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Pro tour results – Statistical Data Included

Senior PBA: Senior Tarheel Open

After an early scare, Chamberlain rolls to the Tarheel title

Bob Chamberlain defeated Guppy Troup, 205-171, to claim his second career senior title and $8,000 in the finals of the Tarheel Open.

After a clutch victory in the opening match of ladder play, the fifth-seeded Chamberlain rolled to the title. In that first match Chamberlain defeated Allie Clarke by throwing three strikes in the 10th frame to tie the score at 179 and force a rolloff. Clarke threw a nine on his shot; Chamberlain threw a strike to advance.

Chamberlain then went on a tear, defeating Bob Glass, 233-196, starting the match with six consecutive strikes. He then threw 10 out of 12 strikes for a 263 game (he would miss in the 2nd frame, leaving a flush 7-10, and again on his fill ball in the 10th) to defeat Ron Winger and advance to the final.

Senior Tarheel Open

September 27, 2001

Northcross Lanes by the Lakes, Huntersville, N.C.

Name Avg./Games Winnings

1. Bob Chamberlain 220/4 $8,000

2. Guppy Troup 171/1 4,500

3. Ron Winger 232/1 3,500

4. Bob Glass 196/1 3,000

5. Allie Clarke 179/1 2,500

Championship Finals

Match 1 Chamberlain def. Clarke 179-179

Match 2 Chamberlain def. Glass 233-196

Match 3 Chamberlain def. Winger 263-232

Final Chamberlain def. Troup 205-171

PWBA: Jacksonville Open

Even as a low seed, Dorin-Ballard continues to dominate the PWBA

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard climbed from the No. 5 spot all the way to her sixth title of the 2001 PWBA campaign and 16th of her career, after defeating Leanne Barrette, 234-191, in the championship match of the $50,000 Jacksonville Open.

A winner at the 1999 Jacksonville Classic, Dorin-Ballard became just the second PWBA player this season to win a tournament as the No. 5 seed. The victory earned her $9,000, and was her 14th TV appearance in her last 16 tournaments. “Almost all of my wins this year came when I was the No. 1 seed,” said Dorin-Ballard. “I knew it was going to be a tremendous challenge to win as a No. 5 seed because I would be facing great competition.”

In her semifinals match, the 1998 Player of the Year controlled most the bout with Carol Gianotti-Block, stringing together two stretches of four consecutive strikes despite leaving open frames in the 6th and 8th.

“I was very streaky in the semis, but fortunately I had an early lead on Carol, which took some of the pressure off,” said Dorin-Ballard. “Carol shot high that entire week, so I knew I had to score high to defeat her.

“What a year this has been. Sometimes things just click for me, and that was one of those nights where I had some luck when I needed it and I executed when I had to.”

Jacksonville Open

September 27, 2001

Cassat Batt Bowl, Jacksonville, Fla.

Name Avg./Games Winnings

1. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard 226/3 $9,000

2. Leanne Barrette 191/1 4,800

3. Carol Gianotti-Block 175/1 3,000

4. Tammy Turner 197/1 2,500

5. Kelly Kulick 214/1 2,200

Championship Finals

Match 1 Dorin-Ballard def. Kulick 221-214

Dorin-Ballard def. Turner 221-197

Match 2 Dorin-Ballard def. Gianotti-Block 223-175

Final Dorin-Ballard def. Barrette 234-191

PBA: Peoria Open

First-time winner Pilon benefits from the PBA’s new tournament format

The PBA’s new tournament format and new season helped usher in a new champion. Kurt Pilon won the season opener of the 2001-2002 PBA season to capture his first career victory after defeating Paul Koehler in the title match, 202-182. “How do you like the new PBA?” shouted Pilon to a packed crowed at Landmark Lanes.

Pilon seems to like the “new” PBA just fine. The 29-year-old, making his second career television appearance, won $40,000 for the title–more than double the average first-place prize in 2000. “That’s the biggest prize I’ve ever won? said Pilon, who competed for years in high-roller tournaments as an amateur. “Not just because of the money, but also the prestige that goes with it.”

The tournament featured a new format, consisting of single-elimination brackets and a $200,000 prize fund, up 140% from last year.

In the finals, Pilon built a sturdy lead as he struck or marked in each of the first seven frames. Koehler suffered an open 2nd frame due to a 6-7-10 split that he was unable to convert, but he kept the pressure on Pilon by alternating strikes and single-pin spares through the 7th frame.

Pilon’s lead diminished in the 8th frame when he left the 6-10 combination and failed to pick up the spare, leaving the 6-pin behind and opening the door for Koehler. “I couldn’t believe it when he missed that spare” said Koehler. “I thought it had to be fate and this was going to be my tournament. No one misses that spare”

With hope in sight, Koehler struck in the 8th frame. A solid 9-pin slowed him down in the 9th, but he picked up the spare and still had a chance to shut out Pilon with two strikes and eight pins in the 10th frame. But in one of the biggest shots of his career, Koehler left a difficult 4-10 split. Unable to pick up the split, Koehler watched Pilon attempt to take the title.

