WCW Rankings – wrestlers

WCW Rankings – wrestlers – Brief Article

1. Scott Steiner

After defeating Kevin Nash at February’s SuperBrawl, Steiner has survived yet another pay-per-view with his title intact. Now that another babyface has been put into “retirement,” who will be the next challenger for the “genetic freak?”

2. Rick Steiner

Rick Steiner’s thorough dismantling of Dustin Rhodes at SuperBrawl cemented his status as a champion. Could a Steiner vs. Steiner feud be next? Rick Steiner is proving there may be some bite left in the old dog.

3. Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett continues to be a major player in the federation. As the younger wrestlers continue to develop, his veteran knowledge and leadership will be vital.

4. Diamond Dallas Page

Page gained a split in his bouts with Chris Kanyon and Jarrett at SuperBrawl.

5. Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes continues to give it his all in the ting despite his concerns regarding the creative direction of his character. A seasoned veteran, Rhodes will find a way to gain momentum and popularity with the crowd.

6. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Although his matches at SuperBrawl and the following “Nitro” were less than spectacular, Guerrero is being counted on to help develop the cruiserweight division. When both are on top of their games, a feud between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Guerrero should not be missed.

7. Hugh Morrus

Big plans must be in store for Morrus as he defeated Lance Storm at SuperBrawl. Morrus, a technically sound wrestler, seems to have the backing of WCW’s creative team.

8. Lance Storm

Storm appears to be nothing more than a tropical depression as WCW’s creative team has destroyed most of his heat. Storm is an excellent wrestler and needs another chance to showcase his tremendous skills.

9. Rev Mysterio Jr.

Fans who tuned into SuperBrawl got a glimpse of the past as Mysterio briefly donned his mask. Now that the cruiser-weights are going to be emphasized, was this a taste of what’s to come? Fans sure hope so.

10. The Cat

The Cat managed to regain his role as commissioner and start a new cruiserweight division all in a matter of two days. The Cat is one of the most popular and electrifying workers in the federation.


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