Techies on parade: broadband enablers take over the shows – The Big Picture

When HBO confirmed in October that this year’s Western Show would be its last, it was confirming what most people already knew: The cable shows now belong to the techies.

Not long ago, the programmers ruled the big shows, throwing lavish parties, bringing celebrities to the exhibit floor and holding press conferences that attracted dozens of reporters. The parties are scaled back, the celebs are vanishing, and the Los Angeles Clippers win more times than the programmers meet the press.

What’s happened? Broadband has taken over. Much of the action is at the broadband booths, where cable operators, Silicon Valley denizens and the money people ogle the latest hardware and software — or at least try and figure it all out. To many people, all the interactive GUIs (graphic user interface.) all seem to look the same and pretty much run the same applications (e-commerce, Internet, VOD, e-mail, advertising, etc.), even as the interactive vendors explain in knowledgable but slightly superior tones how their product is the best.

This makes Cable World’s Broadband Handbook all the more indispensable this year. In years past, the trades would publish programmers handbooks — or at least guides to new, wannabe networks. Those have disappeared. Broadband is king, and since universal delivery and adoption of most of these services is still some time away, content is taking a back seat to technology and applications on the show floor. You’ll see some content at the cable networks’ booths, but, to take one content company, is not quite ready to exhibit at a cable show.

(One note on the Handbook: Pure play broadband content companies are absent because there are so many of them.)

Yet the scores of companies that will enable these broadband services, either through encryption, billing, integration, end-to end solutions, etc., are all over the place.

My theory as to why these booths are so popular is that many attendees — the technically challenged ones — have no idea what these companies do and drop by Mindport to figure out what its trade ads really mean.

As usual, we will concede that this listing is by no means a universal one. Anyone missing can e-mail us, and we’ll include them in the Handbook’s listing on our Web site. Also, production deadlines could have led to errors in the personnel section if executives left in recent weeks. Please e-mail us with any errors of omission or fact.

Looking at the list this year compared to a year ago, several things stick out.

First, some companies have disappeared as the natural evolution of any technology takes its victims. Liberate bought Morecom, OpenTV took over Spyglass, and many other smaller companies were similarly snapped up.

Strategist Stuart Lipson notes that companies are faced with “make or buy decisions.” As the businesses get more real and players deliver broader and deeper solutions, Lipson points out, they have to either produce the product themselves or acquire companies that have that capability.

Secondly, the broadband industry is still rather unformed. “There are so many vendors in search of a business,” says Gary Arlen, head of Arlen Communications. As the downfall of the Internet stocks have shown us, a good product doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a solid business model behind it.

The demand curve for all these services is also a moving target. There is a lot of money being bet that people will click on an icon to buy Regis’ tie. Those investments are reflected in the scores of companies listed in this Handbook.

Some of the individual companies are interesting by themselves. Several years ago few people thought Wink or Worldgate would still be around fighting the big guys. Surely Microsoft should have eaten WorldGate’s lunch by now, but Hal Krisbergh is playing all his cards in order to remain a relevant player.

Wink’s interactive advertising platform won a trial in Time Warner Cable’s New York City system but you would hardly know it by the level of promotion Time Warner is doing.

Familiar names crop up in new situations. Sharon Brown, formerly at TCI, is at OpenTV. Glenn Jones is running Jones Cyber Solutions. Robert Clasen, the former Comcast executive, is fighting for ICTV. Paul Sagan, formerly of Time Warner, is running Akamai. New times, new opportunities for everyone.

And there are the middleware companies. As one executive told a Cable World reporter, if you ask 10 people the definition of middleware, you’ll get 12 answers. It,s a browser; it’s the software that sits on top of the operating system; and on and on. The definition really does depend on which company you ask, since they have different theories on the best way to bring interactivity to the TV and what the consumer really wants.

Check out the companies on our list and tell us how many definitions you hear at the show. Just keep an eye out for the programmers: They are an endangered species at these shows.


1704 Automation Parkway

San Jose, Calif. 95131

Phone: 408-428-9500

Products: HomePortal[TM] 1500 Residential Gateway,

HomePortal[TM] 100, 2Wire PC Port, 2Wire DSL

Phoneline Filters.

Personnel: Brian L. Hinman, President/CEO;

George W. Laplante, CFO; Roy Johnson, VP-Marketing

and Business Development; Michael Hickerson,

VP-Sales; Pasquale Romano, VP-Engineering;

Brad Kayton, VP-2Wire Online.

Additional Information: 2Wire was founded in 1998

by Brian L. Hinman and several colleagues with a

vision to deliver the full benefits of broadband connectivity

to the home.


5400 Bayfront Place

Santa Clara, Calif. 95052

Phone: 408-326-5000 Fax: 408-326-5001

Products/Services: U.S. Robotics cable modems,

cable modem termination systems, switches,

routers, cardsets, network management, IP telephony

equipment, Internet access devices, remote

access equipment, network management software,

ISDN and DSL modems.

Personnel: Eric A Benhamou, Chairman/CEO;

Bruce Claflin, President/COO.


20400 Observation Drive

Germantown, Md. 20876-4023

Products: ATE (automated test equipment), CATV,

data test, digital broadcast, fiber optics, LAN Cable,

local loop, switching, systems & software, transmission

test, wireless.

Personnel: John Peeler, President/CEO; John

Ratliff, CFO.

Acquisitions: Cheetah Technologies.

Additional Information: Acterna, offering a wide

range of solutions that optimize communications

systems and networks, was formed by the May 23,

2000, merger of Wavetek Wandel Goltermann and

TTC, the communications test industry’s second

and third largest companies.

Corporate Parent: Acterna (formerly Dynatech).


1270 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2401

New York, N.Y. 10020

Phone: 212-217-1600

Products/Services: SpotOn; HyperTV.

Personnel: William Samuels, Chairman/CEO.

Recent Business Activities: Joint venture with

Liberty Media — LMC IATV.

Partner Companies: Liberty Media, Liberty Digital,

Motorola, Liberty Livewire.


12501 Whitewater Drive

Minnetonka, Minn. 55343

Phone: 952-938-8080

Products: Broadband access systems for video,

voice and data applications, including IP switches

for cable voice and data services: Homeworx telephony

transport systems for HFC plant, Homeworx

ISX Optical distribution nodes, RFWorx signal management,

fiber cable management system FiberGuide,

system integration services.

Personnel: William J. Cadogan, Chairman/President/CEO;

Robert E. Switz, SVP/CFO; Lynn J.

Davis, SVP/President-Broadband Connectivity

Group; Arun Sobti, SVP/President-Broadband

Access and Transport Group; Larry J. Ford,

SVP/President-Integrated Solutions Group.

Acquisitions: Broadband Access Systems.


16450 Via Esprillo

San Diego, Calif. 92127

Phone: 858-675-6490 Fax: 858-676-0704


Products/Services: Provides technology and service

packages to cable operators and traditional

Internet service providers. Manufacturer of set-top

boxes and cable modems.

Personnel: George Stathakis, President/CEO; Rick

LaPointe, VP/CFO; Al Pratt, VP/CTO; D. Colin Boyd,

VP-Sales & Marketing; William Kopenhaver, VP-Operations;

William Blakeley, VP-Engineering.

Partner Companies: LAPTV (programming distribution

in Latin America), Playboy TV Latin America

Channel (programming distribution), C-3D (3-D programming),

Mindport (digital migration solutions).

Deployments: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia,

India, Israel, Philippines, China, United States.


500 Technology Square

Cambridge, Mass. 02139

Phone: 617-250-3000

U.S. Toll Free: 877-4 AKAMAI (877-425-2624)

Fax: 617-250-3001

Products: Akamai provides businesses with dependable,

high-performance delivery of streaming

media, rich Web content and Internet applications

through services that are scalable, easily implemented

and easily managed.

Personnel: George Conrades, Chairman/CEO; Paul

Sagan, President; Tom Leighton, Chief Scientist;

Daniel Lewin, CTO; Peter Danzig, VP-Technology;

Avi Freedman, VP/Chief Network Architect.


1000 Colt Road

Piano, Texas 75075

Phone: 800-777-6804

Products/Services: Manufacturer of optical fibers,

data cables, radio frequency and mobile telephony

systems, energy cables, power accessories.

Personnel: Serge Tchuruk, Chairman/CEO; Jean-Pierre

Halbron, President/CFO; Krish Prabhu, COO

and CEO-Alcatel Americas.

Acquisition: Newbridge.


2380 Owen St.

Santa Clara, Calif. 95054

Products/Services: Alopa Networks provides integrated

software that accelerates the creation and

delivery of broadband services while managing the

quality of service.

Personnel: Prakash Bhalerao, President/CEO;

Vijaya Verma, VP-Engineering/Founder; Peter

Szalay, VP-Business Development.

Partner Companies: Portal Software, Oracle.

Deployments: ADC Telecommunications, Motorola.


3767 Alpha Way

Bellingham, Wash. 98226

Phone: 360-647-2360 Fax: 360-671-4936



Products/Services: Alpha Technologies is a worldleading

manufacturer of power conversion products.

Alpha’s product offering includes a complete line of

both AC & DC UPS systems, line conditioners, batteries

and accessories.

Personnel: Fred Kaiser, CEO/Chairman; Warren

Johnson, President/COO.

Deployments: Power system installations worldwide.

Additional Information: Widely used in cable television,

telecommunications and data networks worldwide,

Alpha products have earned a reputation for

reliability and performance.


100 Commerce Blvd.

Quakertown, Pa. 18951-2237

Phone: 215-538-8700 Toll Free: 800-248-9004

Fax: 215-538-8779

Products: Plant equipment monitoring devices,

monitoring control units, headend monitoring devices,

network monitoring software system.

Personnel: Keith Schneck, CFO; Joe Rocci, VP-Sales

and Marketing; Mike Quelly, VP-Hardware

Systems Engineering; Roger Jack, VP-Software

Engineering; Bob Addis, Manager Applications



260 Saulteaux Crescent

Winnipeg, MB R3J 3T2 Canada

Products/Services: We offer a full line of indoor

and outdoor transmitters, repeaters, receivers and

transceivers, providing complete system solutions

for voice, video & data, in digital or analog, with

multiple frequency plans and two-way capabilities.

In our continuing commitment to the improvement

of performance and reliability of our products, AML

Wireless Systems continues to generate the most

advanced technology in the industry. Our latest

advancement is the return-path transceiver line.

With this line of equipment, we offer our customers

the ability to generate additional revenue while using

their existing equipment.

Personnel: CEO — Gary Gist, Palomar Technological


Additional Information: AML Wireless Systems

is an innovative, leading-edge supplier of RF broadband

transmission systems. Since 1969, our products

have been spanning the globe, serving more

than 60 million subscribers with reliable, high-quality

signals. From system design to equipment installation,

AML Wireless Systems has the personnel and

expertise to meet all your wireless needs. As an

innovator in the design and manufacture of wireless

transmission systems, our technology continues to

set the standards for the industry. For serviceability,

our customers recognize we are second to none,

offering 24-hour technical assistance by our experienced

field technicians.


11450 Technology Circle

Duluth, Ga. 30097

Phone: 678-473-2000 Fax: 678-473-8182

Products/Services: Design, engineering, manufacturing,

materials management and integration of

products for HFC networks. Partner with Nortel

Networks in Arris Interactive joint venture.

Personnel: John Egan, Chairman; Robert J. Stanzione,


Additional Information: ANTEC is a global communications

technology company specializing in the

design and engineering of hybrid fiber/coaxial (HFC)

broadband networks. It is a leading developer, manufacturer

and supplier of optical transmission, construction,

rebuild and maintenance equipment for

cable system operators.


3871 Lakefield Drive

Suwanee, Ga. 30024

Phone: 770-622-8400

Products/Services: Headend Equipment, Host

Digital Terminal, Indoor Voice Port, Multi-Line Voice

Port, Four-Line Voice Port, Two-Line Voice Port,

Universal Access Port. Subscription Services,

Methods & Procedures, Engineering Services.

Personnel: Oscar Rodriguez, COO.

Additional Information: Joint venture of Antec and

Nortel Networks.


237 Cedar Hill St.

Marlborough, Mass. 01752

Phone: 508-303-8200 Fax: 508-303-8197

Toll Free: 800-225-0228


Products/Services: CrossStream — ATM Video Access

Multiplexer for transport of MPEG video over

ATM networks at 155 Mbps OC-3 speeds. Applications

include cable television remote headend

trunking, transport of video-on-demand services

and rich media applications. DigiLink — Single and

multi-channel baseband, DVB-ASI and QAM fiberoptic

transport of video to distances over 120 Km.

MegaWav — Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer

(DWDM) for increasing fiber-optic bandwidth.

Personnel: Hal Charnley, President/CEO.

Recent Business Activities: Supplied the Sydney

Olympics with video transport from all sports venues

to the Olympic broadcasting center in Sydney.

Partner Companies: OEM partnership with Lucent

Technologies. Customers include all RBOCs and

many international telecom companies.

Deployments: Video transport for the Republican

National Convention and Super Bowl.


2nd Floor, No. 2, Lane 497

Chung-cheng Road

Hsin-Tien, Taipei 23136

Phone: 2-2218-3894 Fax: 2-2218-2845

Products/Services: Cable, ADSL and ISDN

modems, routers, videophones, VGA-to-TV box,

MagicTView interface for PCs.

Personnel: Robert Lin, President/CEO.


33 Commerce Valley Drive East

Thornhill, Ont. L3T 7N6 Canada

Phone: 905-882-2600 Fax: 905-882-2620

Products/Services: TV tuner cards, graphics accelerators,

ATV VideoWonder allows for digital VCR

functionality with PCs.

Personnel: K.Y. Ho, Chairman/CEO; Dave Orton,



4100 East Dry Creek Road

Littleton, Colo. 60122

Fax: 303-486-3951

Products: HITS cable system receives digitally

compressed programming designed to make the

most efficient use of existing and future bandwidth.


3240 Town Point Drive

Kennesaw, Ga. 30144

Phone: 770-590-3600 Fax: 770-590-3610

Toll Free: 800-992-5016

e-mail: systems

Products: Cable TV headends, digital trunking,

monitoring and management, broadcast monitoring,

TV contribution, TV distribution, audio networking.

Analog & digital signal processing equipment for

HEs, MPEG-2 compression equipment for distribution,

digital transmission systems, ROSA management

system, complete headend automation,

advanced network monitoring & management.

Personnel: Danny Claeys, President.


522 East Howard St.

Hibbing, Minn. 55746

Phone: 218-262-0001

Products/Services: Provides Internet connection

services for operators. Bridge Interactive TV provides

real-time two-way data and video services to

advanced digital set-tops, including VOD, video

telephony and an interactive screen guide.

Personnel: Frank C. Befera, President/CEO/

Founder; Jarel Pittman, CTO.

Additional Information: Befera Interactive Cablenet

provides complete end-to-end digital turnkey solutions

for cable systems from upgrade construction

to residential and business use of the company’s

outgoing services. Complete marketing services are

also provided to ensure successful implementation

of the cable operator’s business plan.


19748 Dearborn St.

Chatsworth, Calif. 91311

Phone: 818-773-9600 Fax: 818-773-9619

Products/Services: Smart One Cable Modems,

DSL modems, home networking products, Internet

access devices, remote access equipment, IP telephony


Personnel: Bruce Zaman, CEO/President; Paul

Goldberg, VP-Sales & Marketing; Mahesh Soni, Director-Broadband;

Mort Parto; Director-Engineering

Partner Companies: Equipment: Conexant (ICs),

AMD (ICs), Intel (ICs) and BroadJump. Deployment:

Cox Communications, AT&T Broadband



One Jake Brown Road

Old Bridge, N.J. 08857

Phone: 732-679-4000 Fax: 732-679-4353

Products/Services: Produces CATV products, including

commercial satellite IRDs, modulators, processors,

SLIU interdiction equipment, fiber optics,

microwave, DPC link and 2GHz distribution equipment,

QQQT QAM Transcoder and Commercial

Quad QPSK/QAM Transcoder headend products.

Personnel: James A Luksch, President/CEO.


8 Technology Drive

Westborough, Mass. 01581

Phone: 508-366-8833 Fax: 508-836-2677

Products/Services: Broadband access systems

for video, voice and data applications, including IP

switches for cable voice and data services.

Personnel: Dave Paolino, CEO.


3550 General Atomics Court, Building 15

San Diego, Calif. 92121

Phone: 858-713-8500 Fax: 858-713-8555

Products: CATV upconverters, OmniBand[TM] Broadband

Descrambler, Benchtop Multicarrier Generator.

Personnel: Stephen U. Stuut, President/CEO.


16215 Alton Parkway, Box 57013

Irvine, Calif. 92619

Phone: 949-450-8700 Fax: 949-450-8710

Products: High-speed communications and MPEG

video/audio devices, high-speed data transmission

and media access control devices, 10/100/1000

BASE-T Ethernet transceivers and switches, 10

Mbps HPNA InsideLine technology, voice-over-IP

technology, RF CMOS tuners, receivers and MPEG

video/audio devices, broadband twisted-pair transceivers,

high-speed gigabit transceivers, CMOS RF

wireless technologies, communications processors.

