Encrypted extranets – Company Business and Marketing

Encrypted extranets – Company Business and Marketing – Brief Article

CyberTrust, a GTE Company, an enabler of secure extranets and e-commerce technology, has introduced Secure Extranets, an integrated, complete offering of products and professional services. Combining the strengths of a tested methodology, security architecture, hardware and software components, professional services, and key partners, CyberTrust’s end-to-end solution provides benefits to both business executives and IT managers by enabling companies to securely, confidently, and easily transact business, while saving valuable time and resources.

CyberTrust OmniRoot, a breakthrough in digital certificate distribution that enables companies to build brand identity and expand their service offerings, helps companies to develop on-line relationships and save IT costs. OmniRoot promotes interoperability by taking advantage of security features already installed in Netscape and Microsoft Web browsers and servers. OmniRoot also provides simplified use and distribution of digital certificates, the unique credentials that support data integrity and data confidentiality services for on-line business-to-business transactions.

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