North Carolina Biotechnology Center grants $525,000 in awards

North Carolina Biotechnology Center grants $525,000 in awards

Four small biotechnology companies have received loans totaling $525,000 from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center to advance their research on gene delivery and potential treatments for asthma, diabetes and HIV.

Oriel Therapeutics Inc. and Tranzyme Inc., both based in Research Triangle Park, and Ribonomics Inc. of Durham each received $150,000 from the Center’s Small Business Research Awards program. Oriel is performing a clinical evaluation of its multidose dry powder inhaler in the delivery of commercially available formoterol, a bronchodilator, to asthmatic patients. Tranzyme is accelerating applications of its gene delivery technology, TranzVector, in the area of gene silencing. Ribonomics is establishing a blueprint for the organization of inappropriately regulated genes that causes loss of insulin production and insulin responsiveness in diabetics.

Kucera Pharmaceutical Co. of Winston-Salem was awarded $75,000 through the Center’s SBIR Bridge Fund program to continue its studies of KPC-2, a novel compound for the treatment of HIV.

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