Personnel: Henry T. Nicholas III, Ph.D, President/

CEO; Henry Samueli, Ph.D, CTO/VP-Research and

Development; William J. Ruehle, VP/CFO; Tim M.

Lindenfelser, VP/GM Broadband Communications

Business Unit; Martin Colombatto, VP/GM High-Speed

Networking Business Unit; Vinod K. Dham,

VP/GM Carrier Access Business Unit.

Partner Companies: Customer relationships with

3Com, Nortel-Bay, Cisco Systems, Motorola/

General Instrument and Scientific-Atlanta.


9715 Burnet Road, Building 6, Suite 500

Austin, Texas 78758

Phone: 512-908-1609

Products/Services: The Broad Jump Virtual Truck

family consists of software solutions that pre-qualify

the subscriber’s PC or Macintosh by configuring the

operating system (OS), performing connectivity tests

and providing reporting features that substantially

reduce the mean time and expense to install a new

broadband subscriber. The Virtual Truck family is

comprised of Virtual Truck Qualifier and Virtual Truck

Installer. BroadJump’s Virtual Truck Qualifier can

either be distributed via CD-ROM or Web-based

download to determine if the potential subscriber’s

PC or Macintosh meets the minimum requirements

for broadband connectivity. If the computer passes,

Virtual Truck Qualifier automatically launches the

consumer into the next step of the broadband installation

process according to the service provider’s

specific business model for broadband distribution.

If the consumer’s system does not meet the

minimum requirements, the consumer will be alerted

to the necessary changes needed to make to enable

a broadband connection. BroadJump’s Virtual

Truck Installer is customizable software that automatically

configures the subscriber’s desktop to

support broadband access. Virtual Truck Installer

tests connectivity to hardware, e-mail, news and

content delivery services. The software also captures

subscriber profile information that can be accessed

for future operational support by the access

provider. Virtual Truck Installer is used by the following

broadband access providers: Time Warner:

Deployed as Road Runner Connect; Sprint: Deployed

as part of Sprint’s FastConnect Self-Installation

Kit; AT&T Road Runner. BroadJump CorrectConnect[TM]:

BroadJump’s CorrectConnect is customizable

software that monitors, tests, repairs and

provides help functions for broadband connections

and the subscriber’s CPE. It enables providers to

reduce subscriber support calls to the help desk,

minimize the time needed to resolve the subscriber’s

technical issues, provide comprehensive reporting

and administration functionality, while increasing

subscriber satisfaction with the broadband experience.

CorrectConnect is being deployed by Road

Runner as Road Runner Medic.

Personnel: Kip McClanahan, Founding Partner/

President/CEO; Kenny Van Zant, Founding Partner/

COO; Jim Crow, Founding Partner/CTO; Adam

Chibib, Founding Partner/CFO.

Recent Business Activities: Time Warner purchases

1 million licenses of BroadJump’s Virtual

Installer, Sprint selects Broad Jump solution to offer

self-installation of residential broadband service,

Road Runner is deploying BroadJump’s CorrectConnect,

customized as Road Runner Medic.

Partner Companies: Portal Software, 3Com.

Deployments: Time Warner, AT&T Road Runner,

Road Runner, Sprint.


(formerly Broadband Access Systems)

188 Topaz St.

Milpitas, Calif. 95035

Phone: 408-719-5100 Fax: 408-262-1390


Products: DSL modem, Gateway Router and Integrated

Access Devices.

Personnel: Patrick Ang, CEO/President; Tang Kee

Fei, CFO; Jim Lo, VP-Engineering; Joseph Choghi,

Chief Architect; Raj Johal, VP-Sales and Marketing;

John Jeng, VP-Operations.


3427 W. Lomita Blvd.

Torrance, Calif. 90505-5010

Phone: 702-363-5660 Fax: 702-363-2960

Products/Services: Point-to-Point Microwave Links

for multi-channel applications and Point-to-Multipoint

Wireless Access Systems (including LMDS,

LMCS and MMDS) at frequencies from 2 to 42 GHz.

Broadband analog and digital transmitters, receivers,

repeaters and transceivers.

Personnel: Francisco J. Bernues, President; Norman

F. Woods, VP.

Deployments: Cable AML wireless solutions are in

27 countries around the world.

Additional Information: Cable AML is a global provider

of Point-to-Point Microwave Links for multichannel

applications and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless

Access Systems (including LMDS, LMCS and

MMDS) at frequencies from 2 to 42 GHz. The company’s

products include four families of Broadband

Wireless Access Systems, as well as broadband

analog and digital transmitters, receivers, repeaters

and transceivers. Cable AML has a proven capability

of designing and implementing systems optimized to

fit local infrastructure and frequency regulations.


25 Burlington Mall Road

Burlington, Mass. 01803

Phone: 781-270-5115 Fax: 781-270-6997

Toll Free: 1-800-270-5115


Products/Services: Interactive TV software providing

customized local information channels, including

weather, sports, traffic, classifieds, entertainment

listings, schools, community, restaurants.

Personnel: Sonia Khademi, president/CEO.


35 Industrial Way

Rochester, N.H. 03867

Phone: 602-332-9400

Products/Services: Routers, switches, networking

solutions, remote access, voice-over-IP services.

Personnel: Piyush Patel, Chairman/CEO; David

Kirkpatrick, EVP-Finance; Eric Jaeger, EVP-Corporate


Additional Information: Cabletron Systems is a

holding company for Enterasys Networks, Riverstone

Networks, GlobalNetwork Technology Services

(GNTS) and Aprisma Management Technologies.


4343 Commerce Court

Lisle, Ill. 60532

Phone: 630-955-9840 Fax: 630-955-9870


Products: Carrier-class Cable Modem Termination

Systems (CMTS).

Personnel: Venkata C. Majeti, President/CEO;

Thomas J. Cloonan, Architect/CTO; Daniel W.

Hickey, VP-Engineering; Gregory A. Nemec, VP-Operations;

Gene Rosendale, VP-Marketing and

Product Management.

Additional information: The Cadant C4 CMTS is a

new architecture that uniquely combines the support

of DOCSIS 1.1 and the high-performance and

high-availability features historically found only in

true carrier systems such as Class 4 toll-switching

equipment. Cadant combined the talents and experience

of senior developers of carrier-class, terabit

IP switches and routers with pioneers in digital and

RF cable equipment to produce a new generation of

CMTS that deliver capabilities that meet or exceed

DOCSIS 1.1 requirements. The Cadant C4 CMTS

offers MSOs the ability to efficiently provide numerous

superior value-added services to subscribers.


20230 Stevens Creek Blvd.

Cupertino, Calif. 95014

Phone: 408-961-4000 Fax: 408-961-4001

Products/Services: Media-Guard and MediaHighway

software applications for interactive set-top boxes.

Personnel: Jean-Marie Racine, CEO.

Deployments: MediaOne, Canal Plus (France).

Partner Companies: Concurrent, Harmonic, Lysis,

Philips, SeaChange, Tandberg, Thomson Broadcast

Systems, Wink. Set-top box licensees: Anam, Asia

Digital Broadcast, ChangHong, Echostar, Grundig,

Hitachi, Humax, Italtel, JVC, Kenwood, Micronik,

Nokia, Orient Power Video, Pace, Panasonic,

Philips, Pioneer, Sagem, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony,

Tatung, Thomson Multimedia, Toshiba, TV/Com,

XCom, Zinwell.


60 Decibel Road

State College, Pa. 16801

Phone: 814-238-2461 Fax: 814-238-4065

Products/Services: Network electronics supplier

including RF amplifiers, AM fiber optic transmission

equipment, HFC distribution products and services,

including network design, activation, optimization,

management and maintenance for video, high

speed data and telephony applications.

Personnel: David A. Woodle, President/CEO.


1873 Barber Lane

Milpitas, Calif. 95035

Phone: 408-944-6300 Fax: 408-490-8590

Products/Services: Video encoding and decoding

systems, Avia TV interactive television platform.

Personnel: Judy Armstrong, VP-Corporate Services/

CIO; Howard Bailey, CFO; Fred Brown, VP-Worldwide

Sales; Patrick Henry, VP-Marketing & Corporate Development;

Didier LeGall, CTO/VP-Research and Development;

Saeid Moshkelani, VP-Engineering & Operations;

Korhan Titizer, VP-Mixed Signal Design;

Feng-Ming Wang, VP-Home Media Division.

Partner Companies: Sony, Toshiba, General Instrument,

Philips, JVC, Panasonic, Scientific-Atlanta,

RCA, Pace, Microsoft (Windows CE set-top software),


Deployments: DirecTV, Bell Atlantic, Time Warner

Cable (New York), Kirch Group, Cable & Wireless,

NTL, TeleWest.

Corporate Parent: Harmonic.


122 Perimeter Park Drive

Knoxville, Tenn. 37922

Phone: 865-539-5300 Fax: 865-539-3502


Products/Services: The T 6000 digital set-top box,

CTL 9500 Digital Video Server.

Personnel: Ken Van Meter, President/CEO.

Partner Companies: Encoders from InnovaCom

and Minerva Systems, digital headend equipment

from DiviCom, ATM switches from Marconi (formerly

Fore Systems), Digital studio equipment from CEI,

home energy management software through our

joint venture with Battelle Laboratories, Network

equipment from Cisco Systems.


170 W. Tasman Drive

San Jose, Calif. 95134

Phone: 408-526-4000 Fax: 408-526-4100

Products/Services: Provides Internet networking

equipment, including routers, IP switches, telco return

and VoIP gateway servers, and headend equipment

(CMTS and INA equipment) for voice-over-IP service,

provisioning middleware, netflow management solutions,

WebCache Engine, switch controllers.

Personnel: John Chambers, President/CEO;

Larry Carter, CFO; Gary Daichendt, EVP-Worldwide


Acquisitions: Vovida Networks, IPCell Technologies,

PixStream, IPmobile, NuSpeed Internet Systems,

Komodo Technology, Netiverse, HyNEX,

Qeyton Systems.


700 Chesapeake Drive

Redwood City, Calif. 94063

Phone: 650-306-7511 Fax: 650-306-7512

Products: Voice- and fax-over-IP solutions: Clarent

Roaming Server, Clarent Gatekeeper, Clarent Applications

Server, Clarent ThroughPacket.

Personnel: Jerry Chang, CEO/President/Co-Founder;

Mike Vargo, CTO/Co-Founder.


1375 Remington Road

Schaumburg, Ill. 60173

Products/Services: Privately held and based in

Schaumburg, Ill., ClearBand is the only technology

company using existing cable networks to deliver

branded programming to cable connected PCs.

Clearband technology does not stream video over

the Internet; Clearband technology delivers high-quality

video over private networks for exceptional

images on a PC.

Personnel: Donald F. Flynn, Chairman of the Board;

Brian J. Flynn, Co-Chairman of the Board; Patrick

Daleiden, President/CEO; Joseph Gaucher, CTO;

Joseph M. Hawayek, COO; Kirk J. Bloede, VP-Business


Partner Companies: Chello Broadband, Industree

B.V., (The Netherlands), Rogers Communications

(Canada), Ellacoya, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard,

Intel, Northpoint, Sun Microsystems, Request

DSL (Australia), GE Americom, and River Delta


Deployments: Waalre, U.K.


1220 Oak Industrial Lane, Suite B

Cumming, Ga. 30041

Phone: 678-513-6109


Products: Modems.

Personnel: Jack Terry, Founder/Chairman/President/CTO;

Glen Lang, Founder/VP-Business Development;

Tom Mitchell, Founder/COO; Jeff Hales,

Founder/VP-Research & Development.

Additional Information: The low-cost way to provide

high-speed Internet access to guests and tenants

using a building’s existing coaxial TV cable.


750 Tasman Drive

Milpitas, Calif. 95035

Phone: 408-953-9100 Fax: 408-953-9299

Products/Services: Com21 manufactures DOCSIS-,

DVB- and ATM-based products.

Personnel: President/CEO — Craig Soderquist; CFO

— Dave Robertson; VP-Marketing — Lief Koepsel;

VP-North American Sales — Mike Misheff.

Recent Business Activities: Acquisition of BitCom

of Maryland and GADLine of Israel.

Partner Companies: Philips, Siemens, Tut Systems.

Deployments: Charter Communications, Cox (Las

Vegas, Chicago), AT&T Broadband, HSA, Comcast,

TimeWarner, Cablevision TCI Intl. (Argentina), NV

Enco (Netherlands), Cablecom Holding (Switzerland),

France Telecom, UPC (Europe).


325 Wood Road

Braintree, Mass. 02189

Products/Services: Complete transaction processing

network that provides polling, request for coupons

and information, sports and weather statistics and

news, purchases and more to cable subscribers.

Personnel: Matt Kay, CEO.

Investors: OpenTV, Insight Communications, Citicorp,

New England Partners, Westfield Capital, Private

Equity Finance and Sandier Capital Management.

Partner Companies: OpenTV, Scientific Atlanta,

Liberate, Insight Communications.

Deployments: Insight Communications and

Susquehanna Communications, fourth quarter 2000.


1375 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd., Box 1729

Hickory, N.C. 28603

Phone: 800-982-1708 Fax: 828-328-3400

Products/Services: Coaxial cable, fiber optic cable

and conduit for cable operators, including digital upgrade

cable, power and fiber feeders and drop cables.

Personnel: Frank Drendel, Chairman/CEO; Brian

Garrett, President/COO.


4375 River Green Parkway

Duluth, Ga. 30096

Products/Services: High-performance computer

systems, software and servers for the digital Video-On-Demand

(VOD) marketplace. Concurrent’s VOD

solution includes the MediaHawk Video Server and

Broadband VOD BackOffice Software Suite — developed

in conjunction with partner PRASARA Technologies

— which is a comprehensive system encompassing

a broadband VOD business management

system (BMS) and network operations center

(NOC) management tools. The MediaHawk Video

Server is a high-performance, scalable digital video

server that supports MPEG2 transport streams over

QAM RF, DVB-ASI, ATM/OC3c and 100BaseT Ethernet

networks. A multiplatform solution, compatible

with virtually all deployed digital set-top boxes

worldwide, Concurrent’s VOD system offers industry-leading

performance and provides the most reliable

response time achievable in the worldwide marketplace

today. Concurrent integrates the MediaHawk

Video Server and BackOffice Software Suite with

digital headend equipment, conditional access technologies,

digital set-top boxes, electronic program

guides, VOD client software and interactive digital

applications from the industry’s leading suppliers.

Personnel: Morton Handel, Chairman of the Board;

Steve Nussrallah, CEO/President; Jack A. Bryant,

President, XSTREME Division; Daniel S. Dunleavy,

President, Real-Time Division; Del Kunert, VP-Marketing,

XSTREME Division; David S. Morales,

VP-International Sales & Operations, XSTREME

Division; David M. Nicholas, VP-Sales, XSTREME

Division; Steve Norton, EVP/CFO.

Recent Business Activities: Concurrent acquired

rival VOD provider Vivid Technology (October 1999).

This acquisition enabled Concurrent to offer customers

the broadest VOD product offering. Concurrent

is a multiplatform supplier, compatible with

Scientific-Atlanta, Motorola, Sony, Pioneer and

Pace, with BackOffice Software.

Partner Companies: Scientific-Atlanta, Motorola,

Pioneer Digital Technologies, Canal+, WorldGate,

Optibase, Alcatel, Singtel Aeradio, SAFARI Technologies,

Campus Televideo, NDS, Nagra Vision,

and TVN Entertainment.

Deployments: Time Warner Cable — Tampa Bay,

Time Warner Cable — Oceanic, Cox — San Diego,

Cox — Phoenix, Comcast (in trials). Overseas, Concurrent

operates in 32 countries worldwide, providing

sales and support from offices throughout North

America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Additional Information: The company’s XSTREME

Division is a premier supplier in the emerging digital

video server marketplace. A veteran technology

company with 33 years experience in providing mission-critical,

real-time computer solutions, Concurrent

has introduced the fault-tolerance of real-time

computers to the VOD market. This market includes

the broadband/cable, corporate training, education,

hospitality and in-flight entertainment industries.


4311 Jamboree Road, Box C

Newport Beach, Calif. 92658-8902

Phone: 949-483-4600 Fax: 949-483-4078

Products/Services: Integrated circuits for cable

modems and other broadband applications; integrated

circuits for voice over IP.

Personnel: Dwight Decker, Chairman/CEO; Balakrishnan

(“Bala”) S. Iyer, SVP/CFO; Ashwin Rangan,

SVP/CIO; Dennis E. O’Reilly, SVP/General Counsel;

Moiz Beguwala, SVP/GM-Wireless Communications

Division; F. Matthew Rhodes, SVP/GM-Personal

Computing Division; Kevin V. Strong, SVP/GM-Personal

Imaging Division; Raouf Y. Halim, SVP/GM-Network

Access Division; Daniel A. Marotta,

VP/GM-Digital Infotainment Division; James Spoto,

SVP-Platform Technologies Group.

