Latest cabling/wiring/power products

Latest cabling/wiring/power products – News Briefs

High-performance jack

SUPERIOR MODULAR PRODUCTS has produced a line of Category 5 Enhanced jacks that exceed the requirements of TIA/ EIA Category 5E. When used with Superior cables, the EFS jacks exceed the resultant channel proposed by EIA/TIA Category 6 requirements. The jack product family is designed using patented double-balanced compensation technology.–Superior Modular Products

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Handheld printer

FREE 12-PAGE BROCHURE presents Panduit’s Pan-Quik LS3E handheld printer, along with a full range of markers and labels for electrical applications. The versatile Pan-Quik printer creates clear identifications for wires, cables, bundles, components, bins, assets, and terminal blocks. For large cables or bundles, Panduit offers self-laminating cable marker holders which are useful as wraparound or flag markers. The clear overlaminate labels provide abrasion and chemical resistance. Right-to-know labels meet OSHA labeling needs. Marker strips reduce carrying costs and inventory concerns.–Panduit Corp.

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Fiber-splice protector

HEAT-SHRINKABLE SPLICE SLEEVE accommodates ribbon configurations used in fiber-optic networks. Raychem’s ribbon SMOUV enables installers to protect mass fusion splices on ribbons with two to 12 fibers. SMOUV features a clear plastic sleeve for inspection and a ceramic reinforcing rod. Raychem’s product has a low-temperature, hot-melt adhesive for mechanical strength, alignment, and sealing. Its installed nominal diameter is 2.4 mm. SMOUV is suited for acrylate-coated fibers of 250 microns and nylon secondary coated fibers of 900 microns.–Raychem Corp.

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Tuned cabling system

IMPROVE ETHERNET THROUGHPUT. Using an active network testing device, Prestolite Wire Corp. has determined 100Base-T network throughput can be degraded by CAT 5- or CAT 5E-compliant cabling and components. Prestolite maintains that 2% packet retransmission due to cabling problems can mean that 100Base-T runs at 4 Mbps. Its tuned cabling system, called TrueNet, avoids these problems and improves 100Base-T Ethernet throughput.–Prestolite Wire Corp.

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Termination box

FIBERDYNE HAS DEVELOPED its Studbox to replace single-gang and double-gang junction boxes used in office and residential terminations. The Studbox is utilized during new construction and provides proper bend radius of mixed media types including fiber, copper, and coaxial cable.–Fiberdyne Labs

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Fiber enclosure

SYSTEM INTEGRATORS AND USERS who need both wall and rackmount enclosure panels now have a single product to meet their requirements. Telect’s MultiApplication Wall/Rackmount Fiber Panel handles splice, patch, and distribution functions. The flexible Wall/Rackmount Fiber Panel manages up to 48 terminations while offering both patch and slice capabilities. Telect’s panels come with reversible rackmounting brackets for use in 19″ or 23″ racks and mount easily on walls through the back of the frame. The panels feature a solid black powder coat finish. Optional locks are available.–Telect, Inc.

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Connector kits

TERMINATING FIBER-OPTIC connectors requires adhesives, polishing film, and cleaners. Often the installer is forced to go to several distributors to find all these items. Fotec has been providing all these supplies as part of its “Fiber U” training program. Fotec’s Fiber U kits include standard ST- or SC-type connectors. Each kit includes enough connectors and supplies for 100 terminations. Both ST and SC multimode kits are available.–Fotec, Inc.

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