Haunting the Web for tenpin radio?

Haunting the Web for tenpin radio? – News, Notes & Quotes

John Jowdy

DESPITE THE PROMInent positioning the PBA tour enjoys every Sunday on ESPN, bowling fans are still finding themselves hardpressed to satiate their appetites between events. Short of content on the PBA’s own Web site, bowling hasn’t quite yet saturated the mass media.

But from the innovative and progressive house of Kegel, CEO John Davis and his entire staff are steering the future of bowling in the proper direction–not just on the lanes but off them, too.

One of Kegel’s most novel creations is Phantom Radio. The popular show is hosted by former PBA lane maintenance director Lenny Nicholson. Phantom Radio is refreshing and informative, catering exclusively to an online bowling audience. A simple click connects bowling fans to the most prominent, informed, and vital voices in the game.

Nicholson joined forces with Davis several years ago, and soon thereafter the Phantom Radio seed was planted. The program launched in April 2002 and has been broadcast every week since. More than 50 bowling-related Web sites now stream the show each week.

The show is fresh and unique, principally due to interviews with guests from throughout the bowling world.

The guest list has included numerous professional bowlers, world-class coaches and instructors, bowling writers, lane maintenance experts, ABC and WIBC officials, manufacturer executives and representatives, and international bowling notables.

Indeed, the dignitaries who have appeared on Phantom Radio are a who’s who of the bowling world, including:

* Bowling coaches and instructors Frank Buffa, Bill Hall, John Fantini, and Richard Shockley.

* Sports psychologists Dr. Dean Hinitz and Eva (Burridge) Hamilton.

* PBA Hall-of-Famers Barry Asher, Billy Hardwick, Marshall Holman, Ted Hoffman, Larry Lichstein, Mike McGrath, George Pappas, Carmen Salvino, Ernie Schlegel, Wayne Webb, Dick Weber, and Walter Ray Williams Jr.

* Bowling writers Tom Clark (USA Today), Bob Korth (“Ask Bob”), and Frenchy Letourneau (“Ten Pin Alley”).

* PBA bowlers Del Ballard Jr., Jason Couch, Hugh Miller, Steve Jaros, Gene Stus, Charlie Tapp, and Danny Wiseman.

* PWBA stars Kim Adler and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard.

For informative and entertaining listening in one half-hour per week, you can’t beat Phantom Radio. Further information on the program call be found by searching www.phantomradioshow.com.

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