Recent Business Activities: In January 2000, Conexant

announced the acquisition of Microcosm Communications,

based in Bristol, United Kingdom, a

leading supplier of high-speed integrated circuits for

fiber optic communications. Also in January, Conexant

announced the acquisition of the wireless

broadband business unit of Oak Technology, located

in Bristol, United Kingdom. The organization was

responsible for the algorithms, architecture and systems

engineering expertise for the world’s first single-chip

2K/8K coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing

(COFDM) demodulator/decoder, the OTI-7000.

In April 2000, Conexant announced an agreement

to acquire Philsar Semiconductor of Ottawa,

Ontario, Canada. Philsar is a privately held, leading

developer of RF semiconductor solutions for personal

wireless connectivity, including emerging standards

such as Bluetooth and RF components for 3G digital

cellular handsets. Also in April, Conexant announced

its acquisition of Applied Telecom of Lisle, Ill. Applied

Telecom is a leading supplier of telecommunications

software and hardware products to the industry’s top

communications equipment companies.


600 Vine St.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Phone: 800-344-3000

Products/Services: Convergys’ Integrated Communications

Operations Management System

(ICOMS) incorporates the power and flexibility of our

industry-proven cable television subscriber management

system with the market-leading integrated support

of high-speed data and wireline telephony to

provide a convergent solution uniquely designed to

meet your subscriber, billing and operations management

requirements. From this robust and marketproven

combination emerges an expansive business

solution for global cable and broadband operators.

Personnel: Chairman/President/CEO: James F. Orr;

Chief Development Officer: David F. Dougherty;

President Cable/Broadband Solutions: George E.

Vonderhaar; SVP-Sales: Robert A. Lento; DirectorCable/Broadband

Marketing: Curt Champion.

Deployments: Convergys serves a broad spectrum

of communications providers, including cable TV,

broadband, direct broadcast satellite (DBS), high

speed data and cable-telephony voice operations

for both residential and business telephony. Clients

include Cox Communications, Comcast,

Time Warner and Telewest.


(formerly Siecor)

800 17th St., N.W.

Hickory, N.C. 28603

Phone: 828-327-5000

Products: Tip-to-tip fiber optic and copper product

solutions for customers’ cabling networks, including:

optical fiber cables for aerial, duct, buried, road,

rail, power, sewer and submarine applications; private

networks solutions that include fiber optic and

copper data cables, fiber optic connectors and

related hardware; cable hardware and equipment,

including network interface devices, test equipment,

splice equipment, cable assemblies and fiber optic

connectors; and network services that include network

design, project management, installation and

maintenance, and training programs.

Personnel: Sandy Lyons, President/CEO.


7887 E. Belleview Ave., Suite 1000

Englewood, Colo. 80111

Phone: 303-804-4000 Fax: 303-796-3961

Products/Services: Customer care, management

and billing solutions for the broadband industry.

Personnel: Chairman/CEO: Neal Hansen;

President/COO: Jack Pogge; SVP/CFO: Ed Nafus.

Partner Companies: IBM, Cisco Systems.

Deployments: AT&T BIS, Time Warner, MediaOne,

Echostar, FrontierVision, Falcon Cable, Cablevision



1376 Bordeaux Drive

Sunnyvale, Calif. 94089

Phone: 650-691-1540 Fax: 650-691-7825


Products/Services: Provider of turnkey video-on-demand

services to broadband network operators,

including content aggregation, portal solutions,

technological integration and VOD service operations

and maintenance.

Personnel: President/CEO: Richard Hercules;

Chairman: Rajiv Jaluria; SVP-Sales: Robert Zimmerman;

VP-Product and Business Devel.: Larry

Coleman; VP-Software and Platform Devel.: Y.P.

Chen; VP-Affil. and Cons. Mktg: Cheryl Koll; VP-Corp.

Devel.: Susan Marr; VP-Content Acquisition:

Paul McKellips; VP-Prog. and New Media Devel.:

Brian Stevenson

Partner Companies: Acer (set-tops), Boca Research

(set-tops), Harmonic (headends, transport),

nCube (video servers), Net For All (interactive TV services),

Oracle (database support), Uniview (set-tops),

Viagate (VDSL infrastructure). Content partners:

Thousands of hours from major Hollywood and independent

movie studios, television production companies,

television network productions and others.

Deployments: Seren Innovations (St. Cloud, Minn.;

Contra Costa County, Calif.); Knology (Panama

City, Fla.)


Parsippany, N.J.

Phone: 800-755-4444 or 973-993-3030

Fax: 973-993-3093


Products: Voice, fax, and speech technologies,

telephone/IP network interfaces, PBX integration

products and more. Open CT server software products,

diagnostic and administration tools.

Personnel: Howard Bubb, President; Bill Warner,

EVP-Signal Computing Products; Chuck House,

EVP-Core Systems Development; Gary Marks, VP-Marketing.

Recent Business Activities: Acquisitions of Voice

Technologies Group, (VTG); Parity.

Corporate Parent: Intel.

Additional Information: Dialogic recently founded

the CT Media Value Network, a collaborative community

of companies that provide application software,

technology resources, platforms, peripherals,

services and channel delivery for CT servers based

on Dialogic CT Media server software.


12131 113th Ave. NE, Suite 203

Kirkland, Wash. 98034

Phone: 425-825-4400 Fax: 425-825-4423


Products/Services: Digeo Broadband is a Wired

World[TM] company founded in 1999 with investments

from Vulcan Ventures and Charter Communications.

Through its strategic alliance with these investors,

Digeo is dedicated to empowering the nation’s

cable operators to take the lead in interactive television

and other broadband services. Digeo’s Interactive

TV and Portal services are expected to be

available via broadband to millions of customers

through its existing arrangements with some of the

nation’s leading MSOs.

Personnel: James A. Billmaier, CEO.

Investors: Vulcan Ventures and Charter



236 West 26th St., 12W Penthouse

New York, N.Y. 10001

Phone: 212-741-6511 Fax: 212-633-7314

Products/Services: DIRECTRIX offers a number of

services, including digital video playback and uplink,

satellite space segments, digital video archiving and

trafficking, video Internet streaming, digital ad insertion

and digital archiving and distribution for VOD

(Video-on-Demand) platforms.

Personnel: J. Roger Faherty, Chairman/CEO.

Additional Information: DIRECTRIX is a digital

video asset management company providing all the

technical services required to create, support and

deliver digital video programming and data services

from its advanced digital network facility.


800 Saginaw Drive

Redwood City, Calif. 94063

Phone: 650-779-3000 Fax: 650-779-3099

Products/Services: DIVA System Manager, a

robust software application that directs the activities

of DIVA’s Video Server, Digital Link, and your set-top

box to effect optimal performance. The DIVA System

Manager interfaces seamlessly with third party

components — billing systems, for example — to

provide a total software solution for delivery of on-demand

television services of any kind. The DIVA

Digital Link, housed in a standard CompactPCI

chassis, converts the optical output of the server to

the RF frequencies required by your cable plant. It

provides a modular and cost-effective solution to

the plant integration challenges posed by the introduction

of VOD.

Personnel: Hendrik A. `Henk’ Hanselaar,



11020 Sun Center Drive

Rancho Cordova, Calif. 95670

Toll Free: 877-878-2112


Products/Services: Provide innovative customer

management and open billing solutions to the global

communications and utility industries.

Personnel: Mike McGrail, President; Alan Foreman,

EVP-Operations; Mike Frampton, SVP-Worldwide

Sales; Bob McKenzie, SVP-Marketing.

Partner Companies: DIVA, Bull, AP Engines.

Corporate Parent: DST Systems.


8265 St-Michel Blvd.

Montreal, Quebec H1Z 3E4 Canada

Phone: 800-461-3344 or 514-374-6335


Products/Services: The Electroline Addressable

System offers cable operators several advantages.

Among its various capabilities, it is primarily used to

instantly connect or disconnect subscribers and to

remotely manage subscriber services. The CLEAR-Path

Ingress Management Solution has changed the

process for detecting and locating ingress. This fully

integrated technology solution continuously monitors

the return band to detect and locate ingress

within minutes. The Complete Line of Drop

Amplifiers — As the world’s first company to offer a

gallium arsenide (GaAs) drop amplifier technology

with an ultra-low 3dB noise figure, Electroline took

on a leading role from the start. Line Passives — Electroline

also manufactures a wide variety of passive

CATV devices for cable service providers, such

as splitters, multitaps, wall taps, directional couplers,

power inserters, equalizers and filters.

Personnel: John Vincent, President/CEO; Raymond

Cadieux, VP-Engineering; Paul Cyr, VP-Procurement;

Anne C. Desbiens, VP-Human Resources;

Marcel Dube, Director-Quality Assurance; Jean-Luc

Gelinas, VP-Sales; Luc Olivier, Director-Finance and

Information Systems; Michel Plouffe, VP-Marketing;

Alain Servant, VP-Production.

Recent Business Activities: Electroline and TRILITHIC

of Indianapolis formed a partnership to

develop effective technology solutions for a range of

return path management and control applications.

Partner Companies: TVC, Avantron Technologies,

Comsource Broadband Technologies, Incospec

Communications, K&D Industries, Mil-Sted.


2130 Gold St., Suite 200

San Jose, Calif. 95002

Products/Services: Building on the open standard

digital video and Internet technology, EnReach develops

a set of EnReachTV[TM] solutions to deliver

enhanced interactive television services to the

home. The company develops software and provides

technology to consumer electronics manufacturers,

cable and satellite operators, ISPs, broadband

service providers, telcos and content providers.

The product line includes EnReach TV1[TM],

EnReach TV2[TM], EnReach TV3[TM].

Personnel: Bo Wu, President/CEO; Marc E. Faerber,

VP-Finance; David Cong, VP-Product Marketing and

Business Development; Eric Li, VP-Sales; Al DiNoble,

VP-Business Development and Media.

Partner Companies: Platform: Allwell, Malata,

Chevalier, Zinwell, TCL, I.A.T. Chip Set & System:

AMD, Broadcom, IBM, LSI Logic, ESS, National

Seminconductor, LuxSonor Semiconductors,

Philips, TeraLogic, Zoran, Stream Machine, Seagate,

Quantum. Infrastructure: Infovalue. OEM Manufacturing:


Deployments: Today the EnReach TV1[TM] software

is embedded in more than 22 million VCD/SVCD/

DVD players and is the format of choice for viewing

movies at home in China and other parts of Asia.

Additional Information: EnReach Technology, a privately

held, venture capital-funded software company,

is a leading provider of the end-to-end enhanced

television software solutions for OEMs, service providers

and content providers. Building on the open

video and Internet standards, EnReach develops a

set of the EnReachTV[TM] solutions to deliver enhanced

interactive television services to the home.

EnreachTV provides the platform for EnReachTV

services such as Enhanced TV, Internet Channel,

Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Time-shifting, Web

Browsing, E-mail, and Streaming applications. The

easy deployment of services enabled by the EnReachTV

open platform and open services technology

is increasing the proliferation of interactive content

and service availability. Headquartered in Silicon

Valley, the company has offices in Beijing,

China and Toronto, Canada.


740 East Campbell Road

Richardson, Texas 75081

Products/Services: MINI-LINK[TM] BAS (Broadband

Access System), Wireless LAN, Cable Modems,

DSL Modems, DSL Infrastructure, Switches, Routers,

IP Telephony Equipment, Wireless Internet

Appliances, Bluetooth Transceivers, Mobile Phones,

Mobile Systems, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, 3G, Fixed

Wireless Broadband Access.

Personnel: Per-Arne Sandstrom, President/CEO,

Ericsson; Bjorn Krylander, VP/GM Home


Recent Business Activities: Ericsson and Microsoft

have launched Ericsson Microsoft Mobile

Venture AB. This previously announced joint company

will drive the mobile Internet by developing and

marketing mobile e-mail solutions for operators. The

first solutions will be on the market by the end of

the year. The company is part of a broader strategic

alliance between Ericsson and Microsoft. Ericsson is

working with com hem (Sweden) to deliver access

to a number of new and exciting broadband services

made possible through the use of Ericsson’s

e-service system. Ericsson and Magneti Marelli have

established a partnership to supply communication

solutions and mobile Internet applications to be

integrated into Magneti Marelli’s telematic systems.

Ericsson and Wind River Systems have agreed to

integrate Ericsson’s Bluetooth wireless technology

into Wind River’s marketshare-leading embedded

development software. Ericsson has made an investment

in Red Jade, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based

startup developing next-generation wireless entertainment

products. Another $3 million has been

added by IT Provider, a Swedish venture capital

firm, bringing the total investment to $10 million for

the new company.

Partner Companies: Microsoft, Delphi, Volvo, Norstan,

Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, com hem,

Wind River.

Corporate Parent: Telefon AB LM Ericsson,

Stockholm, Sweden.


450 Broadway

Redwood City, Calif. 94083

Phone: 650-556-5000

Products/Services: Excite@Home is the leading

broadband online service provider. Excite@Home

provides both residential and commercial Internet

access. Through the company’s narrowband portal,

Excite, and broadband service, @Home, the company

offers consumers content and interactive services

across numerous delivery platforms.

Personnel: George Bell, Chairman/CEO; Mark

McEachen, EVP/CFO; Milo Medin, SVP/CTO; Byron

Smith, EVP-Consumer Broadband Services and

Chief Marketing Officer; Mark O’Leary, EVP-Excite

@Home Business Solutions; John O’Farrell, EVP-International;

Mark Stevens, EVP-Corporate and

Business Development

Recent Business Activities: In 2000, Excite@Home

merged international operations with Chello, a

European-based high-speed access company, to

create Excite Chello, the world’s largest broadband

service provider. Also in 2000, Excite@Home acquired, the leader in online games for the

mass market.

Partner Companies: Excite@Home provides access

to the @Home Internet service via 15 cable

partners, including AT&T, Comcast, Cox, Rogers

and Shaw.

Deployments: The @Home service is available in

126 markets in North America. Excite@Home has a

global footprint of 105 million homes (once the Excite

Chello deal has closed). Excite@Home has

more than 30 million cable franchise homes under

contract outside of North America (once the Excite

Chello deal has closed) and localized versions of the

Excite[SM] service in 10 leading international markets.

Additional Information: Excite@Home (Nasdaq:

ATHM) is the leading broadband online service provider,

offering residential and commercial broadband

services with a global footprint of 105 million homes

under long-term cable and DSL contract. Excite

@Home offers consumers broadband services over

cable modem, DSL and other “last-mile” connections

and businesses high-speed commercial services.

Excite@Home has more than 30 million cable

franchise homes under contract outside of North

America and localized versions of the Excite[SM] service

in 10 leading international markets.


100 Gloucester Place

London W1H 3DA England

Phone: +44 (0)20 7563 9860


Products/Services: Personalized interactive television.

Personnel: Ricky Rand, CEO/President of Technology;

Gerry McSloy, CFO.

Deployments: Ongoing technology trials in Spain

with cable operator ONO and in Ireland with telecom

operator Eircom.

Additional Information: FutureTV is a rapidly expanding

global company that has developed hardware

and software for the integrated delivery of high-quality,

on-demand video, audio, games, targeted

advertising, e-commerce and high-speed Web access

through the television. FutureTV interfaces seamlessly

with ADSL or cable networks to deliver a range of

new interactive facilities and applications. FutureTV

brings together companies across three continents.

FutureTV is privately owned and comprises: FutureTV

Technologies, FutureTV Labs, FutureTV Systems,

FutureTV (U.K.), FutureTV (Hong Kong), FutureTV

(Northern Europe), and


Four Research Way

Princeton, N.J. 08540-6684

Phone: 877-GE-CABLE or 609-987-4319

Fax: 609-987-4517


Products/Services: GE Americom satellites provide

access to every cable system in the United States.

We provide service for cable, television receive only

(TVRO), SMATV and hotel applications. GE SATCOM

C1, C3 and C4 carry one of the finest cable

programming neighborhoods in the sky, providing

such services access to such renowned networks

as Showtime, Nickelodeon, MTV, Fox Cable Net

work, NewSport and E! Entertainment.

Personnel: Andreas Georghiou, SVP-Global Satellite

Services; Carl Capista, VP-Satellite Services — North

America; Michael Agostinelli, VP-IP Solutions;

Orlando Skelton, VP-Enterprise Solutions.


12303 Technology Blvd.

Austin, Texas 78727

Phone: 512-681-5400

Products/Services: The G6 voice-over-broadband

gateway, which packetizes and compresses circuit-switched

voice from the public switched telephone

network and delivers it over broadband data networks.

Personnel: General Bandwidth’s founders all

worked for NetSpeed, an Austin company bought

by Cisco Systems in 1998. Executives include:

Co-founder/President/CEO Brendon Mills most recently

was a national DSL sales manager for Cisco and

was director-product marketing for NetSpeed. Co-founder/CTO

Paul Carew was manager of embedded

software for Cisco and NetSpeed. Prior to that,

he was a senior software engineer at DSC. CFO

Doug Childress most recently was EVP/CFO of Tristar

Aerospace in Dallas, which is now part of

Honeywell. Like Carew, VP-engineering Keith Brewer

also has worked for Cisco, NetSpeed and DSC,

as well as Integrated Telecom and Harris. He holds

three patents in ATM switching architectures.

