Being kind to mankind – The Fans Speak Out

Being kind to mankind – The Fans Speak Out – Letter to the Editor

December’s issue of WRESTLING DIGEST painted an excellent and poised portrait of Mick Foley [“From the Squared Circle to the Best-Seller List”]. I do have to say that I too am very disappointed in “women’s magazines” for not supporting Mick Foley and his creative writing genius.

I for one would be proud to show Foley’s face on the cover of my magazine–if I owned one. I really don’t understand why these magazines wouldn’t want Mick in their pages. He is an excellent writer and excellent entertainer. He’s funny, creative, imaginative, and, to me, is a good-looking guy. He brings many people to the sides of wrestling rings all across America with his impressive talent; he could do just the same with magazines supporting his writing talent.

For Foley to say that he is not a good-looking guy is terribly wrong. Foley has a warm heart that shows right through his kindness-filled eyes. He is a very good-looking man with a beautiful wife and charming children. That alone should make anyone in the entertainment business support him fully. He might not be “the Rock,” but he is Mick Foley. He is “Mr. Hardcore.” Mick Foley, keep going. You’re making every wrestling fan damn proud.

Hope Cerdan

Gilroy, Calif.

About the article “From the Squared Circle to the Best-Seller List,” I think that Mick Foley looks very handsome. He would probably look “better looking” in the eyes of magazines such as People, however, if he cut his hair nicely and business-like.

Also, it will be nice to see Shawn Michaels back in the ring in the future [“Breaking Hearts, Unbroken Spirits,” December]. Even if he is not one of the big guys who make it to the top, he is a good performer and he makes me laugh.

Jennifer Stewart

Tuckerton, N.J.

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