Pilon needed to mark in the 10th to stay in contention, and he started the frame with a strike. Although he only needed one more pin to take home the trophy, Pilon struck out to finish his first successful title match. “That day will stay with me for a long, long time,” said Pilon.

Peoria Open

September 25, 2001

Landmark Lanes, Peoria, Ill.

Name Avg./Games Winnings

1. Kurt Pilon 205.5/2 $40,000

2. Paul Koehler 197/2 20,000

3. Brian Himmler 202/2 10,000

3. Brian Voss 179/1 10,000

5. Steve Wilson 188/1 9,000

Championship Finals

Wild Card Himmler def. Wilson 216-188

Semifinal Pilon def. Voss 207-179

Semifinal Koehler def. Himmler 212-188

Final Pilon def. Koehler 202-182

PWBA: Storm Challenge

Barrette storms up the ladder en route to victory at Coral Lanes

It was a day of giving and receiving for Leanne Barrette, who came from the No. 3 seed to take home the championship at the $75,000 Storm Challenge. Following victories over Liz Johnson and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, 255-198-182, in the opening shootout, Barrette knocked off Wendy Macpherson in the semifinals and Cara Honeychurch, 224-156 in the title match.

It was Barrette’s second title of the 2001 season and the 22nd of her career. In addition, the two-time PWBA Player of the Year took home a first-place check for $11,000. “I feel as if I bowled really well,” said Barrette. “When you’re competing against three of the best bowlers on the tour, you know you have to bowl strikes in order to win.”

Barrette’s compliment wasn’t merely lip service. Johnson was attempting to become only the fifth bowler in PWBA history to win three consecutive events, Dorin-Ballard had qualified for the championship round in 13 of her past 15 tournaments, and Macpherson was aiming to become the PWBA’s all-time money winner.

Each of those bowlers rolled for much more than individual honors, however. Prior to the start of the championship round, Storm Products, the tournament’s title sponsor, announced it would donate $100 to the American Red Cross for every strike thrown throughout the finals. The five bowlers managed 38 strikes, led by Barrette’s 15, earning a total of $3,800. “I think what Storm did was wonderful,” said Barrette. “It really inspired me in every frame.”

Barrette opened up her first match against Johnson and Dorin-Ballard by rolling five consecutive strikes. In her semifinal match against Macpherson, she rolled seven strikes in a row. “Lately my game has been very streaky,” said Barrette. “But once I get on a role, I start to gain confidence.”

Finishing in second place, Honeychurch took home $6,000 for her effort. The “Thunder From Down Under” entered the finals as the tournament’s No. 1 seed after averaging 215.88 and leading all players with a 9,577 total pin fall and a 17-7 record in match play.

Macpherson closed out the Challenge with a third-place finish and a check for $4,700. With that prize–including TV incentives–Macpherson became the PWBA’s all-time earnings leader. Through this event, over the course of her 15-year career, the 1990s Player of the Decade had won $1,069,685. Aleta Sill was the PBA’s previous all-time money winner, with $1,067,999.

Storm Challenge

September 20, 2001

Coral Lanes, Cape Coral, Fla.

Name Avg./Games Winnings

1. Leanne Barrette 253.3/3 $11,000

2. Cara Honeychurch 156/1 6,000

3. Wendy Macpherson 188/1 4,700

4. Liz Johnson 198/1 3,700

5. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard 182/1 3,000

Championship Finals

Match 1 Barrette def. Johnson 255-198

Barrette def. Dorin-Ballard 255-182

Match 2 Barrette def. Macpherson 227-188

Final Barrette def. Honeychurch 224-156

PWBA: Paula Carter Classic

Johnson’s perfect finish earns her a second consecutive title

Amidst the most unforgettable and tragic week of most Americans’ lives, Liz Johnson was, for a moment, perfect. She bowled a 300 in the title match of the Paula Carter Classic to defeat Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, who finished her game with a 226. The victory marked Johnson’s second consecutive title and third of the 2001 PWBA tour. “This has been a tough week for all of America,” Johnson said just three days after the World Trade Center tragedy. “I think what makes this performance special for me is that the fans that came today left with smiles on their faces.”

Johnson’s victory earned her a first-place check for $9,000. In addition to her purse, Johnson received $50,000 courtesy of Travelodge Hotels for bowling a televised perfect game–the first bowler to earn that award from the tour’s recently added sponsor. “I still can’t believe it,” said Johnson. “On my final shot, I just wanted to get the ball off of my hand. When I released it, I thought it might edge into the gutter. Luckily, it came back. I thought I might pass out when I saw that I had knocked all of the pins down.”