Recent Business Activities: General Bandwidth

will soon be releasing a new feature that will solve

an industry problem faced by service providers as

they migrate to voice-over-DSL networks and can’t

afford to abandon their legacy equipment. General

Bandwidth’s third round of funding included funding

from a leading regional bell operating company

(RBOC). This is the first time an RBOC invested in a

VoB vendor, even though venture capitalists have

invested nearly $1 billion in this industry.

Partner Companies: lAD Vendors 2Wire, Accelerated,

CarrierAccess, Cisco Systems, Efficient Networks,

Lucent Technologies, Netensity, Polycom,

and Woodwind softswitch vendors such as IPCell,

IPVerse and TTI.

Deployments: General Bandwidth is the only carrier-class

platform that enables the mass deployment

of voice-over-broadband technology. The fully

redundant voice gateway enables telecommunications

service providers to offer local voice service to

residential and business customers over emerging

broadband access networks. Shipments to leading

RBOCs will make VoB widespread in 2001.

Additional Information: General Bandwidth’s Voice

Over Broadband (VoB) approach provides multiple

independent voice lines over a single broadband

connection, allowing service providers to offer packetized

voice services over the last mile that meet

and exceed the quality and functionality of today’s

telephone network.


100 Independence Drive

Menlo Park, Calif. 94025

Phone: 650-566-8111 Fax: 650-566-8112

Products/Services: National and local information

and entertainment Internet network.

Personnel: H. Joseph Horowitz, Chairman/CEO;

Charles Jablonski, SVP-Network Engineering and


Partner Companies: Benchmark Electronics, GE

Americom, Granite Broadcasting, IDEO, Interlink

Communications, National TeleConsultants, Netigy,

Odyssey, SkyStream.


549 Baltic Way

Sunnyvale, Calif. 94089

Phone: 408-542-2500 or 800-788-1330

Fax: 408-542-2510


Products: Transmitters, receivers, amplifiers,

switches, network management.

Personnel: Anthony J. Ley, Chairman/President/CEO.

Acquisitions: C-Cube; Divicom.


4241 Business Center Drive

Fremont, Calif. 94538

Phone: 510-979-1900 Fax: 510-979-1911


Products: Cable modems.

Personnel: David Lin, President/CEO.


4100 E. Mississippi, Suite 1100

Denver, Colo. 80222

Phone: 303-256-2000 Fax: 303-256-2050

Products/Services: High-speed Internet access

provider for cable systems.

Personnel: Daniel J. O’Brien, President/CEO;

Gregory Hodges, COO; George E. Willett, CFO;

Richard George, COO-HSA International.

Partner Companies: Broadband Solutions, Vulcan

Ventures, Cisco Systems, Com21, Microsoft.


6409 Guadalupe Mines Road

San Jose, Calif., 95120-5000

Phone: 408-323-6209

Products/Services: Equipment to provide fixed

broadband wireless Internet access: Wireless

Broadband Routers, cable modem termination systems,

Internet access devices.

Personnel: James R. Flach, Chairman of the Board;

Michael Greenbaum, President/CEO/Director; Judson

W. Goldsmith, CFO/VP-Finance; Nathan Wang,

PhD, VP-Engineering; Deborah Burton, VP-Sales

and Marketing; Rick Enns, VP/CTO; Thomas

Bissett, VP-Manufacturing and Support.

Partner Companies: Equipment: Andrew Corp.

California Amplifier, Thomcast Communications,

TSIUSA, EMCEE Broadcast Products. Deployment:

WorldCom, Sprint, Worldwide Wireless Communications,

Nucentrix Broadband Networks, Look,


Deployments: 69 commercially deployed markets



645 Almanor Ave., Suite 100

Sunnyvale, Calif. 94086

Phone: 408-523-1600

Products/Services: Delivers streaming media

through the Internet via satellite connections direct to

MaxCaster servers at cable, ISP or DSL headends.

Personnel: Peter B. Desnoes, President/CEO.

Acquisitions: Nextvenue.

Partner Companies: Microsoft, RealNetworks,

Williams Communications, Engage, Network



New Orchard Road

Armonk, N.Y. 10504

Phone: 914-499-1900

Products/Services: Producer of software, storage

devices, servers and networking solutions.

Personnel: Chairman/CEO: Louis Gerstner.


14600 Winchester Blvd.

Los Gatos, Calif. 95032

Products/Service: Headquartered in the heart of

California’s Silicon Valley, ICTV’s new broadband digital

delivery platform provides cable operators with a

headend-based solution that enables delivery of

broadband Internet, e-mail and interactive TV applications

to any digital set-top. Using a single standard

cable channel, the ICTV system supports up to 100

simultaneous online sessions. The system does not

require any sort of middleware application in the set-top

and is compatible with all grades of MPEG-2 set-tops

from any manufacturer and is fully scalable. All

standard Internet content and applications will work

on the ICTV system — including broadband content

requiring large bandwidth or advanced plug-ins.

Personnel: Robert Clasen, Chairman/CEO of the

Board; Wes Hoffman, President/Director; Michael

Collette, SVP-Marketing; Jeff Miller, SVP-Software


Partner Companies: Investors and partners include

ACTV, Adelphia, Cox, Lauder Partners, Liberty Digital,

Motorola, OpenTV, Shaw Communications and

TV Guide.

Additional Information: The company has 16

issued patents and 12 patents pending.


411 Waverley Oaks Road, Suite 329

Waltham, Mass. 02452

Phone: 781-398-0288


Products/Services: Content distribution & delivery

(CDD) solutions, streaming media infrastructure and

network caching.

Personnel: Ian Yates, President/CEO; Robert

Cirrone, CFO; Kevin Lewis, VP-Marketing; David

Hoey, VP-Business Development; Solom Heddaya,

CTO; Peter Rood, VP-Operations; Joseph Boykin,


Recent Business Activities: Distributor agreement

with Comstor, a division of the global Westcon Group.

Partner Companies: Microsoft (technology), Nortel

Networks (reseller), EMC (reseller) and Comstor (distributor).

Deployments: Servlnt Internet Services, Space

Communications (Mitsubishi affiliate), AT&T, IntelSat,

Iway, iaxis.


5 Oppenheimer St.

Tamar Advanced Business Park

Rehovot 76701 Israel

Phone: 866-706-0706 or 972-8-9464845


Products/Services: UniTV, a content-aware gateway

that combines television and voice to enable

both new interactive-content services for operators

and a media-rich communications experience for

the user.

Personnel: CEO: Eyal Bartfeld; VP-R&D: Giora



2200 Mission College Blvd.

Santa Clara, Calif. 95052

Phone: 408-765-8080 Fax: 408-765-9904

Products/Services: Manufacturer of silicon chip

sets for modems and set-tops, processors, networking

equipment and home networking equipment.

Personnel: Andy Grove, Co-Founder/Chairman;

Craig Barrett, President/CEO.


1400 Market St.

Denver, Colo. 80202

Phone: 303-572-8200 Fax: 303-572-8008


Products/Services: ViziWorx iTV Studio[TM], iTV

Monito[TM], iTV Filter[TM]. Design, development and

integration of end-to-end iTV systems; content

development kit (CDK) creation; content design and

development; content integration on multiple platforms

and broadband networks; viewer interface

design, development and integration; requirements

definition and specification

Personnel: Joel Hassell, Chairman/CEO; Steve

Reynolds, CTO; Ed Knudson, SVP-Business Development;

Steve Markel, VP-Product Development;

Tom Huber, VP-Operations; Gary Rasmussen, VP-Platform

Development; Deb Schroeder, VP-Customer


Recent Business Activities: Acquired ViziWorx.

Partner Companies: Microsoft, Liberate, OpenTV,

PowerTV, WorldGate, Wink, Motorola, RespondTV,


Deployments: AT&T, MediaOne, UPC.

Corporate Parent: Intellocity.

Additional Information: Intellocity USA is a leading

provider of design, development and integration

services, focused solely on the interactive and enhanced

television market. The company designs

and builds infrastructure, content and tools for

broadband network operators, infrastructure suppliers,

content providers and advertisers seeking to

take leadership positions in the emerging interactive

and enhanced television sector. The company

remains independent of any one particular technology

so that it can deliver the optimal interactive television

solution to meet the business needs of each

customer. Intellocity’s clients include, among others,

AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, MediaOne, Microsoft/WebTV,

nCube, TNCi, Motorola, Wink, Liberate and Intellocity’s parent company recently

acquired Viziworx, a leading developer of Web-based,

platform-independent solutions for the

development, management and distribution of

enhanced and interactive television content.

Founded in 1999, Intellocity is a privately held

company headquartered in Denver.


Burlington Center

35 Corporate Drive, 4th Floor

Burlington, Mass. 01803

Phone: 781-685-4933 Fax: 781-685-4501

Products/Services: CONEXON[TM] solution, a software-based

broadband interconnection platform

that links and manages customer premises equipment,

broadband content services, the communications

devices that deliver the content and operator

back-office support systems for end-to-end integration

of both standards-based and proprietary

devices and systems.

Personnel: Tom Higgins, Founder/President/CEO;

Ivan Inerfeld, Executive Chairman; Paul McBride,

SVP-Business Development; Bernd Overbeck, VP-Sales

EMEA; Richard Phelps, VP-Sales Asia & Latin

America; Johan Bergstrom, Sales Director, Nordic and

Benelux; Padraic Marten, VP; Alan Sheehan, CTO.

Recent Business Activities: Interactive Enterprise

recently entered into a business partnership with

Motorola, including an equity investment, to help

speed residential broadband technology deployments.

Partner Companies: Motorola; Nortel Networks; RiverDelta

Networks; Sun Microsystems; DST Innovis.

Deployments: NC Numericable; Cable Atlantic;

Telint Global;; Time Warner, Tampa, Fla.,

in conjunction with as part of its ISMS


Additional Information: Interactive Enterprise, founded

in 1998, is the leading global provider of broadband

provisioning and infrastructure enabling software

solutions to broadband operators worldwide.


10950 Washington Blvd.

Culver City, Calif. 90232

Phone: 310-202-2900

Products/Services: Video-on-Demand, E-Commerce,

Interactive Advertising, Interactive Television.

Personnel: Richard Baskin, Chairman; Jonathan

Taplin, President/CEO; Caroline Beck, EVP/COO;

Harvey Finkel, EVP/OFO; Mark Sonnenberg, EVP-Content

& Marketing; Steve Schein, SVP-Corporate

Development & Strategic Planning; Tim Krass, SVP-Affiliate

Sales & Marketing; Terrence Coles, SVP-Content.

Recent Business Activities: Akamai Technologies.

Partner Companies: Content: Columbia TriStar

Television, Disney Channel, Dreamworks, ESPN,

Sony Music, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros.,

American Film Institute, among many others.

Technology: Seachange, Concurrent, Pace, UniView,

Akamai Technologies, Microsoft.

Deployments: Broadwing’s ZoomTown, Verizon,

several cable trials in progress.

Corporate Parent: Microsoft, Qwest, Comcast,

NBC, Intel and Sony.


(formerly Arepa)

150 Cambridge Park Drive

Cambridge, Mass. 02140

Products/Services: Into Networks pioneered and

developed IntoMedia — the first platform to provide

broadband subscribers with streaming software over

the Internet. The IntoMedia content delivery platform

is a true network-based interactive multimedia platform

that fully replicates the traditional PC playback

experience without over-burdening the resources of

the network or the end user. The IntoMedia platform

is designed to work over any cable data or DSL network

that consistently delivers services at data rates

of 256 Kbps or greater to each end user.

Personnel: Vincent Grosso, CEO; Meredith Flynn-Ripley,

COO; Paul Almquist, VP-Operations; Joe

Croman, VP-Engineering; Ian Edmundson, VP-Strategic

Development; Bill Holding, VP-Marketing;

John Lambros, VP-Business Development.

Recent Business Activities: Closed fourth round of

private equity financing for $41.5 million. Deploying

nationwide with Cox Communications. Deploying

nationwide with Qwest. Disney Interactive will distribute

software using Into Networks’ broadband


Partner Companies: Adelphia, Comcast, Cox

Communications, Inktomi, MediaOne, NTL, Qwest,

Road Runner, Time Warner, Disney Interactive,

Hasbro Interactive, Lotus, Mattel Interactive.

Deployments: Nationwide with: 2Wire, Cox Communications,

MediaOne, Northpoint, Qwest, Road

Runner, Time Warner. Regional with: Comcast.


1567 Centre Pointe Drive

Milpitas, Calif. 95035

Products/Services: Provide innovative RF gateway

solutions to enable broadband communications to

the home.

Personnel: Don Alfson, President/CEO; Mark

Burkett, Secretary; Richard Bay-Ramyon, VP-Sales

& Marketing; Jim Wang, VP-Development; Kang

Lee, VP-Manufacturing.

Corporate Parent: California Eastern Laboratories.


116 Inverness Drive East

Englewood, Colo. 80112

Phone: 303 784 3600

Products/Services: Intelligent Customer Support

Systems (ICSS), Customer Care Software for convergent

broadband providers.

Personnel: CEO — Glenn Jones; President — Steve

Gampp; CFO — Brian McDonald; CTO — Oz Leon;

VP-Development — Steve Kruse; VP-Business

Development — Del Guynes; VP-Sales — Jim Roper;

VP-Marketing — Laura Reed.

Deployments: Casema NV, Cegetel Le7, Saturn

Telstra, Austar Communications.

Corporate Parent: Jones International.


2 Circle Star Way

San Carlos, Calif. 94070-6200

Phone: 650-701-4000

Products: TV Navigator for DTV; TV Navigator for ISP.

Personnel: Mitchell E. Kertzman, President/CEO;

Coleman Sisson, COO; David A. Limp, SVP-Corporate

Development; Philip A. Vachon, SVP-Worldwide

Sales; Nancy J. Hilker, VP/CFO; Steven Weinstein,

CTO; Charlie G. Tritschler, VP-Marketing.

Acquisitions: MoreCom.

Additional Information: Liberate provides a comprehensive

software platform for delivering enhanced

Internet content, services and applications

to information appliances, such as television set-top

boxes, game consoles, smart phones and personal

digital assistants. Liberate’s software allows network

operators, such as telecommunications companies,

cable and satellite television operators and Internet

service providers, or ISPs, and information appliance

manufacturers to provide consumers access

to Internet-based applications and services from

anywhere at anytime.


500 Hills Drive

Bedminster, N.J. 07921

Phone: 908-470-2500


Products/Services: Satellite communications service


Personnel: Terry Hart, President; Joan Byrnes, VP-Sales

and Marketing; James Carlin, VP-Technology

and Chief Scientist; Rich Currier, VP-Service Development

and Engineering; Robert Hedinger, VP-Business


Partner Companies: Loral Skynet do Brasil,

Satmex, Europe*Star and Stellat.

Deployments: New satellites launching in 2002.

Corporate Parent: Loral Space & Communications

Broadband Subsidiaries: Loral CyberStar, a Loral

Space & Communications company, is recognized

globally as a leader in the delivery of global

IP-based broadband, infomedia and multicast communications



1551 McCarthy Blvd.

Milpitas, Calif. 95035

Phone: 800-4,33-8778 or 408-433-8000

Products: LSI Logic is the leading provider of a

highly integrated system-on-a-chip solution which

enables broadband digital transmission of voice,

video and data. LSI’s Digital TV products provide

end-to-end system solution for the most significant

broadband communication markets, including the

Direct Broadcast Satellite, Digital Terrestrial Broadcast

and Digital Cable set-top boxes. The LSI Logic

Integra Architecture[TM] is the lowest-cost, most comprehensive

solution for the set-top box. The building

blocks of this architecture are composed of demodulator,

FEC, Transport, MPEG A/V decoder, graphics,

32-bit MIPS CPU, NTSC/PAL/SECAM encoder,

Audio DACs and all the peripherals required to build

a low-cost STB. The architecture is based on open

industry standards such as MIPS, MPEG2, DVB,

MHP, JavaTV, OpenCable and TV Anytime.

Personnel: Wilfred J. Corrigan, Chairman of the

Board/CEO; John R Daane, EVP-Communications

Products Group.

Additional Information: As one of the world’s leading

supplier of QPSK digital satellite, COFDM digital

terrestrial, QAM digital cable front-end receivers,

along with back-end DVB transport and MPEG-2

A/V decoder, LSI provides the broadest range of

products for digital video applications.


600 Mountain Ave.

Murray Hill, N.J. 07974

Phone: 877-534-9182

Products/Services: CableConnect Solutions is an

integrated hardware, software and services package

enabling operators to deliver telephony and high-speed

data services; telephony transmission equipment,

switches, management software, bandwidth

controllers, batteries, routers, computer-telephony

integration products, billing systems, intelligent network

services, PacketStar Voice-over-IP products,

access server systems.

