HDSL: Cincinnati Bell Telephone Selects Teltrend’s Netzap Plus 4-Wire HDSL Units

HDSL: Cincinnati Bell Telephone Selects Teltrend’s Netzap Plus 4-Wire HDSL Units – Company Business and Marketing

Teltrend Inc. Monday announced that Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company has selected the company as the sole provider for HDSL installations. Cincinnati Bell will use Teltrend’s NetZap Plus 4-wire HDSL system for these installations. Teltrend’s 4-wire HDSL system utilizes Bellcore compliant 2B1Q technology to provide fiber quality T1 transmission up to 36,000 feet. Teltrend’s NetZap Plus provides an impressive array of advantages including superior performance on problem loops, easy provisioning from either end of the circuit, advanced performance monitoring, and customized graphic displays. “It all adds up to reduced facility engineering, easier installation and provisioning, and lower maintenance costs,” said Bob Kveton, Senior Marketing Director at Teltrend. Kveton went on to say that, “Teltrend is extremely pleased to be selected by Cincinnati Bell, a company known for their emphasis on providing the highest quality telephone service. We believe this selection of our NetZap Plus HDSL further validates Teltrend’s approach of providing our customers with products and service tailored to their unique requirements and standards.” “Teltrend is helping us sectionalize and identify network or customer challenges with performance monitoring and graphic displays – all contributing to increased customer care. Teltrend’s service and product development will complement Cincinnati Bell’s reputation of deploying advanced telecommunications solutions” said Ken Goldsberry in Cincinnati Bell’s client and technical operations. Teltrend, established in 1979 with over 500 employees worldwide, is headquartered in suburban Chicago. Teltrend designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of telecommunications and data communications products used by businesses and telephone companies to provide voice and data services. Teltrend’s unique local telephone loop solutions — developed for T1, HDSL, Fiber Optic, ISDN, DDS, and DLC applications — allow telephone companies to provide new and better services to their customers without the need for costly infrastructure replacement. The Company’s Network iQ family of multi-service integrated access devices are designed to provide intelligent high performance routing solutions for remote access and interoffice communications across wide area networks or the Internet. The Company’s customers range from Regional Bell Operating Companies, GTE, Sprint, and other U.S. and International telephone companies, to SOHO and medium-sized business. Teltrend’s World Wide Web address is: http://www.teltrend.com Cincinnati Bell is a full-service, integrated communications company that provides competitive local communications as well as data, internet, and entertainment services to communications customers in the Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area. FMI: http://www.cincinnatibell.com.

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