Wolfe turns the ABC Masters into amateur night with his title win – PBA: ABC Masters

Wolfe turns the ABC Masters into amateur night with his title win – PBA: ABC Masters – Brief Article

Brett Wolfe became the sixth amateur in 52 years to capture the prestigious ABC Masters, defeating Dennis Horan Jr. in the title match, 269-172, in front of a hometown crowd to earn a record-tying prize of $100,000. “I’m glad it wasn’t close,” Wolfe said. “I like blowouts.”

The 25-year-old, competing in his first ABC Masters event, became the only amateur bowler in history to qualify as the tournament leader. Wolfe, who doesn’t regularly compete in tournaments, took a few days off from work in order to attend the Masters.

Wolfe bowled a clean game in the title match. He started with a 3-10 spare in the first frame before rolling six consecutive strikes. “It was the shot I expected it to be,” Wolfe said. “I was pretty confident. In practice, my ball was going where I wanted it to.”

Horan struggled throughout the match and was unable to put together a double. “I didn’t trust the ball off of my hand and it showed,” said Horan, who left two opens thanks to splits (the 3-7-9 in the 5th and the 6-8-10 in the 8th).

Horan, who received $50,000 for second place, struck in the 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 9th frames, and on his fill ball. He converted spares in the 2nd (6-pin), 4th (2-4-7-8 combination), 7th (10-pin), and 10th frames (5-pin).

“I was thinking Brett would get nervous [in] his first telecast and I could catch up,” said Horan, who was looking for his fifth PBA win. “But it didn’t take long to realize that wasn’t going to happen. He deserved that win. I think it’s awesome.”

Wolfe, who is the first amateur to win the ABC Masters since Brian Boghosian did it in 1999, has no concrete plans to join the PBA. “Before this event, I wondered if I could be competitive with these guys,” Wolfe said. “I had more doubt than confidence, but now it is the other way around.”

ABC Masters

January 20, 2002

National Bowling Stadium, Reno

Name Avg./Games Winnings

1. Brett Wolfe 269/1 $100,000

2. Denis Horan Jr. 206/3 50,000

3. Ricky Ward 224/1 25,000

4. Steve Jaros 190/1 15,000

Championship Finals

Match 1 Horan def. Jaros 216-190

Semifinal Horan def. Ward 230-224

Final Wolfe def. Horan 269-172

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