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Durable notebook

HIGH-POWERED NOTEBOOK provides high-performance computing with the durability similar to rugged notebooks used for industrial purposes. The full-sized, semirugged Enduro LE is engineered with magnesium alloy in its top and bottom enclosures, and a shock-mounted hard disk drive, providing protection in a notebook computer built for the road warrior. Weighing less than 7.5 lbs., the Enduro LE is able to support multimedia-rich computing with its 400 MHz Intel Pentium II microprocessor, up to 256 MB of RAM and a high-capacity hard disk (up to 10 GB). In addition, the Enduro LE features a 14.1″ XGA display screen, 24x CD-ROM or 6x DVD-ROM drive, and PCI 3D audio with built-in stereo speakers. –Melard Technologies

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Fiber-optic quality wireless

FIXED BROADBAND WIRELESS RADIO delivers the performance of a fiber-optic network. The In visible Fiber SONET OC-12/ SDH STM-4 units offer 622 Mbps nonblocking service to provide telephony and data services to large areas, and comes in both 28 GHz and 29/ 31 GHz varieties. The OC-12 radio operates with 99.999% availability and a bit error rate of less than 1x[10.sup.-12]. It delivers the equivalent of 336 traditional 1.5 Mbps T1 circuits, or 8,064 phone lines, over a single radio link connection. The Invisible Fiber units are placed in a ring configuration between sites, with two units at each site connected to each other and to standard network equipment with fiber-optic cable. The architecture provides for a nonblocking, self-healing, fault-tolerant network service with the advantages of wireless, and the speed and network management capabilities of fiber. Housed in a durable weatherproof housing that can be painted to match a building, the units can be mounted on a wall or pole. The units require no scheduled maintenance and come with quick-connect outdoor cabling to simplify installation. –Triton Network Systems

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NEW WIRELESS ETHERNET BRIDGE delivers up to 12 Mbps, with an effective data rate of more than 8.5 Mbps, for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint architectures. Wi-LAN’s Hopper Plus 120-24 can be used to offer high-speed Internet access and extend communications infrastructures for medium and large enterprises. The Hopper Plus is built with multicode direct sequence spread spectrum (MC-DSSS) technology for enhanced spectral efficiency, security, reliability and scalability. MC-DSSS enhances traditional direct sequence schemes by employing simultaneous multiple pseudo random noise spreading codes to gain an increase in throughput without an increase in RF spectrum usage. The Hopper Plus 120-24 also uses dynamic time allocation and dynamic polling allocation to reduce polling time on inactive remotes, enabling the most efficient use of bandwidth. It operates in the license-exempt 2.4 ISM GHz radio frequency band for wireless connections, with no radio licensing requirements. –Wi-LAN

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Broadband radio

VOICE AND DATA TRAFFIC on a single radio link provides reliable connectivity. The 2351S 10 Mbps LAN radio utilizes crystal-controlled synthesized technology to provide high-capacity voice and full 10 Mbps data rates. The radios are RF frequency tunable in the field, allowing for the installation of the units before final frequency licenses are finalized. The unit has an integral digital MUX providing one or two separate T1 or E1 circuits, as well as a basic LAN-only configuration. Fade margin is improved by 5 dB to 7 dB over older diode-based radios, for hop lengths up to 15 miles with appropriately sized parabolic antennas. Output RF power control is also available to optimize radiated power, providing opportunity for aggressive frequency re-use plans. –Telenetics

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Scalable bandwidth

EASY-TO-INSTALL, FIXED POINT-TO-MULTIPOINT wireless solution allows for network growth. The ioStar-3 is a carrier-class solution that provides scalable bandwidth in multiples of 1.5/2 Mbps up to 4.5/6 Mbps. The basic constellation configuration consists of a radio frequency ODU and an IDU modem for both a hub location and the remote site. As the need occurs, up to three remote locations can be served from one hub site. Several ioStar-3 constellations can be installed at one hub site without interference, operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5.7 GHz bands. A standard DSX-1 or G.703 interface simplifies installation. The received signal strength from remote locations can be monitored from the hub site, and optional link management software allows remote monitoring of link performance to detect potential problems. The unit complies with FCC Regulation Part 15, eliminating the need for user licensing. –ioWave

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Satellite networking

BROADBAND SATELLITE NETWORKING product is designed for Internet protocol-based networks, and supports both star and hybrid topologies. The linkway.IP connects network sites over an IP network regionally or globally. Using very small aperture terminal size antennas that are 1.2 m to 1.8 m tall, the linkway. IP operates at data rates between 300 kbps and 4 Mbps. The system provides asymmetrical connections ideal for video over IO, database updates, inventory management, software distribution, digital publishing and IP content distribution. The multicasting feature allows information to be delivered simultaneously to all locations, increasing the cost-effectiveness of the technology as the number of sites increases. A bandwidth-on-demand feature provides scalability for increased bandwidth needs, while the ability to update client software remotely reduces the need for site visits. –Comsat

