Mind boggling

Mind boggling – Letters to the Editor

I thought you’d like to know the rest of the Staying Out Of Jail story (“Back Blast,” November 2002). The end result is even more mind boggling than the story (Donald Guthrie was arrested and charged with robbing a bank to cover a hot check he wrote to get out of jail). At Guthrie’s trial, his mother said he had enough money on the day of the bank robbery. Since he did not need to rob the bank, it couldn’t have been him.

When he was arrested, Guthrie had bank money in his wallet. His defense lawyer claimed someone had set him up and had planted the money in his wallet. The jury found him not guilty. Talk about a jury of one’s peers! Were they crooks, too? If not, they sure were gullible.

I really enjoy your magazine and “Back Blast.” Keep up the good work.

James Rockwell

Salladasburg, Pa.

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