” said Michael Conant, president at NexBase Corporation. “As a result, we have been using the WebRamp 500i SDSL router and have found that its plug-and-play capabilities and ease-of-use features are exactly what we needed.” “With a product strategy that has always focused on easy-to-use, affordable and innovative Web access solutions, we are now well positioned to deliver superior DSL solutions,” said John Humphreys, senior director of product management for Ramp Networks. “Our relationship with Copper Mountain is key for assuring our customers that Ramp’s SDSL Internet access device has broad service availability as it interoperates with CopperEdge DSL concentrators widely deployed by leading CLECs throughout the U.S.” “We are very pleased to add Ramp’s WebRamp 500i SDSL router to our family of CopperCompatible devices for the small business and branch office market,” said John Reister, director of product marketing for Copper Mountain Networks. “Ample CPE availability makes the Copper Mountain solution more attractive to service providers and carriers, and lets users with strong Ramp brand loyalty upgrade to DSL using a brand they know and trust. By working with market leaders such as Ramp, Copper Mountain facilitates faster and broader market acceptance of DSL and the applications it powers.” Availability The WebRamp 500i SDSL Internet access device will be demonstrated at the DSLcon Trade Show in Dallas, Texas, April 13 – 14, 1999, in Copper Mountain’s booth No. 306. Ramp expects general availability of the WebRamp 500i in Q2, 1999. Ramp Networks is a leading provider of Internet access solutions that are specifically designed to enable small businesses and branch offices to participate in the emerging Internet economy. Ramp’s extensive award-winning WebRamp product family meets the unique needs of the more than 75 million small offices worldwide; a large, growing market that has not been effectively addressed by traditional data communications providers. Ramp’s patent-pending Connection Optimized Link Technology (COLT) extends the benefits of analog technology by using regular telephone lines to double or triple the performance of downloading Web pages as well as allowing multiple users to simultaneously access the Internet. The award-winning WebRamp platform currently supports ISDN and analog, and is well positioned to support emerging broadband technologies such as SDSL, ADSL and cable. Ramp Networks is a privately held company. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling 888/726-7638; by fax at 408/988-6363; via e-mail at; or by visiting our website at Founded in January 1996 with offices in Palo Alto and San Diego, Copper Mountain Networks, Inc. develops and markets a comprehensive family of DSL solutions that enable high-speed internetworking over existing copper facilities. The company’s mission is to enable carriers and other service providers to offer a range of high-performance, cost-effective DSL services that are easy to deploy, use, and manage. Copper Mountain’s CopperRocket CPE family addresses the bandwidth, reliability, ease-of-use, and cost concerns of remote offices and users. Its carrier-class CopperEdge DSL concentrators and CopperView network management solutions offer a robust and scalable platform for carriers and multi-tenant unit service providers to satisfy the ever-increasing user demand for bandwidth, while generating a high return on investment. FMI:

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