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Versatile antenna

COMPACT ANTENNA is both visually pleasing and effective in congested pedestrian areas where high-volume wireless communications are needed. The DB 788QM5N-XS quad-band, omni-antenna is an indoor/outdoor antenna capable of offering broadband wireless operation in multiple bandwidths simultaneously. They include AMPS/TDMA800, GSM900, GSM1800, PCS, WLL and UMTS bands in the 800 MHz. to 2.5 GHz range. The antenna’s electrical characteristics include vertical polarization and omni patterns. It can operate on multiple bandwidths as a single unit on a single connector, providing increased signal flexibility, while reducing installation and equipment costs, and minimizing space requirements. The DB788 has rugged aluminum and UV-stabilized ABS plastic construction, and can withstand wind speeds up to 125 mph (201km/h). –Decibel Products

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SOHO wireless network

ETHERNET-QUALITY NETWORKING without cords or cables is available for small offices. The ORiNOCO Networking System is a high-speed, wireless networking system for small businesses. The system is an easy and inexpensive way to set up an 11 Mbps wireless data network that allows shared resources like files, scanners and printers. The ORINOCO system consists of PC Card radios that slip into the PCMCIA slots of laptops and portable computers; ISA and PCI adapters to enable the PC cards to work inside of desktop computers; and the RG-1000 gateway access point that acts as a central base station. Built-in features, like the dynamic host configuration protocol and network address translation routing, enable multiple users to easily share a single dial-up connection or broadband Internet connection. Operating in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band, the ORINOCO system works indoors and outdoors, can transmit through walls and floors, and provides a range of up to 1,500 feet. It is fully IEEE802.11 high-rate compliant, allowing it to be used with all other 802.11-compliant wireless networking systems. –Lucent Technologies

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Mobile data exchange

SYNCHRONIZE DATA AMONG MOBILE EMPLOYEES using the latest Palm OS devices, including the Palm IIIc and Handspring Visor. PylonPro 3.0 enables individuals and enterprises to migrate Lotus Notes databases to Palm OS devices. PylonPro 3.0 includes an improved user interface that makes it easier to configure, support and use the software. Logging and enhanced centralized management features help IT staff manage the variety of devices being deployed. New configuration templates and custom configuration database capabilities speed deployments of mobile devices to large groups of users, allowing administrators to provision and manage workgroups or departments remotely, quickly and easily. With new time zone support, users based in different locations can synchronize through a centralized server without any reconfiguration. Working with Notes location documents, PylonPro 3.0 automatically detects a user’s location–whether dialing in from an airport or connected from home–and will select the appropriate configuration based on the user’s location. –Globalware Computing

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Wireless broadband

SECURE WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY SERVICE for small businesses and SOHOs provides multimegabit Internet access to a potential 100 markets nationwide. The new Sprint Broadband Direct Plus service provides two-way, broadband Internet access and services using fixed wireless technology. It does not require a second phone line and provides upstream speeds of up to 512 kbps, and download speeds averaging 4 Mbps, with downstream bursts of up to 5 Mbps. The service uses a small, diamond-shaped stationary digital transceiver measuring 13.5″x13.5″. Unlike DSL, the transfer rate is not distance limited-each customer within a 35-mile radius of the cell tower receives the same level of service regardless of distance. Avoiding the problems associated with multiple vendors, Sprint owns and manages its own broadband network, ensuring prompt response and optimum network performance 24×7. –Sprint

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Broadband antenna

DURABLE ANTENNA is designed for cellular sector applications. The new AP8-1850/ 09OD/XP antenna is an addition to the company’s line of Americell panel antennas. It is engineered for those 1,800 MHz and 1,900 MHz applications where up to +/-45 degree polarization diversity is required. Featuring a superior cross-polarization ratio and a small profile for low visibility, the AP8-1850/ 09OD/XP is constructed with materials selected for long life and reliability. –Kathrein Inc., Scala Division

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Infrared laser system

ATMOSPHERIC LASER SYSTEM provides wideband wireless building-to-building connections for voice, video and data communication. LSA’s SupraConnect is a cost efficient, high-quality solution for ranges up to two miles and up to 155 Mbps. An automatic window heater keeps the unit fully functioning in rain, snow and ice conditions. Designed with seven layers of sun rejection, the SupraConnect provides reliable communications in east/ west-oriented deployments, and uses a thermoelectrically cooled laser to dramatically reduce laser failures. Attached sighting scope provides fast, simple and accurate alignment of the unit in both temporary and permanent installations. –LSA Photonics

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