Internet Access: Alcatel and Ascend to Jointly Develop New Solutions for High Speed Access to Internet

Internet Access: Alcatel and Ascend to Jointly Develop New Solutions for High Speed Access to Internet – Company Business and Marketing

Alcatel and Ascend Communications, Inc. Thursday announced an alliance through which the two companies will develop next-generation Internet access solutions that will make high-speed data services a reality for businesses and consumers, and reduce costs for network service providers.

This multi-year agreement significantly extends an existing relationship between the two companies to develop new networking products, as well as substantially expanding the two companies’ distribution arrangement.

“We’re talking about an entirely new network here, one that eventually will replace the current telephone system, and these new products from Alcatel and Ascend will make it a reality,” said Mory Ejabat, president and chief executive officer of Ascend. “When it comes to providing consumers with Internet, video and interactive services using telephones, computers and other devices (like ADSL modems) in a more efficient manner and creating new services, you need to change the network support structure – today Alcatel and Ascend are setting down that path together.”

“Alcatel has recently demonstrated its ability to work with telecommunications companies around the world to deliver high-speed Internet and other services for their customers,” said Jo Cornu, Chief Operating Officer of Alcatel. “The new products we are developing with Ascend will help telecommunications companies in two ways: by deploying new equipment where possible or by adapting their existing equipment to the new paradigm, because we realize that you just cannot replace the entire network.”

Next Generation Technologies For A Next Generation Network The products to be developed in the alliance include a IP Service Access Gateway (DANA/Data Application Networks Adapters), based on Ascend’s next generation IP-forwarding technology and Alcatel’s networking software, that can be deployed in conjunction with Alcatel’s market leading ADSL systems throughout the world. It creates new services for network operators such as Virtual Private Networks, quality of service and billing mechanisms. The new product, along with Alcatel’s ADSL, wireless local loop or satellite solutions will enable service providers to more rapidly roll out high-speed data services to businesses and consumers, effectively ‘paving’ the last mile of the Information Superhighway.

Alcatel and Ascend will also jointly develop a high speed “router on a card” that will combine Ascends high speed forwarding technology and Alcatel’s high speed switching technology to be included in the Alcatel 1000 BBX high capacity node. As announced in March 1998, Alcatel is building an advanced line of network switching solutions based on a modular architecture. This new card will enable Alcatel’s customers to offer high speed networking capabilities on these switching products.

The two companies have already set up development teams and assigned engineering resources on both sides to begin development of the new products to be available in the second half of next year.

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