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Short Shells For Short Guns

Short Shells For Short Guns

Holt Bodinson

One of the interesting spin-offs of the cowboy action shooting game has been the appearance of reasonably priced, short-barreled, hammer guns. These short-barreled, big-bore boomers are rather colorful, nostalgic and handle surprisingly well. If fact, they’re not only simple and practical personal-defense guns, but also have sporting qualities as well. Frankly, the bottom line is they’re awfully fun to shoot.

Standard 2 3/4″ field loads with 1 1/8 oz. of shot have a tendency to sting a bit when fired in these short, light hammer guns. Looking for an alternative, we broke out some Aguila 1 3/4″ Minishells and some 2″ 50mm Super Game cartridges by Game Bore. The Minishells held 5/8 oz. of #7 1/2s, while Game Bore’s 2″ loading carried 24 grams of #6s.

The combination of short shells in short coach gun barrels proved ideal. Patterns, even with the 5/8 oz. Minishells, were sufficiently balanced to take anything flying at 25 yards. Recoil was minimal. The use of short shells just changes the whole character of these short, double-barreled side-by-sides.

A short-barreled, hammer gun like the Charles Daly Liberty Coach model stuffed with “shorts” is a load of fun.

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