Tiger Tips : Posture, eyes key your putting – Brief Article

Tiger Woods

Proper posture and good eye alignment are two of the most important elements of a consistent putting stroke. Whenever I’m struggling on the greens, I can usually trace the cause to a mistake in one or both of these areas.

Stand tall to make more putts

Bending over too much in your stance causes two problems: (1) Your eyes won’t be in position to see the line of the putt clearly. (2) Your hands and arms get in so close to your body that the freedom of your stroke is restricted. Stand tall instead.

Your eyes should be directly over the ball. Poor, bent-over posture increases the possibility that you will set your head and eyes behind the ball. From that position, you tend to look out to the right of the intended line. That forces your brain and body to make a compensation during the stroke to get the ball on line. Just as in the full swing, the more such variables, the less chance of making a repeating stroke.

Standing taller also creates a more upright, less rounded spine angle and frees space for your arms and hands to make the stroke. The result: less tension and greater feel.

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