Dept. of missing wrestlers – The Fans Speak Out

Dept. of missing wrestlers – The Fans Speak Out – Letter to the Editor

Could you please tell me if Sting is still wrestling? Will he ever work in WWE? On your list of the top 50 wrestlers of the last 50 years [April 2002], why wasn’t Sting No. 1?

Chris Chambley

Fitzgerald, Ga.

Sting is basically retired. He has turned down requests to wrestle from all the startup groups and apparently has no interest in working for WWE. From what we hear, he does not want to go on the road anymore and just wants to spend time with his family. As for the assertion that Sting is the greatest wrestler of the last 50 years, we’re glad your a big fan, but that’s just silly.

Where’s the Ultimate Warrior? I’ve been a fan of the Ultimate Warrior for a long time. So, I was wondering what he’s doing, where he’s at, or if he’s still alive? I haven’t seen him anywhere for a while.

Patrick Tiff

Owatonna, Minn.

The Ultimate Warrior is retired and he has no plans to wrestle at this time.

Could you please tell me what happened to Ken Shamrock and if he will ever come back to WWE?

Brandon Collard

Green, Ohio

Shamrock is currently the NWA world champion and one of the stars of the new NWA TNA. To learn more about this ambitious new federation, check out our story, “A Strange Marriage,” beginning on p. 58.

I really like your magazine. I would like to know where former WWE women’s champion Chyna is? I haven’t seen her in the ring in a long time.

Kenneth Jones

Durham, N.C.

Chyna is trying to make it as an actress. She was seen recently on Fox’s celebrity boxing show, where she lost a match by decision to Joey Buttafucco.

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