Redman – Reggie Noble, singer

Redman – Reggie Noble, singer – Interview

Rocwilda’s Birthday Party, Le Hermitage, Beverly Hills

May Schneider who got the key to my Ryder–Shelbleeezy and Xceptional, you know how we do…rolling through Beverly Hills in the hired Ryder truck and rockin’ the new Angel Biotek. “Don’t bite bitch, shirt’s looking fly.” On the way to meet Reggie Noble, aka the Funk Doctor Spock, aka Redman. We pull up out front of the luxury, five-star hotel and park the Ryder next to the sparkling new shiny Bentleys, Porsches, Jags, and Rollers. We bounce out of the truck, throw the valet the keys and a quarter. “Yo! Park this beotch.” On into the hotel lobby to meet Doc. We sit and chill with Rocwilda, the Def Squad, their harem of ladies, and discuss birth signs. After a few drinks the Doc appears. He growls “Aiiight!” at Shel then bounces back up to is suite. A few drinks later Doc appears again. He walks around the party for a minute and bounces back into the elevator. Either he is setting us up for some of that MTV shit or he is going to blaze another blunt; whatever man. After a few more drinks the Doc returns to the party, sits down and stares at us. Redman’s in tha house, tha Gilla House. You wanna be a monkey, be a Gilla! Ooh! Aah! Aah!

What we call Gilla is a form of life, man. You know how muthafuckaz say you gettin’ gully? Well, with us you know we are gorillas, but we ain’t gonna say we are gorillas. We’re Gillas. That’s our way of being. We gonna get Gilla on it, you know. That’s the way for the day.

Trying to work on this new album I’m coming out with; trying to get my artists done like Icarus, Socrates, and Ellis III. We got a lot of things poppin’. We’re trying to get this Gilla House Records off the ground.

Yeah, Rocwilda, Keith Murray. Eric Sermon. You know, the basic cats from the Def Squad. Quick word to Rocwilda as it’s his birthday.

Let’s see… I’d like to do another joint with Timbaland. I’d like to hit Neptunes up for something, but really I like to deal with underground producers just coming up.

Let’s see…about 20 or 25 in a day.


Ugh! We watched a lot of movies, like Bachelor Party, Animal House–we got a lot of stuff from that too, ya know.

Basically they were our ideas. They just incorporated our ideas into the script.

Brick City got a lot of artists coming up right now. As far as the major artists out there you got Rah Digga and Tha Outsidaz. Then there’s Eazy Dunn and the Governor coming up. There’s this kid called AVE coming up. He won the BET 106 seven times in a row.

Yeah. I skated a little bit in the ‘hood, but I was never any good at it. I do a little biking, that’s it.

I dunno, man. I gotta name five then I gotta name a 100. I like tracks from Niggaz 4 Life by NWA, everything from EPMD. If I named five tracks right now I’d be cheating myself.

I got some good-ass green from Amsterdam. They got the good shit over there. Then there’s this kid over here in California and he got the bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb. Right here in LA, he got the bomb.

Yeah! I listen to a lot of reggae cuts. I listen to Capleton, Bounty Killa, The Haiti Kid, that’s my boy right there.

I wouldn’t mind, for real.

It’s called Dkazi Bikes and Boards. We like that dirty, grungy shit. We want to get down with the skaters and the bike riders. It’s a new line from surf to skate to BMX to bike, ya know. It’s Dkazi denim and clothing coming to ya.

Brush my teeth–no, piss. Take a piss.

My Def Squad immediate family Eric Sermon and Keith Murray. My Brick City family, I’d like to give a shout out to the Wolves, the whole Wu-Tang Clan and Gilla House. Get that shit out there, man. Gilla House, bash that shit out man.

Haters, we love y’all out there. Y’all what’s making us strong. — Aki X

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