For the second consecutive event, Johnson entered the finals as the tournament’s top seed, leading all match-play competitors in total pins (9,564) and average (216.28). Over the course of those two events, Johnson led in a season-high nine consecutive rounds and 12 out of 13.

Dorin-Ballard took home $4,800 for her second-place finish–her 12th championship-round appearance in 2001. Dorin-Ballard bowled well enough to win five of those events, but on this day nothing short of perfection would do. “I felt like I bowled really well,” said Dorin-Ballard. “But Liz is a great competitor, and I think her performance was outstanding.”

Paula Carter Classic

September 14, 2001

Don Carter University Lanes, Davie, Fla.

Name Avg./Games Winnings

1. Liz Johnson 300/1 $9,000

2. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard 215.5/2 4,800

3. Karen Stroud 179.5/2 3,000

4, Cara Honeychurch 171/1 2,500

5, Leanne Barrette 155/1 2,200

Championship Finals

Match 1 Stroud def. Honeychurch 212-171

Stroud def. Barrette 212-155

Match 2 Dorin-Ballard def. Stroud 205-147

Final Johnson def. Dorin-Ballard 300-226

PWBA: Foundation Games V

Johnson, helped by a Macpherson gaffe, gains a comeback victory

Thanks to a late-match comeback, Liz Johnson picked up her second title of 2001 and eighth of her career by defeating Wendy Macpherson, 183-181, in the Foundation Games V championship.

Johnson led the tournament preliminaries in five of the six qualifying rounds but faced a 28-pin deficit after the 7th frame of the championship’s final match. Macpherson assisted her opponent’s comeback bid with an uncharacteristic pair of open frames, in the 8th and 9th. Johnson answered with three consecutive strikes in the 9th and 10th before hitting seven pins on her final roll to clinch the $9,000 first prize.

“I guess I had the jitters after the first couple of frames,” said Johnson. “After the 5th, I decided to change balls to something I was more comfortable with. I left a frame open early in the match but was able to come back because, fortunately, Wendy left the 8th and 9th open.”

Johnson claimed the top seed in the championship round by totaling 9,150 pins and averaging 217.85 after 42 qualifying games. No. 2 seed Macpherson, who took home $4,800 for finishing second, earned her championship birth by defeating Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Anne Marie Duggan, 202-201-189, in the opening shootout.

Foundation Games V

September 6, 2001

Kegel Training Center, Sebring, Fla.

Name Avg./Games Winnings

1. Liz Johnson 183/1 $9,000

2. Wendy Macpherson 191.5/2 4,800

3. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard 201/1 3,000

4. Anne Marie Duggan 189/1 2,500

Championship Finals

Match 1 Macpherson def. Dorin-Ballard 202-201

Macpherson def. Duggan 202-189

Final Johnson def. Macpherson 183-181

PWBA: Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute Open

Honeychurch enjoys the sweet smell of success in an all-Australian final

Cara Honeychurch came within a 10-pin of perfection on her way to a 279-208 victory over fellow Australian Carol Gianotti-Block in the championship match of the $60,000 Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute Open at the Terre Haute Bowling Center.

No. 2 seed Honeychurch survived her semifinal match with Kelly Kulick, 257-245, to move into the title bout against defending champion Gianotti-Block. A seven-strike string in the match against Kulick was an indicator of things to come for Honeychurch, as she opened with a double, left the 10-pin in the 3rd frame, and then struck out the rest of the way to eliminate all hope for Gianotti-Block. “What can I say?” said Gianotti-Block, who rolled the toumament’s only perfect game. “How can you beat a performance like that?

“Cara bowled extremely well and made some great shots. I made a poor shot midway through the game [leaving the 1-2-4-7, which she failed to convert] and that eliminated any chance I might have had to win.”

After the match Honeychurch was nonplussed about her flirtation with perfection. “You need a lot of luck to roll a 300 game,” she said. “I think I didn’t come off that shot in the 3rd frame as crisply as I did the other ones, and that’s why I left the 10-pin. I’m pleased all the rest of the pins fell down often enough for me to win.”

Honeychurch dedicated her victory, which earned her $10,000, to her great-grandmother, who had died earlier in the week.

Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute Open

July 26, 2001

Terre Haute Bowling Center, Terre Haute, Ind.

Name Avg./Games Winnings

1. Cara Honeychurch 268/2 $10,000

2. Carol Gianotti-Block 208/1 5,500

3. Kelly Kulick 235.5/2 3,800

4. Wendy Macpherson 194/1 3,000

5. Dede Davidson 182/1 2,500

Championship Finals

Match 1 Kulick def. Macpherson 226-194

Kulick def. Davidson 226-182

Match 2 Honeychurch def. Kulick 257-245

Final Honeychurch def. Gianotti-Block 279-208

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