Is TV Losing Viewers to the Internet?

Not according to the latest research from ESPN.

For years it’s been assumed that the growth of Internet-based broadband services has come at the expense of traditional TV viewing. After all, there are only so many hours in the day consumers can spend on the entertainment media.

Turns out this assumption is completely untrue. In fact, since 1992 most Americans have been spending more time in front of the tube each year, according to research compiled by ESPN. Last year, the average household watched eight hours and two minutes of TV each day. That represents a 37-minute hike from five years ago, according to ESPN’s research, which was provided exclusively to CableWORLD.

The numbers also show that the increase in cable viewing is greater than the decrease in broadcast viewing. “I know some of the reasons for this,” said Glenn Enoch, VP, audience research, ESPN. “People are watching more cable at off-hours during the day.”

As evidence, Enoch pointed to the two time slots that showed the biggest gains: 2-6 a.m. (+eight minutes) and 6-9 a.m. (+six minutes). “The amount of programming choices on cable has increased significantly,” Enoch said. “Cable programming is available at all times of the day.”

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