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System credited with saving three lives

System credited with saving three lives

Rice, Derek

During the due diligence stage of its partnership with UpLink, ClubCar learned about some instances in which theUpLink system had saved lives. These cases came as welcome news to UpLink, said Jeff Connolly.

“ClubCar was doing their due dilligence on us, so they called all of our customers and asked all kinds of questions, and they found some things out about what our customers’ experience has been that we didn’t know,” he said. “There were three lives that were attributed to having been saved by the use of the UpLink system.”

Two of those instances were heart attacks, while the third was a bee or wasp sting that caused an allergic reaction, Connolly said.

“Not only were they able to notify the course that there was a problem, but their location was known by the course, so they knew where to send the EMS folks precisely where they were,” he said. “The fellow with the anaphylactic shock problem was saved, and the EMS folks reported that he didn’t have much time left if he hadn’t gotten that injection when he did.”

– Derek Rice

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