Skin to win: your body needs a grooming game plan

A five-hour round on a sweltering summer day can leave your skin stressed and your body a little gamy. Fortunately, there are plenty of products designed to protect the health and appearance of your skin and get you smelling nice again (for more on sun protection, see page 127). A few tips: (1) Before shaving, shower or apply a hot towel to soften your beard. Then use a pre-shave oil and a shave gel to help the razor glide smoothly. (2) Moisturize after shaving. (3) Streamline: Try products that have dual use, such as a moisturizer with sunblock or a two-in-one shampoo and body wash.

1 Fragrances sized right for an overnight bag: “Your Scent, Your Style” set by Giorgio Armani, $80.

2 Zirh’s Defend SPF 15 moisturizer is suitable for sensitive skin, $29.

3 Grooming Lounge Beard Master shave oil protects the skin while you shave, $21.

4 Polo “Black” hair and body wash is multipurpose and smells nice, $19.

5 L’Oreal Men’s Expert Comfort Max shave balm soothes and hydrates post-shave, $7.

6 Bigelow’s Dr. Galen Lather Shave contains mint to help cool the skin, $14.

7 NutriMenC RE9 shave gel by Arbonne gives a close, burn-free shave, $18.

8 Throw these in your golf bag: MD Skincare sunscreen pads with vitamin C by Dr. Dennis Gross, $38 for 60.

9 Lab Series SPF 15 lotion hydrates, soothes and reconditions, $38.


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