Latest Gigabit Ethernet and DSL products

Latest Gigabit Ethernet and DSL products – News Briefs

Multimode extender

EXTEND GIGABIT ETHERNET CONNECTIONS to overcome distance limitations on multimode fiber. The ATt-EX1001SC/GM1 extends the transmission distance for 1000Base-SX multimode fiber cable, delivering Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in compliance with IEEE 802.3z for connections up to 2 km with multimode fiber. It has been specifically designed to provide a Iow-cost migration path for 100 Mbps FDDI and Fast Ethernet fiber backbones to 1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet, utilizing existing 2 km multimode fiber cable, removing the expense involved in installing new single-mode fiber. Interoperable with all standard Gigabit Ethernet equipment, the extender can be connected to any switch, router, hub or network adapter. With no management software to install, and no complicated options to configure, the extender provides a simple solution for converting existing multimode fiber installations into a Gigabit Ethernet network.–Allied Telesyn

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Gigabit over copper

GIGABIT SPEEDS USING ORDINARY CAT 5 CABLE are now possible, providing a tenfold increase in bandwidth between busy network switches. The FS518T Fast Ethernet Switch has copper Gigabit uplinks and allows client PCs to connect directly to the FS518T, which links via Gigabit connections to servers or another group of networked PCs on another FS518T/510T switch. The switch provides 1000 Mbps network speeds over standard Category 5 cables, alleviating the need for fiber-optic cabling. It has 16 10/100 Mbps autosensing ports for clients and two t00/1000 Mbps autosensing ports for uplinking at Gigabit speeds. Nonblocking performance on all ports provides the maximum capable throughput to eliminate network bottlenecks. The rackmountable switch has an easy three-step installation: plug it in, connect it to the Ethernet network and walk away.–NETGEAR

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Application switch

SWITCH FEATURES GIGABIT LOAD BALANCING to provide high availability, redundancy, scalability and performance. The Application Switch combines a hardware switch with advanced traffic-management software to ensure e-business sites are available 24 hours a day. Multiple ASICs provide wire-speed switching for the two Gigabit and eight FE ports. Included software features a powerful graphic user interface, and allows configuration of the switch to integrate with existing network topologies, including single- and dual-leg configurations or situations that connect servers directly to the switch. A nonblocking 9.6 Gigabit backplane provides ultrahigh capacity for application switching. The switch is packaged in a 1 U-sized box, and utilizes a RISC processor to provide the performance and scalability for current and future software enhancements.–Radware

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USB modem

EXTERNAL DSL MODEM offers a simple way to link to a high-bandwidth Internet connection. The Model 8110 BritePort DSL router features multi-ADSL support compliant with ITU-T G.DMT, G.Lite and ANSI T1.413 issue 2. It has a dual-mode interface that supports both 10BaseT Ethernet and one USB port. The simple installation allows the plug-and-play device to connect via a USB cable to any PC running Windows 98SE. The 8110 supports PPPoA, PPPoE, classical IP, bridging and routing for WAN installations. Software upgrades to the modem can be performed from the local PC or from the remote-equipment office. Routing features include network address translation, configurable PAP and CHAP authentication, port mapping and a DHCP server.–Digicom Systems

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ADSL modem

INTERNAL ADSL MODEM provides connectivity for small offices. The i200ADSL Modem supports connections at up to 8 Mbps downstream, and provides full G.lite compliance. The i200 supports all four ADSL data-encapsulation techniques, and has fast retrain for the services most frequently supplied to small offices. It is a plug-and-play PCI device that works with Windows 95/98/NT/2000, and does not use host CPU power. The i200 is designed to be compatible with virtually all telco manufacturers’ equipment.–Infinilink

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Gigabit backbone switch

BACKBONE SWITCH is designed for fast, fail-safe Ethernet ring connections. The MACH 3005 provides the connection between an enterprise backbone and Ethernet LAN segmerits. With room for five modules and a switching bandwidth of 40 Gbps, the switch supports up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet connections, or up to 160 Fast Ethernet ports. Each module operates independently, and can assume the functions of a failed module without a transition delay, providing operational redundancy without component redundancy. Traffic can be segmented and monitored to ensure authorized access to sensitive parts of the network. The connection density, switching performance and switching speed are extendable, providing flexibility when the network expands. Additional Layer 3 plus functions can be added, as well as wire-speed IP switching and other security features.–Hirschmann

