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Miracle whip

Miracle whip – Static

Fritz Quindt

Miracle whip: The night before Disney’s Miracle (the film, guaranteed to spark unprecedented hockey nostalgia) opens in theaters February 6, “A Night of Miracles” (the programming block, epitomizing corporate synergy) will play on ESPN Classic. The four hours hosted by Kurt Russell include a full-length rerun of the USA-USSR semifinal from the 1980 Winter Olympics, complete with AI Michaels’ play-by-play–and Ken Dryden’s analysis, which is as forgotten as the caveat that ABC originally showed this historic game on tape delay.

Russell is the movie’s star and has Herb Brooks’ accent down cold, but Michaels deserves a nomination for Best Soundtrack. (See also the 1981 TV flick Miracle on Ice, in which Michaels played himself, Karl Malden was Brooks and Steve Guttenberg costarred as Jim Craig). Also: Just like the recreated hockey sequences, Disney had Michaels voice-over most of his own descriptions. The words are identical yet sound … staged. The final reel was left pristine. His “Do you believe in miracles?”–the most famous phrase in sportscastingdom–is the genuine feel-good call.


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