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No-frills pistol offers affordable protection

No-frills pistol offers affordable protection

Lisa Parsons-Wraith

Women who love a bargain will be flocking to your store for Kahr’s value-priced pistol, the CW9 or Concealed Weapon 9mm. Kahr is calling the CW9 “the best Concealed Carry Weapon in the market.” Kahr says the little 9mm is the ideal combination of stopping power and shooting comfort. It is also a very slim gun with a width of just .9-inch and a very light weight of 15.8 ounces. It is 6 inches long and has a height of 4.5 inches, making it very concealable. To round out the concealed carry package, the CW9 sports a capacity of 7+1 9mm rounds.


Kahr attributes the value pricing of the CW9 to new manufacturing processes, but the trimmed-down price can also be attributed to the fact that the CW9 only comes with one magazine. Other cost saving measures on the CW9, as compared to Kahr’s P9, are a pinned-in polymer front sight, conventional barrel rifling, simple engraving on the side, less machining operations on the slide exterior and a metal-injection-molded slide-stop lever. Also, the CW9 cannot be retrofitted with night sights, because the slide does not have a front dovetail cut. Priced at $140 less than the standard Kahr P9, the CW9 is a great value for the money.

According to company, the CW9’s “smooth double-action trigger reduces flinch, improving shot placement and is safer. In stressful situations, fine motor control is impaired, contributing to the possibility of accidental discharges with traditional single-action triggers found on many autos and revolvers. The CW9’s natural point-of-aim and low felt recoil make it an ideal gun to shoot and carry.”

The bottom line is this no-frills gun offers women very affordable and reliable personal protection. Women who want to own a pistol for self-defense that is very concealable and easy to shoot will appreciate the CW9’s value priced quality and overlook the fact that it is less refined than other Kahrs.

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