Cox’s Legal Eagle Keeps Eye on Hiring Practices

By Simon Applebaum

When Cox established a legal department for its cable systems 12 years ago, Jim Hatcher was it–the boss and the support staff.

Hatcher now oversees 59 people as SVP of legal and regulatory affairs. And he’s doing his best to pursue an inclusive workplace environment–even with contractors Cox hires.

Law firms intending to work with Cox must demonstrate that they strive for diversity in-house before they get the MSO’s business, Hatcher says. “Up front, they’re told diversity is important to us, and [we] ask them to shoot for the same goals.”

As 2005 started, 14 people in Hatcher’s department–38% of the staff– were people of color. Thirteen of 20 attorneys were women. “We try to create an environment where people want to work for you,” Hatcher says.

Cox’s initiatives inside and outside of Hatcher’s domain received a commendation last month from the Minority Corporate Counsel Association. The citation: “Employer of Choice.”

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