Columbia 300

Columbia 300

FlipSide enters the asymmetrical world with the new Alter Ego [top], showing another side of itself with a striking combo of UFO (Ultimate Friction in Oil) cover stock and an asymmetrical performance core that produces unmatched results. Break out of your shell and experience out-of-this-world performance on the lanes with Alter Ego–it’s like no other.

Bully [second from top] your competition–it’ll turn ’em black and blue. Partnering with BASF, Columbia 300 developed a custom urethane system designed specifically to fit today’s challenging conditions. It targeted a strong-hooking cover stock with a continuous back end, so M80 was developed. This revolutionary reactive formula gives bowlers the reaction of a particle ball without particle material. The new M80 cover stock will hook in heavy oil and create more mid-lane with a smooth, controllable breakpoint. Then the R&D team went to work to design the new mallet core to release the M80’s power. The mallet core utilizes an asymmetric design with extension arms that minimize the mass bias, which means the ball doesn’t hook too early. And to tame it even more, Columbia 300 polished the cover. This Bully doesn’t just start a fight … it finishes it.

Columbia 300 introduces the newest trio of FlipSide balls: Fear [middle], Panic, and Shock. FlipSide Fear is an amped-up version of the Wild, with a higher differential that creates more continuation down the lane on drier conditions. FlipSide Panic has length and control due to its high Rg and low differential. It’s ideal on medium-to-dry lane conditions, and retains its energy well to cut through oil carrydown. FlipSide Shock was developed to handle medium-to-heavy oil with ease, relying on its smooth, finished, UFD (Ultimate Friction in Dry) cover stock. Polish this beauty up and it’ll perform well when the heads break down and heavy oil pushes down the lane.

Release the power and go Full Throttle [second from bottom]. If you haven’t experienced the Cam Shaft core, join the masses and take your game Full Throttle. At the starting line, Columbia 300 lowered the Rg of this triple-flip, block core, which will produce lightning-quick revs in the mid-lane. It floored the Accelerator reactive cover stock for unmatched performance in medium-to-heavy oil. Be the first to cross the finish line when you go Full Throttle.

Super Trooper [bottom] saves the day. Its controlled performance inspires even the casual bowler, as do its extremely popular Rock On core body, no flip blocks, and a lower Rg that creates less flare. Count on an earlier roll with a smooth back-end reaction. The Super-Flex cover stock is impressively sharp in polished black/violet with a silver sparkle logo. Territorial on medium-to-dry lanes, this Super Trooper plays for keeps. And it’s a great value to boot.


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