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Dual-speed switch

REMOTELY MANAGE A HIGH-SPEED SWITCH to keep the network running smoothly. The SGX3224 Plus managed switch has the ability to extend to a Gigabit backbone, and features 24 independent segments and 10/100 Mbps autosensing ports. The dual-speed switch is designed for heavy traffic, using a 12K MAC address table, and providing a bandwidth of 4.8 Gbps. A built-in Web-management application provides easy remote management of the switch with any Web browser, including the status of each port. The switch also has built-in virtual LAN support, offering logical grouping of ports to provide security and minimize broadcast storms. The Gigabit uplink port allows connection distances over a fiber link up to 550 m.–Compex

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Stackable switches

GIGABIT UPLINK PORTS provide fast and reliable interconnection for enterprise networks. The Intel Express 530T and 535T Switches are scalable, Layer 2 devices that deliver up to 10.4 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth to expanding workgroups. The switches consist of stackable units for easy scalability. The 530T is a managed control switch consisting of 22 10/100 Mbps ports and two optional Gigabit uplinks. The 535T is a member switch with 24 10/100 Mbps ports. Up to three member switches can be linked to one control switch, providing a total of 94 10/100 Mbps autonegotiating ports of wire-speed, nonblocking performance in a stack. The switch stack can be configured and monitored remotely with Telnet, a Web browser or Intel Device View, using a single IP address. Standards-based network intelligence features allow traffic prioritization and VLAN support.–Intel

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High-speed alternative

HIGHLY SCALABLE ALTERNATIVE to existing specialized VoDSL gateways, in combination with a softswitch, provides a cost-effective broadband alternative to traditional Class 5 service delivery. The ICS2000 Release 2.0 receives asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)-based voice and data traffic originating from customer-located xDSL integrated access devices (lADs) via a DSLAM, and switches the voice calls to the PSTN or a broadband packet backbone network. The tCS2000 provides an alternative to three distinct products: an ATM switch for routing data traffic, a voice gateway for converting packet voice traffic into a time division multiplexed format, and a traditional Class 5 circuit switch for feature delivery. Support for industry-standard loop emulation service allows interoperability with all leading xDSL lADs. With new, high-performance DSP-based modules, the ICS2000 also offers a highly scalable and centralized architecture for touch-tone digit collection and tone generation, compression and echo cancellation, as well as high-density ATM AAL2 aggregation for efficient bandwidth utilization.–Convergent Networks

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Voice-enabled ADSL router

CONSOLIDATE DATA-ACCESS AND LONG-DISTANCE COSTS by sending voice traffic over an intranet. Cisco’s new 827-4V ADSL Router allows small offices and telecommuters to take advantage of the high bandwidth and affordability of DSL, while utilizing enhanced business functionality required for mission-critical applications. This voice-enabled model of the 827 is an H.323 standards-based, voiceover-IP gateway that delivers integrated toll-quality voice over DSL, enabling businesses to take advantage of e-commerce applications using a cost-effective access solution. The router enables multilayer prioritization of traffic and supports optimized voice compression at the application level. Quality-of-service features that can be offered with this router include per-virtual-circuit queuing, traffic management, class-based weighted fair queuing, PPP fragmentation and interleaving, policy-based routing, and weighted random early detection. Extended access lists provide firewall protection and business-class security to protect companies’ valuable information. Extensive interactive diagnostics and debug features simplify troubleshooting tasks.–Cisco

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24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch

DESIGNED FOR LARGE WORKGROUPS, the new 24-port switches from 3Com feature Gigabit Ethernet connections. The SuperStack II 3300TM switch offers Gigabit speed links over copper cabling to save costs on installing fiber cables. The SuperStack II 3300SM offers the same high-bandwidth connection via fiber-optic cables. Both switches have 24 10/100 Mbps autosensing ports, and feature advanced capabilities, including simple network management protocol, remote monitoring and Web-based management. The switches include a copy of Transcend Network Supervisor, and 90 days of telephone technical support and software updates, as well as a lifetime hardware repair/replacement agreement.–3Com

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