Personnel: Henry Schacht, Chairman/CEO.

Acquisitions: Chromatis, Ortel.


1000 FORE Drive

Warrendale, Pa. 15086-7502

Phone: 724-742-4444

Product Info: 888-404-0444

Product Fax: 724-742-7700

Products/Services: Optical Networks, Routing &

Broadband Switching, Access North America,

Access Worldwide, Network Management, Intelligent

Packet Networks, Power, PSTN-to-Packet

Solutions, Outside Plant, Test Systems, Network

Design and Planning, Network Building and Deployment,

Network Operation and Management.

Personnel: Lord Simpson, CEO.


2705 S. Industrial Highway, Suite 100

Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104-6259

Phone: 734-971-1112 Fax: 734-971-7722

99 Osgood Place, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, Calif. 94133

Phone: 415-391-9913 Fax: 415-391-9938


Products: SelectPlay, the leading broadband media

on-demand platform and service, enables real-time

instant play and secure digital downloading of top-selling

interactive multimedia content such as interactive

CD-ROM games and education to home PCs

with cable modems or DSL modems for a low

monthly subscription and individual rental. Media

Station’s SelectPlay aggregates the best CD-ROM

content, including games, kids’ entertainment,

sports, education, music and home productivity

software, delivering a proven value add for carriers’

broadband subscription generation.

Personnel: James R Maslyn, President/CEO; David

Gregory, Chairman/CCO; Allan McLennan, SVP-Strategic

Alliance Marketing; John Stinson, VP-Engineering/CTO;

Tom Halsey, VP-Sales; Cathy

Schmidt, VP-Finance.

Recent Business Activities: Closed a strategic investment

round with Motorola, NTT Communications,

Broadwing, Excelon Capital Partners, Toppan


Deployments: Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner Cable,

Sprint, Broadwing/Zoomtown, Qwest, Excite@Home.


39350 Civic Center Drive, Suite 200

Fremont, Calif. 94538

Phone: 510-494-9700


Products/Services: Products include MbTV

Personal TV Technology. Services include MbTV

enabled Personal TV services such as Targeted

Advertising, T-Commerce, Video-On-Demand (VOD),

Targeted T-Coupons[TM] and TV Portals.

Personnel: Manu Mehta, Founder/President/CEO;

Vallal Jothilingam, Director-Product Marketing; Ken

Klarfeld, VP-Content Services.

Recent Business Activities: Metabyte Networks

announced an agreement with Starz Encore Group

to enable greater personalization and specialized

interactive solutions for Starz Encore Services in

broadband markets.

Partner Companies: Thomson Multimedia, Seagate

Technology, Microsoft TV, C-Cube Microsystems,

Nielsen Media Research, Starz Encore Group.

Corporate Parent: Metabyte.

Additional Information: Metabyte Networks (MNI) is

a personal TV technology and services company.

When MNI’s client technology (MbTV) is embedded in

a set-top box (STB) or a hard disk-based video

recorder, it automatically builds a profile (MbTV

Thumbprint) of the consumer’s TV watching tastes,

while providing full PVR capabilities, such as record,

pause and playback. MbTV is totally automatic and

requires no special input from the consumer other

than normal TV watching. MbTV integrates with the

existing infrastructure and is fully portable to all leading

interactive TV operating systems and middleware.

In addition, MbTV totally protects consumers’ privacy

by maintaining the vast majority of Thumbprints at

the STB. MbTV technology proVides a way to allow a

client STB to filter massive amounts of information.

Individual viewers are presented the content that

interests them instead of the general population.

MNI’s business model complements, not competes

with, the business models of cable/satellite system

operators, broadcasters, consumer electronics companies

and advertisers. MNI is an enabler of Personal

TV services such as targeted advertising/t-commerce,

video-on-demand (VOD), targeted t-coupons[TM]

and TV portals. Investors in MNI include

Thomson Consumer Electronics, a world leader in

digital consumer electronics, and Seagate, the

world’s largest manufacturer of hard disks.


100 Ebbtide Ave.

Sausalito, Calif. 94965

Products/Services: MetaTV is a global provider of

integrated broadband TV portals and services that

enable content, community and commerce. The

Company’s technology and services enable network

operators and eBusiness companies to deploy

robust iTV content, applications and portals. Meta-TV’s

Universal TV Portal Platform[TM] provides broadband

e-commerce, syndication, advertising, personalization

and content management solutions that

exploit the benefits of all major iTV set-top box

application platforms and can easily be adapted to

run on other broadband devices, such as PCs and

Internet appliances. The result is an innovative way

for customers to quickly bring to market customized,

revenue-generating TV services.

Personnel: Ranjit Sahota, CEO/Founder; Andrew

Lev, President/Co-Founder.

Investors: Redpoint Ventures, Rosewood Venture


Partner Companies: Liberate, Microsoft TV, E! Online,

Pittard Sullivan, iSyndicate, OpenTV, PowerTV,

WorldGate, AdForoe, Loudcloud, Exodus, BEA.

Deployments: Pegasus Communications, E! Online.


350 Hamilton Ave.

White Plains, N.Y. 10601

Products/Services: Private optical networks,

Internet connectivity and co-location, neutral

Internet peering, managed network solutions including

Metro Gig-E Optical Network, WaveChannel

Optical Network and SONET.

Personnel: Stephen Garofalo, Chairman/CEO; Nick

Tanzi, President/COO; Dave Rand, EVP; Paul Vixie,

CTO; Gerard Benedetto, CFO; Tom Byrnes, President-Carrier

Services; Ed Forker, VP-Enterprise

Services; Daniel Doherty, Chief Security Officer.

Recent Business Activities: Major contract with

Bechtel for engineering and construction services

associated with MFN’s worldwide fiber buildout;

major stakes in TAT-14 and Japan-US Cable

Network; acquisition of MIBH in January 2000;

expansion to 67 markets worldwide (51 in North

America and 16 in Europe); $1.7 billion investment

by Bell Atlantic (now Verizon); major contracts with

SBC, Bell Atlantic, Winstar, America Online, and

Yipes; acquisition of AboveNet in June of 1999; vendor

partnerships with Cisco, Nortel and Comdisco.


One Microsoft Way

Redmond, Wash. 98052

Phone: 425-882-8080 Fax: 425-936-7329

Products/Services: Windows CE OS systems for

digital set-tops, NT server systems, streaming players

for PCs and set-tops, streaming servers. Microsoft

TV Platform includes client and server software

platform for interactive TV applications.

Personnel: Bill Gates, Chairman; Steve Ballmer,

President/CEO; Bob Herbold, EVP/COO; Jon

DeVaan, SVP-TV Service & Platform Division.

Acquisitions: Peach Networks.


2540 E. Piano Parkway, Suite 188

Piano, Texas 75054

Phone: 972-673-1600 Fax: 972-673-1602

Products/Services: Single-chip analog/digital broadband

tuners for TVs, set-tops, modems and convergence


Personnel: Douglas J. Bartek, CEO/Chairman; Martin

Englmeier, Vice Chairman/COO; James Fontaine,



15070 Avenue of Science, Suite 200

San Diego, Calif. 92128

Phone: 858-618-3500 Fax: 858-618-3550


Products/Services: Digital conditional access,

Internet security and scrambling, billing, customer

care, self-care solutions, content management,

scheduling software, asset management software,

systems integration.

Personnel: Jock Anderson, CEO; G.L. Wright,


Partner Companies: Barco (headend), Cisco

(CMTS, Cisco EcoSystem, Cisco CSRC), Harmonic

(headend, data services), Microsoft (OpenCable),

ASE (set-top boxes), UEC (set-top boxes), OpenTV

(middleware), Liberate (middleware), Xacct (mediation

software), SGI (VOD), Oracle (VOD), SCM

Microsystems (Point of Deployment removable

security module)

Corporate Parent: MIH Limited.


8671 Hayden Place

Culver City, Calif. 90232

Phone: 310.838.4353 Fax: 310-838-4354


Products: Software: TV Link Creator for creating,

editing, scheduling and delivering interactive TV

links and closed captions, CCX Closed Caption

Encoding Software, SG-script Script Creation Software.

Hardware: Various encoders.

Personnel: Alex Thompson, CEO; Drake Smith, COO.

Additional Information: Mixed Signals Technologies

provides the most advanced and efficient solution

for adding interactivity to traditional television

programming and advertising. The addition of interactive

enhancements to television programming and

advertising allows viewers to purchase merchandise

or execute other electronic transactions, request

additional product and program-related information

and participate in the “viewing experience” through

contests, game playing and polls, all directly from

the television.



101 Tournament Drive

Horsham, Pa. 19044

Phone: 800-523-6678 or 215-323-1000

Satellite and Broadcast Networks

6450 Sequence Drive

San Diego, Calif. 92121

Phone: 800-225-9446 or 800-845-2748

Products: End-to-end broadband telecommunications

systems, including digital and analog programming

encryption/decryption systems and end-to-end

addressable transmission systems. SURF-board[R]

family of DOCSIS cable modems.

Personnel: Christopher B. Galvin, Chairman/CEO;

Edward Breen, EVP/President Broadband Communications


Acquisitions: General Instrument, Zenith Network


Partner Companies: Microsoft, Sony, ICTV, Wink

Communications, CableSoft, Worldgate, PreVue,

Spyglass, ACTV.


169 Myers Corners Road

Wappingers Falls, N.Y. 12590

Phone: 914-296-4000


Products/Services: Satellite delivered end-to-end

global streaming media network; bypassing the

Internet congestion to the “edge;” near broadcast

quality audio and video; service supports all high-speed

networks; conditional access and encryption

are available; content providers can partner on a

revenue sharing basis; content can be made available

on a subscription or pay-per-view basis.

Personnel: Perwaiz Nihal, CEO; Howard Miller,

COO; Dick Clark, EVP/Chief Marketing Officer; Bob

Cacace, EVP-Business Development; Gail Fell,

Chief Strategy Officer; Mark Kornfeld, General

Counsel; Randy Tabor, SVP-Engineering.

Recent Business Activities: The company’s satellite

network is in place and broadcasting 400

streams. Content partners include Yahoo!, Bloomberg,

Capital Connections and others. Other partners

include IBM, Interpacket (which makes the

company’s services available in more than 100

countries) and Telcordia. Two trials about to be

announced on national broadband networks.


275 Grove St.

Newton, Mass. 02466

Phone: 617-614-1000 Fax: 617-614-1190


Products/Services: Navic Systems is a technology

service provider offering comprehensive device

management, targeted promotion and content distribution

services to network operators deploying

advanced digital set-top boxes.

Personnel: CEO — Chet Kanojia; COO — Cynthia

Davis; VP-Marketing — Terri Swartz; VP-Sales — Tom


Partner Companies: SeaChange International.

Additional Information: Navic Systems’ device management

services allow network operators to remotely

manage deployed appliances. The company’s targeted

promotion services enable network operators,

advertisers and content distributors to target their

offerings to users based on sophisticated anonymous

profiles. Navic’s downloadable content service provides

the gateway that allows consumers to immediately

download content, such as music, games, e-books

and application software, to be used on the

Internet appliance or a connected peripheral.


HFC (Cable) Sales, ATM and DSL Sales

1172 Century Drive

Denver, Colo. 80027

Phone: 303 218-9100 Fax: 303 218-9110

Products: MediaCUBE video servers, video server

management software.

Personnel: Michael J. Pohl, President.

Acquisitions: SkyConnect.


265 Santa Ana Court

Sunnyvale, Calif. 94086

Phone: 408-730-0888, 800-632-1118

Fax: 408-730-0889

Products/Services: SOHOware broadband-enabled

multimedia home networking solutions

including 2Mbps FHSS/11Mbps DHSS wireless &

HomePNA 2.0 phone line networking for consumers;

Ethernet Networking; and innovative residential

gateway products.

Personnel: C.T. Wu, PhD., CEO.


3501 Jamboree Road, Suite 200

Newport Beach, Calif. 92660

Phone: 949-725-2500 Fax: 949-725-2505

Products/Services: Conditional access and smart

card security, and software systems for interactive

digital set-tops and home PCs.

Personnel: Dr. Abraham Peled, Executive Director/

President/CEO; Richard Medlock, CFO.


520 Broad St.

Newark, N.J. 07102

Phone: 800-377-9203


Products/Services: Voice-over-Internet Protocol

between PCs, including PC to phone, phone to

phone and IP telephony gateways. End-to-end VoIP

solution, protocol integration and value-added

enhancements for broadband service providers and

original equipment manufacturers.

Personnel: Howard S. Balter, CEO; Stephen Greenberg,

President; Cliff Sobel, Chairman.

Partner Companies: AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo,

Rhythms, Flashcom, Scientific-Atlanta, Polycom

and AT&T.

Deployments: 50 U.S. cities and 65 countries.

Corporate Parent: IDT.


(formerly 8X8)

2445 Mission College Blvd.

Santa Clara, Calif. 95054-1214

Phone: 408-727-1885 Fax: 408-980-0432

Products: Netergy Advanced Telephony System

(ATS) — a complete, packet-switched communications

server solution that allows service providers to

host iPBX services for individual companies, right

from the service provider’s data center.

Personnel: Paul Voois, Chairman/CEO; Jean-Luc

Calonne, SVP-Business Operations/GM-Canadian

Operations; Jonathan Foster, SVP-Corporate Development/GM-Santa

Clara; Bryan Martin, SVP-Engineering

Operations; Cyrille Thilloy, CTO.


150 Grant Ave. #A

Palo Alto, Calif., 94306

Phone: 650-324-0818 or 877-723-2646

Fax: 650-324-0828

Products: The NeMo Cable Modem Solution is a

complete system for delivering high-speed data over

cable networks. It is composed of the NeMo cable

modem, NC Bridge and complete software operating

system. The NetHotel in-room, high-speed hotel

Internet solution is a turnkey solution that uses the

existing hotel cable television Infrastructure to provide

continuous online, fast, user-friendly and low-cost

connection to the Internet and online services,

at speeds of up to 10 Mbps in hotel rooms. Quarter-Back

is a fully integrated, DOCSIS 1.1-based headend

unit. CICM is a 2-way, DOCSIS 1.1-based cable

modem that plugs into a standard PC. The Phazer

Cable Modem is DOCSIS 1.1-based.

Personnel: Benny Gagin, CEO.


Phone: 800-361-1965, 888-831-2077


Products/Services: Physical layer switching products

for the telco and enterprise markets.

Personnel: CEO: Sylvain Abitbol; CTO: Thomas Super.

Partner Companies: Linmor, Tollgrade, Hekimian,

Promatory, Allcom (Italy), ECI Telecom.

Deployments: Newsouth Communications.

Broadband Subsidiaries: NHC Communications



1310 Redwood Way, Suite 110

Petaluma, Calif. 94954

Phone: 707-793-7000


Products/Services: Digital Subscriber Line Access

Multiplexers (DSLAM). The ATM/DSL Nokia D50

DSLAM enables service providers to deliver both

voice and data to end users over ordinary copper

telephone lines. Highly scalable and flexible, the

D50 offers multiple modular remote solutions that

support both large and small-scale subscribers. The

D50e supports the ETSI and ITU-T compliant DMT

line code options.

Personnel: Jorma Ollila, Chairman/CEO; Pekka AlaPietila,



8200 Dixie Road, Suite 100

Brampton, Ontario L6T 5P6 Canada

Phone: 905-863-0000 or 800-4-NORTEL

Products/Services: Cable Telephony, Cornerstone

Cable Modem 100, Cornerstone Cable Modem 200,

Cornerstone Cable Provisioning System 2000, Cornerstone

Cable Modem Termination System 1000

(CMTS 1000), Cornerstone Cable Modem Termination

System 1500 (CMTS 1500), Cornerstone Converged

Host Terminal, Cornerstone Host Digital Terminal,

Cornerstone IP Access, Cornerstone Multi-Service

Access System, Cornerstone PacketPort,

Cornerstone Portfolio, Cornerstone Super Access,

Cornerstone Voice Portfolio, Cornerstone VoicePort,

Passport 8600 Routing Switch, Optera Packet Edge

System, IP Services, Preside.

Personnel: John Roth, CEO; Frank A. Dunn, CFO;

Richard Ricks, CIO; Charles A. Childers, CMO;

Clarence Chandran, COO; Bill Hawe, CTO.

Recent Business Activities: Joint venture with

ANTEC to form Arris.

Partner Companies: Arris.

Deployments: AT&T, Comcast, Adelphia, Cox,

Cablevision, Time Warner, UPC, Telstra.


3255-3 Scott Blvd., Suite 201

Santa Clara, Calif. 95054

Products: Cable Video-on-Demand (VOD) using

movieSTREAMS Digital Media Server. The

nSTREAMS movieSTREAMS server is a great choice

for providing distributed video on demand services

in the cable environment. This server’s small footprint

lends itself to easily fit into the existing curbside

optical node facility. Its high reliability means

there is virtually no maintenance issue. Also, its low

cost enables cable operators to deploy more servers

to cover a lot more areas with the same budget.

