Playboy Heats Up Reality

Andrea Figler

Playboy Entertainment Group will offer its own take on the reality craze this fall with the debut of its original series 7 Lives Xposed.

The show-part of which is scripted-follows seven actors in a loft equipped with 40 hidden cameras in Glendale, Calif. Devinn Lane, an adult film star, who helped create the series will also appear in it. The gimmick involves incentives: The subjects are told that the more times they have sex on camera, the more traffic an accompanying website will get and the more money contestants will receive.

Sol Weisel, Playboy’s EVP of production, called the series “our most unusual project to date. We took the most interesting elements of reality television and combined them with scripted drama and a sexy young cast,” he said in a statement.

The series will run on Playboy’s cable channel, which is available to 29 million cable and satellite subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, often on a pay-per-view basis. Any sexual activity depicted will not be as hard-core as that featured on the company’s explicit sister networks, Hot Networks and the Hot Zone. Earlier this month the company exercised an option in its contract to buy the networks-which it sold several years ago-to drive revenue growth.

7 Lives Xposed will air 13 half-hour episodes, slated to run through August of next year. Snippets of the show and actors’ biographies will also be found on a

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