Of Marty and Dick

Of Marty and Dick – The Fans Speak Out

Hugh Southall

In reference to your head coach rankings [“From the Top Dogs to the Real Dogs,” August 2003], first let me say that whenever one attempts such a task, it’s always going to be left open for criticism. People are going to be unhappy no matter how you rank them. By and large, you guys did a great job–the story was both insightful and Interesting. However, two coaches got the short end of the first down: Dick Vermeil and Marty Schottenheimer. How can Vermeil rank a lowly No. 18? All he did was turn around the St. Louis Rams, who had been famous for losing seasons. As for Schottenheimer, it doesn’t matter what criteria you use for the rankings. When a list places this guy, one of the modern-day greats, at No. 23, then something is amiss.

Hugh Southall

Melbourne, Australia

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