Cable Head End is where cable operations are performed,

with all major cable headend equipment in

this facility including management systems, repository

media server, transaction servers and billing systems.

Using cable modern technology, nSTREAMS

movieSTREAMS server, acting as a caching media

server, can easily replenish the video content from

video clips stored in the repository server, if necessary.

The end user purchase information is fed back

to the transaction server both for interactivity purposes

and for billing. The return path coming back

into the transaction server can be either RF return

through coaxial cable or telephone return through

standard PSTN telephone network. By utilizing a

small caching media server such as nSTREAMS’

movieSTREAMS server, the cable operator can offer

full video-on-demand services without having to deal

with bandwidth issues. Each optical node fans out

into roughly 500 households, which can be comfortably

served by a single movieSTREAMS server. The

contents on our server can be easily updated digitally

from the cable headend.

Personnel: Dr. Pang Ho, President/CEO.

Deployments: Hotels worldwide.

Corporate Parent: SYNNEX Information Technologies.

Additional Information: nSTREAMS Technologies

was founded in 1995. The mission of nSTREAMS

Technologies is to exploit the full potential of MPEG

technologies and to develop the digital video server

products and accompanying solutions for the

emerging media server industry. Our technologies

include a patented “System and Process for Delivering

Digital Data On-Demand.” Our open architecture

with UNIX operating system enables us to

deliver high performance, multi-stream media

servers at an affordable price. nSTREAMS Technologies

is aggressively working with our partners in

technology, in market development and in system

integration to bring this exciting new technology into

the market and to make this technology the industry

standard for video storage and delivery systems.

We have formed several relationships with the

world’s leading set-top box manufacturers for the

worldwide CATV markets and have signed distribution

agreements worldwide to meet our customers’



600 College Road East, Suite 3400

Princeton, N.J. 08540

Phone: 866-ONEPATH (toll free)


Products/Services: iPath[TM], a new broadband

access platform which delivers very high bandwidth

video, data and voice communications services to

multiple-dwelling residential subscribers.

Personnel: David S. Stehlin, President/CEO;

Howard Loboda, Founder/CTO.

Partner Companies: Customers: Bell Atlantic, Alcatel,

SBC, GTE, Direct Digital, Novus, Broadband-Now!,

Paracomm, Southern Company,


401 E. Middlefield Road

Mountain View, Calif. 94043-4005

Phone: 650-429-5500 Fax: 650-237-0808

Products/Services: Maker of software for interactive

digital set-tops.

Personnel: Jan Steenkamp, CEO; James Ackerman,

President/COO; Randy Livingston, CFO;

Vincent Dureau, CTO; Thomas R. Jackson, SVP-Worldwide

Sales; Sharon Brown, Chief Marketing

Officer; James Brown, SVP-Strategic Development;

Debbie Coutant, VP-Products Group.

Acquisitions: Spyglass.

Additional Information: Ownership: Mindport, Sun

Microsystems and AOL; Liberty Digital, General

Instrument, News Corp. and Time Warner.


3031 Tisch Way

Plaza West, Suite 1

San Jose, Calif., 95128

Phone: 408-260-6760 or 800-451-5101

Fax: 408-244-0545

Products: MPEG ComMotion Pro is a videostreaming

platform that encodes and transmits high-quality

MPEG streams in real time over advanced digital

networks, including IP and native ATM. MPEG

ComMotion UDP is a software platform designed

for deploying and developing MPEG-1 and MPEG-2

videostreaming solutions.

Personnel: Ran Eisenberg, CEO; Yehuda Elmaliach,

CTO; David Kahani, VP-R&D; Robert DeFeo,


Partner Companies: Customers and partners are

market leaders such as Cisco Systems, Fore Systems

(Marconi Communications), SeaChange International,

Gilat Satellite Networks, Deutsche Telekom,

Telecom Italia, nCube, Concurrent Computer,

Hughes Olivetti Telecom, Gilat Communications,

GTE, Oracle, SGI, AstraNet, Harmonic, IBM,, Matra, Teracom, PictureTel and others.

Additional Information: Optibase’s powerful server

platforms enable videostreaming over IP and ATM

networks for applications such as distance learning,

business TV and monitoring. Optibase is advancing

into the next growth phase of the broadband Internet

by developing media transmission servers, which will

enable end-to-end, constraints-free streaming of rich

media over the Internet.


1100 Investment Blvd.

El Dorado Hills, Calif. 95762-5712

Phone: 800-441-7587 Fax: 916-939-4535

Products/Services: Output Technology Solutions

(OTS), formerly International Billing Services, is the

leading provider of paper and electronic statements

and other documents to cable, broadband and

other industries that value customer communication

and service. With leading-edge technology, patented

processes and systems, and unparalleled experience,

we design, produce and deliver statements

and documents of unmatched quality and marketing

impact. OTS is the largest first-class mailer in the

United States, producing more than 150 million

documents each month. Our e-commerce division,

YourAccounts.Com, and its innovative e-bill, anywhere

suite of products provide our customers with

the option to seamlessly migrate to electronic delivery.

OTS also serves customers in the mutual fund,

brokerage, banking and utilities industries.

Personnel: Joe Lanzillotta, VP-Field Customer

Operations; Linda Cutler, Strategic Market Manager.

Recent Business Activity: OTS was formed in April

1999 as a result of the integration of International

Billing Services (IBS) and Output Technologies (OTI).

Additional Information: OTS offers its products and

services through multiple sites that are located

throughout the United States. Operations are 24

hours a day, 7 days a week. 4,000 associates in the

United States. 150 million pieces of mail processed

monthly. A dedicated e-commerce division, 23 patents on solutions that

advance paper and electronic statement processing.


3701 FAU Blvd., Suite 200

Boca Raton, Fla. 33431

Products/Services: Digital set-top boxes. Pace is

actively involved in all digital platforms — satellite,

terrestrial, cable, wireless and xDSL — through

alliances with broadcasters, network operators and

technology partners in the U.K. and around the

world. Pace is the only company in the world to

have conditional access licenses with both Power-Key

and DigiCipher II to support Scientific-Atlanta

and Motorola platforms.

Personnel: Neil Gaydon, President-Pace Americas;

Andrew Wallace, SVP-Worldwide Marketing; Tim

Fern, SVP-Engineering; Andy Trott, CTO-Technology

and Strategic Development; Paul Ashmore, SVP-Sales;

Maggie Pedder, SVP-Personnel; Graham

Williams, VP-Engineering-Pace Americas; Neil

Jones, VP-New Business Development-Pace Americas;

Graham North, VP-UK and EMEA; Laurie

Knight, VP-Far East.

Recent Business Activities: Contracted to supply

10,000 high specification, ADSL-capable digital set-top

boxes to Kingston Communications for their

interactive television service. Signed a agreement

with TV Cabo to develop and supply a minimum of

55,000 digital cable gateways to be used by TV

Cabo for the launch of their interactive digital cable

service in 2001. Announced a long-term three-year

contract to supply Comcast Cable Communications,

with 350,000 digital set-top boxes for both its

Motorola- and Scientific-Atlanta-based networks.

Signed an agreement with BellSouth Entertainment

to provide digital set-top boxes for BellSouth’s entrance

into the satellite (DTH) business. Signed

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Microsoft

to cooperate on the development of a wide

range of applications and enabling technologies for

the digital television market. Acquired Vegastream

for access to Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP)

technology as well as to the business-to-business

telecommunications market.

Partner Companies: BellSouth Entertainment, Time

Warner Cable, Comcast Cable, Microsoft, Cisco

Systems, Broadcom, WebTV Networks, Invensys,

NDS, Liberate Technologies, Hitachi, Oracle, C-Cube,

Microsystems, BellSouth Entertainment.

Deployments: Time Warner Cable, Comcast Cable

Communications, BellSouth initial order of 200,000

over 12 months. Deployments overseas: Pace analog/digital

set-top box deployments total more than

11 million worldwide.

Additional Information: Pace is Europe’s largest

dedicated set-top box developer and third largest

worldwide. Pace is also the only set-top box developer

in the world who has deployed digital boxes

on all major platforms: cable, satellite, DSL, and digital



Products: ShowStopper[TM] Hard Disk Recorder.

Personnel: Yoshinori Kobe, Chairman/CEO.

Partner Companies: ReplayTV.


100 Fairgrounds Drive

Manlius, N.Y. 13104

Phone: 315-682-9105 Fax: 315-682-2070

Products/Services: Manufacturer and supplier of

broadband cable network equipment and digital

interactive systems including set-top boxes, RF and

fiber optic transport equipment, network management


Personnel: Cor Boonstra, President/CEO; Gerald

Kleisterlee, COO.



2265 East 220th St.

Long Beach, Calif. 90810

Phone: 310-952-2111 Fax: 310-952-2990

Products/Services: Manufacturers of analog and

digital set-tops, headend controllers, encoders and

data receivers, remote controls, command stations.

Personnel: Tim Takahashi, President-Pioneer Digital



8555 Baxter Place

Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 4V7 Canada

Phone: 604-415-6000 Fax: 604-415-6200

Products/Services: PMC-Sierra’s extensive family

of broadband communication semiconductors enables

the equipment that makes up the backbone of

the Internet. PMC-Sierra develops Internet Protocol

(IP), ATM, SONET/SDH, T1/E1, T3/E3, Voice-over-Packet,

wireless infrastructure, network microprocessing

and Gigabit Ethernet solutions for wide area

network (WAN) and Internet networking equipment.

Personnel: Robert “Bob” Bailey, President/CEO/

Chairman; James Diller, Vice Chairman of the Board;

Greg Aasen, COO; John Sullivan, VP/CFO; Haresh

Patel, VP-Sales; Steve Perna, VP/GM Optical Networking

Division; Glenn Bindley, VP/GM Access

Products Division; Anders Swahn, VP/GM Carrier

Switching Division; Tom Riordan, VP/GM Microprocessor

Division; Kevin Huscroft, CTO/acting VP/GM

Wireless Products Division; Doug Brownridge, VP-Corporate


Recent Business Activities: (Note: acquisition values

are at date of announcement.) SwitchOn Networks,

($450 million, September 26, 2000 acquisition);

Quantum Effect Devices, ($2.3 billion, August

23, 2000 acquisition); Datum Telegraphic ($125 million,

June 28, 2000 acquisition); Malleable Technologies

($229 million, June 14, 2000 acquisition);

AANetcom ($890 million, March 3, 2000 acquisition);

Extreme Packet Devices, ($415 million, March 3,

2000 acquisition); Toucan Technology ($26 million,

January 20, 2000 acquisition).

Partner Companies: Customers include: Cisco

Systems, Lucent Technologies, Nortel, Alcatel,

Ericsson, NEC and smaller specialized startups


20833 Stevens Creek Blvd,, Suite 100

Cupertino, Calif. 95014

Phone: 408-777-7560 Fax: 408-777-0176

Products/Services: Digital interactive set-top operating

system supporting e-mail, Webcasting, Web

browsing. Digital set-top software applications, systems

design and integration, VOD, back-office solutions,

interactive media applications development

and interfaces, content acquisition, games development,

billing services, customer care, education, e-commerce,

TV banking; ITV Applications and ITV

Business Operations.

Personnel: Steve Necessary, CEO; Dr. Ken Morse,


Partner Companies: Pace, Panasonic, Pioneer,

Scientific-Atlanta and Toshiba.

Acquisitions: Prasara Technologies.


510 DeGuigne Drive

Sunnyvale, Calif. 94085

Phone: 800-229-1630 (toll-free) or 408-731-2700

Fax: 408-731-3675


Products/Services: Proxim offers an array of products

for residential and SOHO users, network service

providers, OEMs and public and private enterprises.

Symphony[TM] Home and Small Office

Products: The Symphony product family, which

delivers wirefree broadband networking at a 1.6

Mbps data rate, includes Cordless ISA Cards,

Cordless PCI Cards and Cordless PC Cards for networking

of desktop and laptop computers. All products

in the Symphony family feature the Symphony

Composer Installation Wizard, a set-up tool

designed to simplify the installation process for the

novice user. Stratum[TM] Building-to-Building and

Last Mile Products: Stratum products offer building-to-building

wirefree broadband networking designed

to accommodate today’s bandwidth-hungry applications

such as corporate intranets, access to centralized

server farms, real-time imaging and Internet

access. Stratum 100 delivers broadband connectivity

with 100 Mbps full duplex IP/Ethernet transport

as well as connectivity for two T1 streams for voice

and other legacy T1 applications. Stratum 20 offers

the same features with 20 Mbps full duplex throughout.

RangeLAN2[TM] for the Public and Private

Enterprise and RangeLAN Design in Modules:

RangeLAN2 was the industry’s first commercially

available 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum

wirefree LAN product. RangeLAN2 products

operate at a data rate of 1.6 Mbps per channel, with

15 independent wireless LANs to operate in the

same physical space providing up to 24 Mbps of

aggregate network bandwidth. RangeLAN2 also

features the most sophisticated mobility-centric network

architecture of any wireless LAN product,

including state-of-the-art seamless roaming, power

management, advanced security, site survey diagnostics

and the IEEE-endorsed high-speed modulation


Personnel: David King, Chairman/President/CEO;

Keith Clover, VP-Finance/CFO; Kurt Bauer, VP-Marketing

and Sales/GM.

Recent Business Activities: Teamed with National

Semiconductor to develop high-speed wireless networking


Partner Companies: OEM partners include Compaq,

Data General, Fujitsu, Hand Held Products,

HBO & Company, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel,

Intermec, LXE, Matsushita, Monarch, Percon, Seiko

Epson, Siemens and Toshiba.

Additional Information: Proxim is a member of the

Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum (WLI Forum), a

not-for-profit consortium of more than 20 companies

dedicated to the genuine interoperability of

their products. More information about the WLIF,

including a list of its current members, may be

found at its Web site, Proxim is also

a core member of the Home Radio Frequency

Working Group (Home RF WG), which has established

an open industry specification (SWAP) for

wireless digital communication between PCs and

consumer electronic devices anywhere in and

around the home. The group, which also includes

Compaq, Ericsson Enterprise Networks, Hewlett-Packard,

IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Philips

Consumer Communications and Symbionics,

believes this specification will accelerate the development

and adoption of wireless communications

and networking in the home. More information

about the Home RF WG is available at the group

Web site,


1945 Camino Vida Roble, Suite C

Phone: 760-804-7890 Fax: 760-476-1056



Products: Puroptix AON System: a high-speed

optical networking platform for delivery of integrated

services, including telephone, television, HDTV,

advanced video services (rentals or VOD), TV-based

Internet, low-speed serial data and ULTRA-high-speed

Internet access. The ROCk, Regional

Operations Center and ROCkware system software

GlasSpeak, the network communications protocol.

The POD and BPOD, a product family of innovative

premises termination units.

Personnel: Damon Semprebon, VP-Engineering;

Stan Gafner, President/CEO; Tom Stockey, VP-Sales

& Marketing.



2 Tech Drive

Andover, Mass. 01810

Phone: 978-688-9100

Products/Services: Quantum Bridge Communications’

family of Optical Access Networking solutions

provides extreme bandwidth to facilitate enterprise

communications. Using Optical Technologies,

Quantum Bridge offers an infrastructure to allow

MSOs, CLECs, ILECs, ISPs and RBOCs a sensible

and cost-effective way to provide high-speed optical

communications for the first mile. This product

line eliminates the bandwidth bottlenecks inherent in

local loop/first mile network infrastructures.

Personnel: President/Founder/CEO — Tony Zona;

Founder/VP-Marketing — Jeff Gwynne; Founder/VP-Engineering

— Jeff Masucci; CFO — John Delea; VP-Finance

— Cheryl Reault; VP-Worldwide Sales — Randy

Uram; VP-Operations — Charlie Snell

Partner Companies: Accelerated Networks, Carrier

Access, Mariner Networks, Mariposa Technology,

Sonoma Systema, Vina Technologies.

Deployments: ATG, Comcast, three additional beta

sites including one CLEC, one MSO and one ISP.


33,33 Bowers Ave, Suite 250

Santa Clara, Calif. 95054

Phone: 408-980-8011 Fax: 408-980-8044

Products: Videris — HD (MPEG-2 Video Decoder),

Videris — MC (high bandwidth memory controller).

Personnel: Sorin Cismas, Chairman/CTO; George T.

Haber, President/CEO; Ron Richter, VP-Sales &



2 Clock Tower Place, Suite 600

Maynard, Mass. 01754

Phone: 978-461-9984 Fax: 978-461-9986

Personnel: Jeff Bobzin, President.

Partner Companies: Processor and core logic component

designers: Hitachi, IDT, NEC, QED, Toshiba,

V3 Semiconductor. Graphic component designers:

ATI, Broadcom, BroadLogic, Tvia, Oak Technology,

Sigma Designs, ST, TeraLogic, Toshiba, Zoran.

Operating system vendors: Microsoft, Wind River.

