The Walther Nighthawk pistol

The Walther Nighthawk pistol

J.I. Galan

One of the slickest looking pellet pistols was launched recently by the world-renowned Walther company of Germany. Using as its core component Walther’s popular Model CP Sport CO2 powered pellet pistol, the Nighthawk comes with a plethora of accessories making this mild-mannered .177 caliber pellet-popper look like something out of “Q’s” shop in a James Bond flick. Looks aside, the Nighthawk is an outstanding sporting package intended for home target and tactical shooting practice.

Supplied with a comprehensive mounting system for accessories such as a short flashlight, a Walther Top Point electronic dot sight, as well as a screw on aluminum compensator, the Nighthawk is a real handful, tipping the scales at 2.3 lbs. with all that hardware attached. The silencer-like compensator is arguably the most lethal-looking accessory. Although it does not diminish tire discharge report of the pistol in any appreciable way, its heft helps in maintaining a steady hold while shooting.

With its 8-shot rotary pellet magazine, the Nighthawk is truly a terrific general purpose plinker that can also dispatch marauding rodents. Shooting tests gave creditable results, with our test Nighthawk producing a muzzle velocity averaging 363 fps. Each disposable 12-gram CO2 canister–housed in the grip–gave enough gas for approximately 50 shots. With its flashlight mounted, shooting in dim light conditions was air exciting experience. The red dot sight came adjusted tot 10 meters or so. and groups at that distance hovered around 1″ across. The Walther Nighthawk comes in a hard-sided carrying case with all the mentioned accessories, plus Alien keys and instruction manual.

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