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Sean Malto: “whoa, that was weird”

Sean Malto: “whoa, that was weird”

Sam Smyth

Mowgli, The Jungle Book character to whom you bear a striking resemblance, is from the jungles of India. What’s your ethnic background?

My dad’s Filipino, and my mom’s white.

So you’re not really Koston’s son like everyone thinks?

I don’t think so.

How old are you?


Koston would have had to be 15 or so. Hmmm, I’m going to see if he was on any H-Street tours through Kansas around 1990. How old were you when you sent me your first video?


How long had you been skating? ‘Cause I was sort of tripping on how you 5-0’d that huge rail.

About four years.

You’ve definitely grown about two feet since then, right?

Probably. Every time I see people they say I’ve grown a little bit.

What’s your approach to skating a big rail or stairs?

I try to keep my confidence up. When I 5-0’d that one in my video, I kind of closed my eyes. I don’t even remember going down. I just remember popping and rolling away, like, “Whoa, that was weird.” I try to pay a little more attention now when I’m skating something big. Do like 15 ollies on flatground, and go for it.

Do you like skating contests?

What’s your approach to that?

Not my favorite thing to skate, but they’re fun … so long as no one’s taking it too seriously. I try tricks I think I can do, but still bail because I’m nervous.

Do you ever get embarrassed at contests?

For some reason I fall really hard at contests. First year at Tampa I tried a nollie boardslide on the rail and hit my face on the ground. This year at Tampa I sacked on a flatbar trying to do a Smith grind. It’s embarrassing, falling really hard in front of a bunch of people.

Remember the first time you came to visit Los Angeles and we met Tim Gavin for lunch? What’d he ask you?

He said, “What’d you do, win a Crailtap contest or something?” Like I wrote in and won lunch with the team or something.

I saw you on Rob & Big last night. Did you play with the little horse?

Yeah, that thing is small, but strong. I was kicking it with him a bit. He stepped on my foot, and it hurt so bad. He just poops in the house–anywhere.

Has anyone else from your neighborhood been on MTV?

I don’t think so.

Guess you’re hot shit then, huh?

I wouldn’t say that.

Do you have a girlfriend?


How come they kicked you out of school?

I was in home school and I wasn’t doing my work. They said I only earned half a credit all semester, so I was out of there. My dad said, “Congratulations, you’ve been kicked out of home school.”

Not exactly what your dad had planned, was it?

No, it wasn’t. He was thinking I’d get straight A’s through high school, straight to West Point, and then the Army like he did. I was the first one out of me and my three older brothers to have the grades to do it. But I blew it. For some reason he’s pretty cool about me skating instead.

What’s your hometown scene like?

I have a bunch of friends that I skate with everyday. And I see a lot of kids at the parks and on the streets. I think skateboarding is getting a lot bigger in Kansas City.

Do you still hang with all your buddies from the Through Being Nice video?

Oh yeah, everyday. My friend has this house that’s bigger than everybody else’s house. We call it The Mansion. I stay there four or five days out of the week. I’ll just go home to grab clothes, and head back to The Mansion. That’s where everybody hangs out. We go skate from there everyday.

What’s up with the Kansas, Colorado, Arizona connection?

Well, all my friends and I went to skate in Denver. We met these guys, Bucky and the Fredrickson Twins. They were really cool; they were down with the Wet Boys, Jarred Saba, and those guys. We kept going to Denver, and they’d come skate Kansas. The Denver guys were cool with a bunch of skaters in Arizona, so we connected like that. A couple times a year everyone will come to Kansas, then we’ll go to Denver, and down to Arizona. It’s really fun to hang with your homies, skate, and stay at random houses.

Do you have an urge to move to California?

I was thinking about it, but I don’t know. Kansas has been working out for me so fan It’s hard for me to imagine not waking up at The Mansion and skating with those guys. It could be exciting to live somewhere new, but the last couple years I’ve been traveling a lot, so that works, too.

Want to tell me the story of when you and your friends got kicked out of that Long Beach party?

Hopefully no one hates us or anything. It was New Year’s in Long Beach. I was like 15, sitting around, people were getting really drunk. We picked up our homie from Oklahoma on the way to Call. He was passed out on the couch. Out of nowhere, he got up and started pissing all over the kitchen. Boosh and Scan Peterson grabbed him and threw him out. My friend tried to clean it up, but they still kicked us all out. It got kind of crazy. This kid Robin I was with tried fighting everyone by himself. We broke that up and got in the van. Then Scan Peterson runs up, throws the van door open, and starts swinging on everybody. So Sean got thrown to the floor and soccer kicked in the face.

So when you see Sean Peterson is it on, or do you want to squash it?

I’ve seen him a few times since then. I’m sure he doesn’t remember the littlest kid sitting in the back of the van.

Do you like being able to room with Devine on DC and Girl trips?

Yeah, he’s a good guy. Easy to share a room with. We’ve been friends for a while now.

What do you think of Brad Staba?

He’s an asshole, but somehow the coolest person ever.

Do you want a shot on King of the Road?

Should Thrasher let Girl go again?

Yeah, it seems super fun to me. I hope they give Girl another shot so I can go.

How do you want to sign off?

Thanks to Tim Chilen, and everyone who helped me out.

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