Additional Information: Rachis is a leading

Interactive TV software solutions company and a

Microsoft-authorized Windows CE system integrator.

Rachis is the first to activate Microsoft TV and

Windows CE in several interactive TV set-top boxes.


2601 Elliott Ave.

Seattle, Wash. 98121

Phone: 206-674-2700 Fax: 208-674-2699

Products/Services: Multimedia software, Real-Player

G2 audio- and videostreaming technology

including creation, aggregation, hosting, distributing

and playback.

Personnel: Rob Glaser, Chairman/CEO; Thomas F.

Frank, COO.


1195 Borregas Ave.

Sunnyvale, Calif. 94089

Phone: 408-571-5200 Fax: 408-541-0570

Products: Our Subscriber Management System[TM]

gives providers the ability to provision high-speed

Internet access across all broadband technologies.

With SmartEdge[TM], carriers and service providers

can improve the economics of their growing

SONET/SDH and video transport networks while

providing a built-in migration path to high margin IP-based

services. Redback’s Enterprise Service

Point[TM] family is a new breed of intelligent carrier-managed

CPE devices designed specifically to help

service providers capture high-margin revenue from

advanced IP services. With the newest group of

products, the Service Management Family, service

providers can easily publish, activate and manage

IP services, and their customers can subscribe to

these services on-demand.

Personnel: Vivek Ragavan, President/CEO; Craig

M. Gentner, SVP-Finance/CFO; Gaurav Garg, SVP-Corporate

Strategy & Business Development/


Acquisitions: Abatis Systems.


1945 Charleston Road

Mountain View, Calif. 94043

Phone: 650-210-1000 Fax: 650-691-0094

Products/Services: Provides “personal TV” service,

which allows viewers to pause live TV and create

personal channels through a set-top box.

Personnel: Kim LeMasters, Chairman/CEO; Craig

Dougherty, CFO/EVP-Finance.

Partner Companies: Panasonic.


1083 Mission St.

San Francisco, Calif. 94103

Phone: 415-522-5260 Fax: 415-522-5266

Products/Services: Interactive television infrastructure

and applications for enhanced broadcast

and TV portals.

Personnel: David Kaiser, CEO/Chairman of the

Board; Richard Fisher, President; Jay Weber, CTO;

Nizar Allibhoy, SVP; Suzanne Stefanac, SVP-Creative;

Randy McCurdy, SVP-Partner Management

and Client Services and Relations; Dawn

Judd, SVP/General Counsel.

Recent Business Activities: Aquired AccelerateTV

(August 2000). Business deal with AT&T Broadband

(July 2000). Partnerships with Liberate, Worldgate

and OpenTv.

Partner Companies: Programming: Chris Craft,

Showtime, The Movie Channel, Tribune, Flix,

Sundance Channel, Food Network, HGTV, DIY,

Bloomberg. Advertising: Allstate, American Airlines,

CDNow, The Coca-Cola Company, Domino’s,, E-Loan, Ford, Goodyear, Hot Jobs,

Nissan, Ralston Purina, 1-800 Flowers. Strategic:

Liberate, Worldgate, OpenTV, Chyron, Norpak, PVI.

Deployments: 600,000 WebTV boxes. AT&T digital

rollout planned for end 2000/early 2001.

Additional Information: RespondTV, named one of

the top 10 interactive TV companies by Cable World

magazine (July 3, 2000), is the leading infrastructure

and application service provider for interactive TV

content. The company offers programmers, network

operators and their advertisers the most comprehensive

enhanced TV services available today that

support enhanced broadcast and TV portals.

Services range from serving, hosting, reporting, targeting

and direct response applications to e-wallets

and shopping carts. RespondTV has built a robust

state-of-the-art server network that can handle television-sized

audiences. RespondTV is compatible

with all standards-based enhanced TV systems and

set-top boxes including Liberate, Microsoft,

OpenTV, PowerTV and AOLTV. RespondTV is

backed by equity investments from: AT&T, Comcast,

GE Capital, Integrity Partners, Liberty Digital,

Sequoia Partners, Showtime Networks, Tribune

Ventures and United Television.


3 Highwood Drive

Tewksbury, Mass. 01876

Phone: 978.858.2300 Fax: 978.858.2399

Products/Services: SmartFlow[TM] QoS technology;

the Broadband Services Router[TM] 64000 (BSR

64000[TM]), a carrier-class switching and service provisioning

solution; the Broadband Services Router

TM 1000 (BSR 1000[TM]), the industry’s most compact

Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS); the

RiverGuide[TM] Service Creation System, the industry’s

first system to automate the creation of IP services

across the shared cable access network.

Personnel: Dave Callan, CEO/President/Co-Founder;

Gerry White, VP/CTO; Raj Duggal, VP-Switching

Technology; Jerry Guo, VP-Broadband

Technology; Jeff Walker, VP-Marketing; Joe

Cozzolino, VP-Global Sales and Support; Bob Kelly,

VP-Manufacturing; Michael Brown, VP-Business


Recent Business Activities: RiverDelta Networks

and Emperative, a leading provider of on-demand

broadband provisioning software, have a partnership

to provide cable operators with comprehensive, automatic

activation and management for broadband service

delivery to enterprise and residential customers.

RiverDelta Networks and Interactive Enterprise, a

leading provider of mediation and provisioning solutions

for broadband operators, have a partnership to

provide multiple system operators (MSOs) with a

complete, end-to-end automatic service creation and

management solution for the mass deployment and

delivery of next-generation broadband services to

residential and corporate subscribers.

Partner Companies: Emperative, a leading provider

of on-demand broadband provisioning software;

Interactive Enterprise, a leading provider of mediation

and provisioning solutions for broadband operators.

Additional Information: RiverDelta Networks is a

privately held company offering next-generation

switching and service provisioning solutions for

broadband service providers building carrier-class

networks to deliver voice, data and entertainment

services for residential and corporate subscribers.


13241 Woodland Park Road

Herndon, Va. 20171

Phone: 703-345-2400 Fax: 703-345-2517

Products/Services: High-speed Internet access

service including locally-produced and national content,

e-mail, chat listings, personal home pages,

gaming, software downloading and faxing.

Personnel: William T. Gordon III, President.


95 W. Plumeria Drive

San Jose, Calif. 95134

Phone: 408-544-5400 Fax: 408-544-5639

Products/Services: InfoRanger cable modems, IP

telephony equipment, access networks, set-tops,

switches, PCS products, wireless CPEs.

Personnel: Jong-yong Yun, CEO.


One Technology Parkway, South

Norcross, Ga. 30092

Phone: 770-903-5000 Fax: 770-903-4617

Products/Services: Broadband networking equipment

including digital subscriber networks and digital

set-tops, analog and digital headends, analog

set-tops, RF electronics, optoelectronics, taps, passives,

PowerTV operating system, satellite network

equipment, PowerVu IP, sensing, TVRF Electronics

and antennas.

Personnel: Jim McDonald, President/CEO.

Partner Companies: Time Warner, AT&T BIS, Cox

Communications, Comcast, Charter Communications,

Videotron Itee, Rogers Cable and Adelphia

Cable lead the way with the delivery of advanced

digital cable services.

Additional Information: Our customers also include

several of the world’s most prominent broadcasters

and programmers, such as ESPN, Toon Disney, CNN

and Discovery Channel, as well as satellite service

providers like EUTELSAT, Telespazio SpA, Cable &

Wireless, PanAmSat, ARABSAT and ORBCOMM.


160 Knowles Drive

Los Gatos, Calif. 95032

Phone: 408-370-4888 Fax: 408-370-4880

Products/Services: Supplier of Point of Deployment

(POD) products including: POD Conditional Access

Module Hardware Platforms, POD Interface Host

Controller Chip, POD Interface Host Drivers, POD

Interface Host Device Test Tool.

Personnel: Steven Humphreys, Chairman; Robert

Schneider, CEO; Bernd Meier, President/COO.


124 Acton St.

Maynard, Mass. 01754

Phone: 978-897-0100 Fax: 978-897-0132

Products/Services: SeaChange ITV System, VIP

Streamer, Spot System, Advertising Management

System, GuestServe Network System, Movie System.

Personnel: Bill Styslinger, President/CEO/Chairman;

Edward J. Delaney, VP-Marketing and Business

Development; Yvette Gordon, VP-Interactive Technologies;

James Kelso, VP-Advertising Systems.

Recent Business Activities: Acquired Digital Video

Arts, Dresher, Pa., a developer of interactive application

software for digital cable set-top boxes.

Partner Companies: Microsoft, Scientific-Atlanta,

Motorola, Liberate, Harmonic, Canal+, Pioneer.

Deployments: AT&T, Cablevision, Charter Communications,

Comcast (VOD), Cox, MediaOne, Time

Warner (VOD), Guandong Cable Television (VOD),

Rogers Cablesystems (VOD).

Additional Information: Serving 85% of the U.S.

local cable television advertising industry, SeaChange

International is the leader in digital advertising

insertion. The Company creates powerful server

and software systems that manage, store and distribute

professional quality digital video. SeaChange’s

innovative products are based on a scalable,

distributed software architecture and standard

technology components to continuously deliver

exponential improvements in digital video cost performance.

As a result, SeaChange enables broadband,

broadcast, satellite and new media companies

to streamline operations and reduce costs, allowing

for expanded services, new applications and increased

revenues. SeaChange is headquartered in

Maynard, Mass., and has product development,

support and sales offices throughout the world.


5175 Hillsdale Circle

El Dorado Hills, Calif. 95762;

Products/Services: ShareWave provides semiconductor

technology for multimedia-capable wireless

home networks. ShareWave has a portfolio of ingredient

technologies that enable multimedia-capable

and consumer-friendly home networking products,

including wireless network controllers, Whitecap

network protocols and a broad range of radio and

system reference designs.

Personnel: E. Jock Ochiltree, CEO/President; Bob

Bennett, Co-Founder/VP-Corporate Marketing and

Business Development; Amar Ghori, Co-Founder/

CTO; Kevin Daroca, VP-Worldwide Sales; Naresh

Baliga, VP-Product Marketing; Rob Van Tuyle, VP-Finance

and Operations.

Partner Companies: ShareWave’s investors and/or

partners include APV Technology Partners, Cisco

Systems, Draper Richards, Intel, Kyushu Matsushita

Electric, Microsoft, Philips Electronics, SBC Communications,

SOFTBANK Technology Ventures, Vulcan

Ventures and other public and private investors.

Deployments: ShareWave has publicly announced

customer and partner relationships with Cisco, NET-GEAR,

Kyushu Matsushita Electric (a division of

Panasonic). Additional announcements will be made

in early 2001.

Additional Information: ShareWave is an active

member of Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance

(WECA), formed to certify interoperability among

members’ IEEE 802.11b-based products.


455 DeGuigne Drive

Sunnyvale, Calif. 94086-33835

Phone: 408.616.3300 Fax: 408.616.3400


Products/Services: Routers, software. Delivers digital

media services such as TV-quality Internet video

to PCs or TVs over broadband networks.

Personnel: James D. Olson, President/CEO; Susan

Ketcham, CFO/VP-Finance; Chandy Nilakantan,

CTO/VP; Clint Chao, VP-Marketing; Roger George,

VP-Legal Affairs/General Counsel; David Olson, VP-Operations;

Dan Riordan, VP-Sales; Valerie Wilson,

VP-Business Development; Alan DeClerck, VP-Worldwide

Field Operations; Michelle Greer, VP-Human

Resources; Claude Dupuis, VP-Engineering

Partner Companies: RealNetworks, Harris, Lucent,

Intel, NDS, Microsoft, Philips, Motorola.

Deployments: Leading customers include Asia-based

PCC, Echostar Communications, Granite

Broadcasting, Geocast, iBEAM, Loral CyberStar,

Telefonica and TPG Internet. iBeam uses SkyStream

Media Routers to broadcast Internet content to ISPs

around the world. TPG broadcasts constantly

refreshes content from popular U.S. Web sites to

Australia. Granite has added SkyStream Media

Routers to its digital TV transmission system.

Echostar has integrated SkyStream Media Routers

into its existing multi-vendor video infrastructure.

Hence, the broadcast Internet is already becoming a

profitable reality for service providers in all industry


Additional Information: SkyStream Networks is a

worldwide network infrastructure company that

enables service providers and broadcasters to create

new revenue streams by delivering digital media

services like TV-quality Internet video to PCs or TVs

over broadband networks. SkyStream media routers

and software enable service providers to deliver a

consistently high level of Internet performance to

millions of people at the same time. SkyStream’s

products are the intelligent links of converged

broadband and broadcast networks in the core of

the Internet, joining networks of satellite providers,

cable providers and broadcasters with those of traditional

Internet bandwidth owners of fiber and ATM

networks. SkyStream’s customers are service

providers who want to deliver corporate and consumer

services that integrate Internet and television

content. They include satellite, content distribution,

Internet and cable industries around the world.


16450 W. Bernardino

San Diego, Calif. 92127

Phone: 858-942-2400

Products/Services: Digital set-tops, OS and server


Personnel: Norio Ohga, Chairman of the Board;

Nobuyuki Ideo, Chairman/CEO; Howard Stringer,

Chairman/CEO Sony Corporation of America and

President-Sony Broadband Entertainment.


901 San Antonio Road

Palo Alto, Calif. 94303

Products/Services: Server platforms, network connectivity

equipment, network storage systems, interface

cards, Java TV operating systems and APIs

for digital interactive set-tops, microprocessors.

Personnel: Scott McNealy, President/CEO.


20030 Century Blvd., Suite 201

Germantown, Md. 20874

Phone: 301-916-7600 Fax: 301-916-1700

Products: V-Server VoIP (Voice-over-IP) customer

site voice/data router.

Personnel: President — Rocco DiCarlo; COO/Co-Chairman

of the Board/Founding Member — Thomas

Yang; CEO/Co-Chairman of the Board/

Founding Member — Enghe Chimood; VP-Engineering

and Founding Member — Ke-Ou Chao.

Partner Companies: Telogy Networks for advanced

VoIP coders and Fax software support, RADVision

for their H.323 call setup implementation, and

CentrePoint Technologies for advanced voice handling


Additional Information: TEK DigiTel’s equipment

and supplemental services are designed to make IP

telephony less expensive and complex for providers

to provision and for users to adopt. TEK’s V-Server

gateway/routers are user-installable and inexpensive

enough for carriers to bundle with voice, data and

Internet access services.


445 South St.

Morristown, N.J. 07960

Products/Services: Telcordia Technologies is one

of the world’s largest providers of operations support

systems, network software and consulting and

engineering services to the telecommunications

industry. Telcordia provides architecture planning &

design; testing, analysis & integration; and service

definition and project management of rollouts. The

company’s offering includes assessment and consultation,

technology selection tailored to a customer’s

business objectives, equipment specification

and selection, service development, evolution

and integration planning into existing networks and

operations, and planning and designing new broadband

networks, including testing and integration.

The Telcordia[TM] Call Agent is part of the complete

Telcordia NGN solution, which also includes NGN

Operations Support Systems (OSS) and consulting

and engineering services. Telcordia has developed

the first comprehensive suite of completely automated,

“dual-mode” (circuit-switched or packet-based)

OSS for next-generation networks. The OSS

suite provides support for automatic provisioning,

service activation, service assurance and network

management for “packet-based” networks and is

fully integrated with the Call Agent.

Personnel: Richard C. Smith, CEO.

Deployments: Sprint ION, Videotron, CTC


Corporate Parent: SAIC.


4951 Indiana Ave.

Lisle, Ill. 60532

Phone: 630-378-8800 Fax: 630-378-5790

Products/Services: CABLESPAN 2300 Integrated

Cable Data and Telephony Solution; Everest 9000

Integrated Switch: IP Routing and ATM Switching;

AN2100 Gateway Exchange: Carrier-grade migration

of switched services to a broadband core; FOCUS

AC0, AC1, AC4, and LX Optical Transport and

Access Solutions; MartisDXX Manager Network

Management System; TITAN 5500 Digital Cross-Connect;

TITAN 6100 Optical Transport System;

TITAN 6500 Multiservice Transport Switch.

Personnel: Richard C. Notebaert, President/CEO;

Michael J. Birck, Chairman.



2952 Bunker Hill Lane

Santa Clara, Calif. 95054

Phone: 408-727-4400

Products: Broadband Edge 2000 and 2800 second-generation

broadband access platforms, TeraComm

S-CDMA cable modem system, TeraComm DOCSIS

cable modem system, DVB cable modem systems,

CherryPicker digital video management system,

Multigate broadband telephony system, MainSail

multi-service access platform for telcos and

Miniplex DSL.

Personnel: President/CTO — Shlomo Rakib; CEO — Dr.

Zaki Rakib; CFO — Ray M. Fritz; VP/General

Counsel — Edward Lopez; SVP/GM-digital video

systems — Stephen King; VP/GM-cable headend

systems — Claude Hamou; VP/GM-Broadband telephony

systems — Daniel Olieski; VP/Chief Scientist — Rich


Recent Acquisitions: Imedia in Sept. 1999; Radwiz

in Nov. 1999; Telegate in Jan. 2000; ANE, ComBox,

Internet Telecom and Ultracom in April 2000; and

MainSail Networks in Oct. 2000.

