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Why does have such high hopes for its PPV Webcast of Backstreet Boys?

The group’s appeal and its multi-platinum Millennium album aside, has developed marketing support in both the on-line and off-line worlds, according to Chris Coyle, director of international marketing at was the official sponsor of Backstreet Boys Into “The Millennium” North American Tour. The Web music company ran a 60-second video clip before and after each concert. The company also placed computer kiosks showcasing its Web site at each concert, and distributed temporary tattoos heralding the Webcast. And gave away concert tickets in local market promotions.

Online, gave away tickets and VIP backstages passes, as well as special, group-signed merchandise to generate awareness and attention. also is working on several traffic-building programs with the Backstreet Boys official Web site, and other affiliated companies, including Microsoft Network, which is a sponsor of the PPV Webcast. Targeted e-mails also are being used to promote the site.

Coyle also believes the long window between March 15 and July 31 will drive digital buys and dollars. “The PPV model on television allows for a few replays In a small window, maybe three times the first weekend and some subsequent airings. The viewer also can’t stop, start or rewind the concert,” he said. “Now, viewers can determine the schedule.”

Next up for Is “Lifehouse,” from Pete Townshend. “Lifehouse” was to be the sequel to The Who’s rock opus “Tommy” 30 years ago. MCY. com recorded the two performances of Lifehouse at London’s Badler’s Wells Theatre Feb. 25 and 26. The story augurs o world In which human contact has been largely interrupted by the grid, a Web-like system that Is transcended by music.

Originally written in 1971, between “Tommy” and “Quadrophenia,” “Lifehouse” was conceived as a film and Interactive event. It Includes such Who classics as “Babe O’Riley,” “Behind Blue Eyes” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again”; music from Townshend solo projects, and new, unreleased material written and developed for this project.

The material also Includes Interviews, audience Q&A sessions with Townshend, and footage from the Feb. 25-26 concerts. Coyle said MCY. com and Townshend have more than 100 hours of tape to edit.

“Lifehouse” will be available as a PPV Webcast In May or June, which will precede a summer tour by The Who. Pricing, packaging and the length of the Webcast hasn’t been determined. wants to keep working with A-level artists, and is considering more one-off shows like McCartney at The Cavern Club and Townshend’s “Lifehouse.” Coyle also said MCY. com is talking to artists about “creating special shows in the studio. We and performers are interested in creating unique experiences.”

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