Ebonite Is Clearly Excited About Its Clear Resin Technology – bowling ball manufacturer

Ebonite Is Clearly Excited About Its Clear Resin Technology – bowling ball manufacturer – Brief Article

EBONITE HAS TAKEN its Everclear technology and married it with a powerful reactive resin cover.

The new high-performance ball is the OPTYX, a name that will be used to incorporate all of the company’s clear technology products, such as the Skull Ball and the Budweiser Ball, to name a couple.

“We were the first to market with the polyester fun balls and polyester clear balls,” says Ebonite spokesman Bob Reid. “Now, thanks to our product development team, we are the first to offer high-performance balls in this emerging category. With OPTX, we truly believe the difference is clear.”

The initial high-performance ball, the OPTX Formula 1, is now available. It has the most powerful reactive formulation ever created by Ebonite, for plenty of hooking power. “When this ball gets rolling down the lane, it has real `hookitude,'” says Ebonite product manager Brian Pursel. “We have been blown away by its performance.”

In other Ebonite news, after 13 years on the PWBA tour Kim Terrell’s professionalism was rewarded with a spot on the company’s pro staff. “Ebonite has such a great mix of the tour’s top talents,” says Terrell. “I’m proud to be part of an organization that has taken such an interest in women’s bowling, and the promotion of us as both athletes and women.”

Interest in Terrell increased after she was awarded the 2000 Robby Professionalism Award, capturing the honor for a record third time. Terrell captured the 2000 Robby in a re-vote after tying new Ebonite teammate and friend Leanne Barrette. As proof of their sportsmanship, Terrell and Barrette both voted for each other.

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