Partner Companies: Some deployment partners

include: Adelphia, Cablevision and Cox in the

United States; Rogers and Shaw in Canada; United

Pan-Europe Communications (UPC) in Europe;

Globocabo in Brazil; Jupiter Communications in

Japan; i-Cable in Hong Kong and Shenzhen CATV

in China. The company’s telco customers include

Ameritech, Bell South, SBC Communications and

Verizon. Distribution partners: Philips, nCube, Thomson

Broadcast Systems, Siemens Atea, NEC, Next

Level, Tadiran Scopus and BARCO.

Additional Information: Terayon’s headquarters are

located in Santa Clara, Calif., and its European

headquarters in London. The company also maintains

a large office in Tel-Aviv in addition to several

sales and support offices worldwide. The company

is publicly held and traded on the NASDAQ under

the symbol TERN.



Box 172228

Denver, Colo. 80217

Phone: 800-477-8924

Products/Services: Semiconductors, digital signal

processing manufacturer for IP telephony.

Broadband Subsidiaries: Libit Signal Processing

subsidiary produces silicon chips for modems, set-tops

and headends, cable modems with voice-over-IP.

Telogy Networks subsidiary develops integrated

silicon and software solutions leveraging TI’s market-leading

DSPs and Telogy Software[TM] products

for Voice-, Fax- and Data-over-IP.


10330 N. Meridian St.

Indianapolis, Ind. 46290

Phone: 317-587-3000

Products/Services: CE products, TVs, VCRs, digital

set-tops, cable modems, Internet appliances,

telephone gateways, video telephony.


525 Race St., Suite 100

San Jose, Calif. 95126

Products/Services: Tiara 1000 Series Multi-megabit

Access Concentrators create high-speed

virtual pipes between the remote site and the

Service Provider POP (point of presence). This is

accomplished by bundling a number of individual T1

lines into a single high-speed virtual pipe using

industry standard protocols such as multi-link point-to-point

protocol (MLPPP) and multi-link frame relay

(MFR). The result is affordable and available access

up to 12 Mbps. The Tiara 4100 is a compact, high-performance

platform that enables network designers

to implement cost-effective LAN-to-clear channel

DS-3 network access services. The Tiara 6000

Series products aggregate PPP, MLPPP, FR, MFR

and Cisco compatible HDLC connections for up to

128 customers per WAN interface. The use of

industry standard protocols allows the Tiara 6000

Series to aggregate WAN traffic from the Tiara 1000

Series or products from different access vendors.

The Tiara 7000 Frame Switches are designed for

new-world networks by enabling Service Providers

to gain all the advantages of distributed POP networking.

The advanced technology used in the 7000

series has resulted in one of the world’s most compact

and low power frame switches, sporting both

high port density and great performance. Add to

this the best multi-link frame relay switching technology

in the market, and the Tiara 7000 is a generation


Personnel: Dan Palmer, CEO; Joshua Sakov, VP-Technology;

Al (Muthu) Muthuraman, VP-Software

Engineering; Amin Varis, VP-Engineering; K.C.

Venugopal, VP-Operations.

Acquisitions: Eliotech.

Partner Companies: Foundry Networks, Extreme

Networks, PSINet, Qwest, BBO, Onsite, Everest

Broadband, Cable and Wireless.

Deployments: Cable and Wireless, NationWide

Internet, PSINet.

Additional Information: Tiara Networks, a Silicon

Valley-based networking company, provides broadband

access systems that supercharge IP and

Frame Relay networks, enabling new-world networking

solutions for both service providers and

end users.


894 Ross Drive, Suite 100

Sunnyvale, Calif. 94089

Phone: 408-747-5080 Fax: 408-747-5096

Products/Services: Provider of personalized TV

service with virtual VCR technology.

Personnel: Michael Ramsay, CEO.

Partner Companies: America Online (AOL), Advance/

Newhouse, CBS, Comcast, Cox Communications,

DIRECTV, Discovery Communications, Encore Media

Group, Liberty Media subsidiaries, Liberty Digital,

NBC, Philips Electronics, Showtime Networks, Sony,

TV Guide Interactive and Walt Disney, Philips

Electronics and Sony Corp. of America.


3121 Jay St.

Santa Clara, Calif. 95054

Phone: 408-585-2100


Products/Services: The TB200 Local Exchange

gateway, coupled with TollBridge Integrated Access

Devices (IADs) or PacketCable[TM]-based Multimedia

Terminal Adapters (MTAs), and the TollView management

system, provides a complete Voice-over-Broadband

solution. The IADs and MTAs, available

in models that range from 2 to 24 lines plus data

support, provides multiline, toll-quality voice services

over a single broadband modem connection

to residential and small business customers. The

TB200 Gateway is a carrier-grade, scalable, fully

redundant platform supporting more than 8,000

lines per TB200. The TB200 is fully compatible with

existing phones, modems, faxes, key systems and

PBXs. Dialtone, billing and all the value-added custom

calling features available from the Class 5

switch today are transparently delivered by the

TollBridge platform. The TB200 is a high-availability,

cost-effective platform for bringing voice traffic into

the PSTN.

Personnel: Gary Tauss, Founder/President/CEO;

Asher Waldfogel, Founder/CTO; James Grady, VP-International;

Agnes Imregh, VP-Marketing; Steve

Morrison, VP-Engineering; Pierre Patkay, VP-Operations;

Ken Schneider, CFO; Art Shultz, VP-Sales;

Bob Yundt, VP-Business Development.

Recent Business Activities: Global OEM agreement

announced with Nortel Networks in June 2000.

Partner Companies: Access Lan, ADC Telecommunications,

Acer America Corporation, Adtran,

Aperto Networks, Bizfon, BRECIS Communications,

Broadcom, Broadsoft, Copper Mountain Networks,

Flexion Systems, ipVerse, LSI Logic, Lucent Technologies,

MCK Communications, Merlot Communications,

Netopia, Nokia, Nortel Networks, Orkit

Communications, Paradyne, Philips Semiconductors,

Polycom, Praxon, RC Networks, Ramp Networks,

Shoreline Teleworks, Smart Link, Syndesis,

Telco Systems, Turnstone Systems, 2Wire, Vertical

Networks, Vina Technologies, Vodtel, Wireless,

Woodwind Communications, Xspeed.

Deployments: VoDSL deployments with MPower

Communications, BTI, and PTSI. VoCable trials with

Adelphia Communications and other MSOs.

Additional Information: TollBridge Technologies

provides voice solutions for the new generation of

carriers. TollBridge changes the economics of delivering

voice services to residential and small business

customers by leveraging cable, DSL, T1, wireless

and fiber broadband infrastructures and the existing

public telephony network. Using the TollBridge platform,

carriers bypass the ILEC to deliver toll-quality

voice and integrated data services. TollBridge also

provides the local network intelligence for adding

services and value as the network evolves.


493 Nixon Road

Cheswick, Pa. 15024

Phone: 800-878-3399

Products: The LIGHTHOUSE Cable Status

Monitoring System is an affordable, comprehensive

network monitoring system for the Broadband

Hybrid Fiber/Coax distribution system.

Personnel: Christian L. Allison, Chairman/President/

CEO; Rocco L. Flaminio, Vice Chairman/CTO.



9740 Irvine Blvd.

P.O. Box 19724

Irvine, Calif. 92618-1697

Phone: 949-461-4840 or 888-273-8674.

Products: Cable modems, network management


Personnel: Mike Knudsen, VP/GM.


2901 West Alameda Ave., 7th Floor

Burbank, Calif. 91505

Phone: 818-526-5000 Fax: 818-526-5001

Products/Services: Global e-commerce, e-content

and e-services company, focusing on transactions

delivered via multiple platforms and devices including

uplink, playback, digital encoding, conditional

access and encryption; content aggregation for multiplexed

digital PPV movies, sports and special

events; NVOD and VOD, with instant automated

ordering, billing, subscriber management and customer

service for all transactions.

Personnel: Stuart Z. Levin, Chairman; Ian B. Aaron,



Unisys Way

Blue Bell, Pa. 19422

Phone: 800-874-8647 Fax: 800-345-9015

Products/Services: Computers, software and services

related to video-on-demand and online, interactive


Personnel: Lawrence A. Weinbach, Chairman/President/CEO.


404 W. Ironwood Drive

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Phone: 801-464-1600 Toll Free: 800-231-1349


Products/Services: RapidAccess, a fully contained

video server perfect for local origination. MPEG-2

encoders with dual stream encoding and decoders

with SDI outputs. IDS Compact routers feature contingency

routing upon signal loss. Subscriber Information

Systems for keeping subscribers informed.

Personnel: CEO — Mike Reddy; COO — Sunil Arora;

VP-Engineering — Bill Robertson.


251 Info Highway

Slinger, Wis. 53086

Phone: 262-644-1000 Fax: 262-644-0477


Products: VDOPro DVB Products: VDOPro Mux

Transmit, VDOPro Raw Transmit, VDOPro Full

Duplex, VDOPro OVS Transmit.

Personnel: Barbara Pick, President/CEO; Chris

Good, EVP/CTO.

Partner Companies: Oracle, SGI, Compaq, Sun

Microsystems, Lysis.


1250 Space Park Way

Mountain View, Calif. 94043

Phone: 650-903-4900 Fax: 650-969-6388


Products: Software: DTV:Com, which encapsulates

IP traffic in MPEG-2 streams, DTV:Net, which sends

digital media over IP and ATM networks, DTV:Store

and D-TV:Delay Software, and Clipper, which captures

in real-time video frames from a VTR; Hardware:

I/O boards, servers & storage.

Personnel: Jack Krooss, President.


(formerly PhaseCom)

20400 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 800

Cupertino, Calif. 95014

Phone: 408-863-2300 Fax: 408-863-2329


Products/Services: Wireless hubs located in base

stations and wireless modems that connect to subscribers’

PCs or LANs.

Personnel: Davidi Gilo, Chairman; John O’Connell,


Additional Information: Vyyo is a leading global

supplier of broadband wireless access systems

used by telecommunications service providers to

deliver wireless, high-speed data connections to

business and residential subscribers in the last mile.

The technology uses point-to-multipoint architecture

based on IP, which is the networking standard used

to deliver voice and data over the Internet. Vyyo’s

systems operate in frequencies licensed for two-way

communications, including MMDS (2.5 and 3.5

GHz), MDS and LMDS frequencies.


504 Morehouse Drive, Suite 330

San Diego, Calif. 92121

Phone: 858 450 1778 Fax: 858 450 1636

Products: WISMO[TM] (Wireless Standard Module),

the world’s first plug-in module to implement the

GSM standard.

Personnel: Michel Alard, Chairman of the Board.


1250 Charleston Road

Mountain View, Calif. 94043

Phone: 800-469-3288 Fax: 650-326-5277

Products: WebTV[R] Plus Interactive Service — an

easy way to explore the Internet on your TV. Digitally

record your favorite shows without a VCR.

Personnel: Bruce Leak, President.

Corporate Parent: Microsoft.


11350 Technology Circle

Duluth, Ga. 30097

Phone: 770-814-4000 Fax: 770-623-0698

Products/Services: Manufacturer of digital video,

audio and broadcast data systems, including broadcast

receivers, decoders, encoders, multiplexers.

Personnel: Robert A. Placek, Chairman/CEO; Keith

N. Smith, President; C. Troy Woodbury Jr., CFO.


1001 Marina Village Parkway

Alameda, Calif. 94501

Phone: 510-337-2950 Fax: 510-337-2960

Products/Services: Wink Enhanced Broadcasting

provides an end-to-end solution for sending interactive

applications along with broadcast video to viewers’

televisions. Wink Enhanced Broadcasting consists

of: ICAP and HTML (ATVEF), two protocols for

delivering broadcast enhancements, the Wink Studio

and Wink Server Studio authoring tools that allow

networks, advertisers and cable operators to design

interactive Wink applications, the Wink Broadcast

Server that manages the delivery of those applications,

the Wink Client software that enables the generation

and capture of viewer responses to Wink

applications, the Wink Response Server and Wink

Response Network that are designed to efficiently

process viewer responses to applications and forward

them to advertisers or merchants.

Personnel: Maggie Wilderotter, CEO/President/

Director; Brian P. Dougherty, Chairman; Chris

Callero, COO.


3190 Tremont Ave.

Trevose, Pa. 19053

Phone: 215-354-5100


Products/Services: WorldGate is the world’s most

widely deployed real-time interactive cable TV service

provider, offering the cable industry a full line of

Internet based, high-speed interactive and

enhanced television services. WorldGate’s CableWare

2000[SM], an open-standards middleware platform

designed for current generation and advanced

digital converters, supports interactive applications,

VOD, electronic guides, Internet TV and enhanced

TV. The company’s patented Channel Hyperlinking[SM]

technology allows TV viewers to link directly from

the program or advertisement they are watching to

an interactive television experience on a real-time,

two-way basis.

Personnel: Hal M. Krisbergh, Chairman/CEO; James

V. Agnello, CFO/VP-Administration; Joseph E. Augenbaum,

SVP-Engineering; Bud Breheney, VP-Advertising;

Jim Boyle, VP-Marketing and Corporate

Communications; Randall J. Gort, VP/General Counsel/Secretary;

Gerard K. Kunkel, SVP; Jae Hea

Edward Lee, SVP-Operations; Peter C. Mondics, VP-Affiliate

Sales and Marketing; Kenneth P. Nimmer,

VP-Consumer Marketing; David Wachob, VP/GM;

Rich Westerfer, VP-Engineering, Converter Systems.

Recent Business Activities: WorldGate partnered

with Adelphia Communications, Charter Communications,

Comcast Cable Communications, and Cox

Communications to form TVGateway[SM]. The joint

venture was formed to expand and distribute interactive

applications on the current 2000 series of

digital set-top boxes. TVGateway will license WorldGate’s

patented Channel HyperLinking[SM] and Ultra-Thin

Client[SM] technology from WorldGate. WorldGate

launched WISH TV[SM], its national education program

aimed at closing the “digital divide” by providing

fourth-grade students from selected schools free in-home

and in-class Internet access for one year.

Partner Companies: Industry investors in WorldGate

— Motorola, General Instrument (now a part of

Motorola), Charter Communications, Citibank,

Comcast Cable Communications, Cox Communications,

Adelphia Communications, Viacom, Advent

and Showtime Networks. Equipment Partners — Motorola,

Scientific-Atlanta (cable set-top boxes).

Strategic Partners — OpenTV, SpyGlass, SeaChange

International, DIVA Corporation, Vivid Technologies

(a division of Concurrent Computer), nCUBE and

Nielsen Media Research

Deployments: WorldGate is deployed, has agreements

to deploy or is in trials to deploy its service

with 34 multiple system operators in 17 countries

worldwide, including four of the top six MSOs in the

United States — Adelphia Communications, Charter

Communications, Comcast Cable Communications

and Cox Communications.


7001 Oakport St.

Oakland, Calif. 94621

Phone: 877 ZHONE20 or (946-5320; Toll-Free)

Local: 510-777-7000 Fax: 510-777-7001


Products: Access & Transport Equipment: BAN — Broadband

Access Node, ARCA-DACS 100 Digital

Access Cross-Connect System, Sechtor 300 GR-303

Voice Concentrator; Customer Premises

Equipment: Z-Plex 10 Access Multiplexer; Network

Architecture: SLMS Single Line Multi-Service

Network Architecture; Management Systems: ZMS

Zhone Management System.

Personnel: Mory Ejabat, Chairman/CEO; Gary A.

Wetsel, CFO; Jeanette Symons, CTO/VP-Engineering;

David Misunas, VP/GM-Access Products.

Partner Companies: Intel, Hughes Electronics,

Texas Instruments, Virata, Wind River Systems.


207 South St.

Boston, Mass. 02111

Telephone: 617-423-1072

Sales: 1-800-631-3116

Products/Services: Dial-up modems, cable and

ADSL modems, wireless LAN products and other

data communications products under the Zoom,

Hayes and Global Village brands.

Personnel: Frank Manning, President/CEO; Peter

Kramer, EVP.

Acquisitions: Zoom Telephonics acquired the Boca

and Global Village brands in Q3 of 2000 and intends

to bring new Global Village products, including

cable and ADSL modems, to market in 2001. Global

Village is the premier brand name in the

Macintosh marketplace.

Partner Companies: Zoom is a CableLabs affiliate

and was one of the first vendors to achieve DOCSIS

1.0 certification for a PCI cable modem. Zoom is

also a CableLabs Go2Broadband retail merchandising

affiliate and involved in both Excite@Home and

Microsoft WHQL certification for both its PCI and

USB cable modems.

Additional Information: Zoom products are available

in more than 3,000 of the highest volume computer

retailers in the United States and more than 5,000

resellers worldwide.

COPYRIGHT 2000 Copyright by Media Central Inc., A PRIMEDIA Company. All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT 2003 Gale Group

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