Biotechnology Center celebrates 20th anniversary

Biotechnology Center celebrates 20th anniversary

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center celebrated its 20th anniversary in October with a hoedown, pig pickin’ and hundreds of guests.

Entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, scientists, educators and service providers gathered under white tents to reminisce about the early phases of the Biotechnology Center and what a success it has been in developing the industry and creating new jobs statewide.

Max Wallace, serial entrepreneur, on the Biotechnology Center:

“It’s played a big role in the development of the region. The Center has helped start companies, recruit companies, and has created a culture. I’ve traveled to Europe and the Far East, and wherever I go people ask me about biotech’s success in North Carolina. It’s bioeverywhere. I tell them it all started 50 years ago when Research Triangle Park was created and 20 years ago when the Biotech Center was launched. “

Leslie Alexandre, Biotechnology Center president and CEO, joins Bob Timmins, Center board chairman, and his wife Anne in celebrating 20 years of success in biotechnology (left).

Max Wallace, serial entrepreneur; Stuart Bondurant, former Center board chairman; and Larry Robbins, a partner at Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP (below), enjoy the festivities.

Kickin’ Grass band (left) played bluegrass music as guests square danced and clogged (below left).

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