Internet Access: Free Time & Billing Software Just The Beginning For 27-Year-Old

Internet Access: Free Time & Billing Software Just The Beginning For 27-Year-Old – Company Business and Marketing, the popular Web-based Time and Billing system, is now available for free. No catches, no fine print and no surprises! VerveX Technologies announced that effective immediately, its Web-based Time and Billing system and the corresponding source code ( is free to download and use. This announcement means that thousands of businesses that require staff to record their hours can download, install and use this intranet system absolutely free. This places FSBTime at the forefront of Web-based Time and Billing systems both in pricing and in its installed base of users. The system is in use by corporations from Iran to South Africa to Belgium — and everywhere in between. VerveX has been providing sole proprietors and businesses access to the application via its Web site since last September. The site,, received 250,000 hits in the first month and grew from there. Companies that have a geographically disperse work force — like consulting firms — have grown to love the Internet-based system. The simple user interface and powerful reporting has spawned a loyal user group. “FSBTime has absolutely changed the way I run my business,” reported Larry Klenin, president of The Klenin Group, a Southern California executive recruiting firm. “FSBTime provides fast and efficient time recording for my staff which is great. The reports provide me with the up-to-the-minute information I need to manage my team and my budget — and that’s even better. I get an update of our ongoing revenues daily.” Why is VerveX Technologies doing this? Price Givens, the 27-year-old president of VerveX explained, “The Internet revolutionizes the way we conduct business. Not just the business of the end user, but the business of selling and distributing software. “Traditionally the operating cost of selling software was in the packaging, marketing and delivery. The Internet has eliminated those material expenses. Software companies invest resources to write a product and then recoup the cost 100 times over. We recouped our cost in the first two weeks — so now we’re giving it away. “This is going to shake up the software pricing model for our competitors. Our next free product, an enterprise level Web-based project management system, is due in May.” Visit to try an actual installation of the system or to download FSBTime for free. For more details call 800/841-6621.

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