ATM: Cisco Introduces IP+ATM WAN Switching Solutions for Enterprise; IGX 8400 Series Integrates Cisco IOS Routing and Multiservice ATM Switching in Mission Critical Wide-Area Backbones

ATM: Cisco Introduces IP+ATM WAN Switching Solutions for Enterprise; IGX 8400 Series Integrates Cisco IOS Routing and Multiservice ATM Switching in Mission Critical Wide-Area Backbones – Product Announcement

Cisco Systems Inc. Monday introduced the IGX 8450 wide-area switch that gives customers integrated Cisco IOS software-based routing, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Quality of Service (QoS) and carrier-class reliability in a single platform.

The IGX 8450 represents a new class of IP+ATM wide-area switch for the enterprise that combines the application richness of Cisco IOS software with the multiservice switching performance of ATM. The IGX 8450 supports all of the traditional WAN applications — enabling customers to benefit from data, voice, and video integration today while preparing for the next generation of IP-based applications.

The IGX 8450 supports emerging IP applications by leveraging Cisco’s industry-leading ATM traffic management and IP routing to deliver enhanced Quality of Service for IP in the backbone. The IGX 8450 uses Tag Switching, Cisco’s implementation of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), to deliver enhanced IP QoS in an ATM multiservice backbone. To deliver end-to-end IP and ATM QoS, the IGX 8450 supports the extension of ABR traffic management to Cisco 7000 series routers.

“The IGX 8450 will seamlessly incorporate new IP+ATM technologies in our existing WAN environment,” said Thomas Ryan, assistant vice president of Fleet Technology Solutions, the Information Technology division of the Fleet Financial Group. “Leading ATM and IP solutions make Cisco the right choice for bringing next-generation applications onto our network.”

The IGX 8450 also supports the same wide range of traditional WAN services as other IGX 8400 series switches, including ATM, Frame Relay, circuit emulation, SNA, compressed voice, voice switching, serial circuit data, and video. The IGX 8450 seamlessly interworks with all platforms in the IGX 8400 series and capitalizes on Cisco’s end-to-end integrated network management tools that include Cisco WAN Manager, Cisco Info Center and CiscoView.

By leveraging service breadth and integrated management to build consolidated, multiservice backbones, customers benefit from cost savings, simplified management and improved application performance.

“Multiservice capability in the enterprise WAN is a requirement that has truly come of age,” said Chris Nicoll, senior research analyst with Current Analysis, a technology research firm in Sterling, Va.

“Multimedia applications, such as voice and SNA over IP are fueling the replacement of legacy networks. The Cisco IGX 8450 is well positioned to migrate these networks and provide a platform for future applications.”

The IP+ATM feature set is also available as an expansion shelf that can be added to any IGX 8400 series switch allowing customers to add new IP+ATM features as needed.

“The IGX 8450 and the Service Expansion Shelf give network managers the flexibility to prepare for the coming wave of IP applications without compromising the performance and reliability their users have come to expect,” said Joe Golden, vice president of marketing for Cisco’s Multiservice Switching Business Unit.

The IGX 8400 Series Cisco IGX 8400 series switches are multiservice wide-area switches that enable cost savings and performance benefits by integrating data, voice and video on a single WAN backbone. The IGX 8400 series provides the advanced ATM traffic management to deliver optimal bandwidth efficiency and guaranteed end-to-end Quality of Service.

These traffic management features include multiple classes of services, per VC queuing and rate scheduling, 128,000 cells of buffering per module, and closed loop congestion management (ABR with VS/VD). Combined with compressed voice (8kbps CS-ACELP), legacy data support, and advanced IP+ATM features, the IGX 8400 series enables next-generation wide-area networking.

Pricing and Availability The IGX 8450 will be available in Q4 1998 with a list price of $22,000. The Service Expansion Shelf will be available in Q1 1999 with a base price of $15,000. FMI:

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