Chips: Spectrum Signal Processing Ships First TMS320C67x-Based Product

Chips: Spectrum Signal Processing Ships First TMS320C67x-Based Product – Product Announcement

Spectrum Signal Processing, the industry leader in high-performance DSP systems, Monday announced it shipped its first ‘C67x-based product, the Detroit67 Development Package.

Spectrum is one of the first DSP systems companies to ship product based on Texas Instruments’ new floating-point TMS320C6701 processor. Texas Instruments was instrumental in providing Spectrum with the opportunity to ship product only one week after receiving ‘C67x silicon from them.

“We are very pleased that Spectrum found it so easy to migrate their product designs from ‘C6201 fixed-point to ‘C6701 floating-point silicon,” comments Henry Wiechman, ‘C6000 Product Marketing Manager for TI (Houston). “We were confident that the code and pin for pin compatibility provided in our C6000 DSP series would allow a fast design transition from one to the other. Spectrum has clearly demonstrated this compatibility with the shipment of the Detroit67 product less than one week after delivery of the ‘C6701 processor.”

As TI’s ‘C6701 processor is pin for pin compatible with the ‘C6201 – which was released last year – migration from ‘C6201-based hardware products is now a very realistic expectation. Spectrum’s initial ‘C67x product suite will consist of four DSP systems, the Detroit67 (Single-PCI), Monaco67 (Dual/quad-VME), the Daytona67 (Dual-PCI), and the Barcelona67 (Dual/quad-CompactPCI). The floating-point power afforded by this new processor will enable design engineers using ‘C4x-based hardware products to bring a higher level of performance to their floating-point applications – such as image processing, flight simulation, remote sensing and virtual reality – by migrating to a ‘C67x-based system. In addition to hardware, Spectrum will incorporate ASIC and software products into its ‘C67x-based systems to provide a broader product solution for floating-point customers.

“Originally we stated that we would ship ‘C67x-based products one month after TI delivered the new silicon to us. We apparently under estimated the ease of migration from the ‘C6201 to the ‘C6701 and we are very pleased to be able to ship our newest product to a key customer within one week of TI’s delivery date,” said Ron Wages, Vice President of Marketing at Spectrum. The Detroit67 is available this month and includes extensive software support including host interface libraries and drivers, DSP libraries, debuggers, Code Composer, and Diamond RTOS which was specifically developed for DSP-based fixed or floating-point multiprocessor DSP applications.

Spectrum’s ‘C6701 product series pricing is as follows: Monaco67 quad version is US$13,900; Daytona67 dual version is US$6,500; Barcelona67 quad version is priced at US$10,900 and the Detroit67 single version is only US$5,400. Spectrum Signal Processing is the leading worldwide supplier of DSP system solutions. The company offers DSP software, off-the-shelf hardware, custom ASIC design and complete custom systems. Customers such as Nortel, Hewlett Packard, Northrop Grumman, NEC, Daewoo Telecom, the US Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin benefit from Spectrum’s innovative, programmable DSP products, by gaining competitive advantages such as faster time to market and low-cost feature set upgradeability. FMI:

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